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Salesperson’s Initials: _____
A2Z Balloon Company
Commercial Purchase Application
Please allow 2 business days for processing and approval
Qualifications: To qualify for an A2Z Commercial Account applicant must purchase product for resale or commercial
purposes and provide proof of business identity in the form of a business license, sales tax license or business card.
Business or Store Name: __________________________________ Primary Contact Name: __________________________
Corp. Name (if applicable):___________________________________ Buyer’s Name: _________________________________
Bill To Address: __________________________ _______________________________ _________________ _____ ______
Billing Name
Street Address
Payable Contact Info: _____________________ _________________ ______________________ ____________________
Ship To Address: ________________________ ________________________________ _________________ _____ ______
Billing Name
Street Address
For businesses with multiple ship to locations, attach list with name, contact person, address & phone number for each location
Shipping Contact Info: _____________________ _________________ ______________________ ____________________
Name of Owner:___________________________ Business Type (circle one): Corp.
Federal EIN or Social Security No: ____________________
Sole Proprietor
Anticipated Annual Purchases: $ _________________
Sales Tax Exempt: ___ Y ___ N Please note: applications will not be processed without a copy of either a
sales tax license, business license, business card or other form of business identity. Michigan businesses
claiming tax exempt must include a completed Michigan Sales & Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (Form 3372)
Business Type:
Gift Shop
Party Supplies
Realtor/Prop. Mgt.
Private Club/Hotel
Roll Tickets
Tyvek Wrist Bands
Plush Toys
Clown Makeup
Party Décor
Pennants & Banners
Grocery/Gen. Merchandise
Fraternal Club
Product Interest:
Air Filled Balloons
Bingo Supplies
Carnival Toys
Custom Imprinted Merchandise
Party Rental Equipment
How Did You Hear About Us?
Yellow Pages
Buying Group
Internet Search
Catalog Mailing
Visited Showroom
Previous Customer
Qualatex Balloon Net.
Intl. Balloon Assoc.
Trade Show (name)_______________
Livonia Chamber
Please list:______________________
Would you like an A2Z Salesperson to visit your store and assist you with training, setup or placing your
opening order?
Maybe Later
Doing Business with A2Z Balloon Company
Buyer Qualification
A2Z Balloon Company is a wholesale distributor of balloons, balloon accessories, helium and party supplies to commercial customers who
purchase our products for resale or use in a business. To qualify for a commercial account, customer must provide proof of business
identity with a sales tax or business license and complete an A2Z Commercial Purchase Application before placing first order. Applications
will be provided by calling us toll free at (800) 527-5554 or print a copy from our website at www.A2Zballoons.com/forms. All information
published in A2Z catalogs or on our website is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Due to typographical errors
and vendor price increases, prices are subject to change without notice or customer approval.
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Minimum Purchases
• Minimum Order Amount:
• Minimum Purchase Qty:
• Free Freight Minimum:
$50 min. order for commercial sales, all others invoiced at prevailing retail price at time of order
Flat foil balloons 18” or smaller: 10 balloons per style
Single Packaged 18” foil balloons: 5 balloons per style
Shape foil balloons or foils larger than 18”: 3 balloons per style
$250 order of balloons and most accessories (see free freight details below)
Balloon Sizes
• Balloon sizes listed are approximate inflated sizes, rounded up or down to the nearest inch. Latex balloons may be slightly under or
overinflated and still perform as designed. Foil balloons listed as 18” may vary in size from 17.1” to 18.9” when inflated but are listed
as 18” per standard industry practice. Several manufacturers are reducing the size of their 18” foils slightly so they require less helium.
This reduces the resellers overall selling cost but does not affect the balloon’s ability to float or its perceived value by the retail
Price Discounts
• Three prices are listed under most items and the final price you pay is determined by the total amount ordered, not the amount
shipped. If your order amount is:
$50 to $249 You Pay 1 Price
$250 to $499 You Pay 2
$500+ You Pay 3 Price
• If only one price is listed under an item then there are no additional discounts available for that item.
Free Freight
• Free Freight Minimum is $250: Available for qualified merchandise only which includes balloons, décor and most accessories.
• Excluded Free Freight Items: Heavy or bulky items like Hi-Float, air filled balloons, plush, inflation equipment, display racks, hex
containers, roll tickets and dabbers are excluded from free freight offer. For orders with both qualified and excluded items, qualified
items will receive free freight but customer must pay freight for excluded items which will be provided after order is pulled and weighed.
• Freight Method: Free freight is for FedEx Ground only in continental U.S., customer pays extra cost if expedited shipping is
• Phone Orders: Call us toll free at (800) 527-5554 Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM Eastern
• Email Orders: Email orders to [email protected] if you don’t have an assigned salesperson. Please include the item
number, item description and quantity of each item on your order plus special instructions regarding back orders or critical items
Fax Orders: Fax orders toll free to (877) 423-2885 using our A2Z Order Form found on the last page of our catalogs or on our
Web Orders: Place online orders at www.A2ZBalloons.com and find all current catalogs, educational links and other useful
Order Processing Time: Orders placed with a valid credit card weekdays by 2 PM Eastern will ship the same day and those placed
later may ship the same day or the next business day at the latest. Our goal is to ship everything possible by FedEx pick-up time at 5
Order Authorization: Orders will not be processed without a valid credit card authorized for the order amount unless the customer
has payment terms. A2Z is not responsible for shipping delays if customer does not provide a valid credit card with order or it is
Order Changes: To ensure order quality no additions or deletions to orders are allowed once the order is submitted and credit card is
authorized. Please ensure orders are complete when placed to ensure order quality. Additions will be entered on a new order and we
will attempt to ship both orders together, but it is not guaranteed.
Backorders: We do not automatically create back orders for out of stock merchandise unless requested.
Out of Stock Critical Items: We do not contact customers for out of stock items on orders unless requested so please advise
salesperson if order contains critical items for a special customer or event.
Restocking Fee: A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all cancelled/refused items or orders.
Payments: We accept cash, credit card and wire transfers over $750. We do not accept non-local checks or money orders unless
customer has established credit worthiness with A2Z or has a credit card on file. FedEx COD payments are no longer accepted.
Return Check Fee: We charge $25 for each returned check.
• Ground Delivery: Non-local orders are shipped via FedEx regular ground delivery Monday thru Friday excluding FedEx identified
holidays or when A2Z is closed. See FedEx delivery map that follows for delivery times to your area.
• Expedited Delivery: Available by request, customer must pay additional freight cost.
• Shipping Delays: A2Z is not responsible for shipping or processing delays caused by seasonal demand, weather or FedEx system
failures; customers should plan for one extra delivery day during busy holiday shipping periods.
• Shipping Damage: Before accepting delivery from FedEx, inspect packages. If damaged or security tape is broken check to see if
any product is missing or damaged inside box and if so refuse FedEx delivery and inform A2Z immediately.
• Shortages: Inspect packages upon receipt and report any shortages to A2Z the same day. All orders are pulled and checked by
different employees before shipping so shortage claims must be reviewed before a credit is issued or replacement merchandise is
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Helium & Nitrogen Cylinders
Ownership: Local customers that purchase helium or nitrogen from A2Z, please note that the cylinders are the legal registered property
of A2Z Balloon Company and are identified by any of the following names on the neck ring: A2Z Balloon Company, Zakoor Novelty or
Advance Novelty. Our cylinders have never been sold to any individual or business so anyone that unwittingly purchased one from a 3
party has purchased stolen property, which is a crime, and the cylinder must be surrendered to A2Z or we will take legal action; we do
however pay a reward for returning a lost cylinder with no questions asked so please contact us if one of our cylinders is found.
Cylinder Usage & Rent: All cylinders are subject to rental fees which are printed on our invoices, currently 30¢ per day starting 31 days
after the date of gas purchase. Rent is billed and due upon return of the cylinder and may be deducted from a customer’s security deposit
if one was paid. Cylinders may be used until empty or for a maximum of 1 year from the date of gas purchase, whichever occurs
first, then a refill must be ordered or the cylinder returned to A2Z regardless of whether the gas has been depleted. As a
condition of buying helium or nitrogen from A2Z, customer is liable for $300 per cylinder if lost or if customer refuses to return when empty
or refuses to return a cylinder after 1 year without a refill.
Merchandise Returns – To return stock and defective merchandise, customer must first contact A2Z Sales for an RMA Number which
must be referenced on box and completed A2Z Return Merchandise Form (shown below). Returns received without an RMA Number
and completed Return Merchandise Form will not be accepted or processed. Original invoice is required for in-showroom returns.
• Stock Merchandise Returns:
+ All commercial sales are final but we may accept stock merchandise returns at our discretion if notified within 10 days of purchase
and merchandise is in sellable condition and in the original unopened packaging.
+ Stock returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee which may be waived at our discretion if above conditions are met and customer
accepts a credit on their account. Restocking fee will be deducted from all refunds which are paid by check unless customer
requests credit be applied to the credit card used for purchase. We do not provide cash refunds.
+ All sales of seasonal products are final and we do not accept returns unless the product is defective.
• Defective Merchandise Returns:
Defective merchandise must be returned within 30 days of purchase unless an extension is approved by A2Z Management.
Customer will receive a credit on their account or replacement merchandise for all defective returns - no refunds.
For replacement of defective Qualatex Balloons, the manufacturer must be contacted directly at (800) 880-6118
No credit will be issued for closeout merchandise or balloons that are popped or punctured because they were over-inflated.
Note: if returns include items not purchased from A2Z, display samples or garbage, customer will forfeit their entire credit.
Limitation of Liability
A2Z Balloon Company’s liability is limited to replacement or reimbursement of defective or damaged merchandise. We are not
responsible for lost profit, lost sales, lost helium or any incidental costs due to a product defect, shipping error or a late delivery.
Michigan Jurisdiction
By accepting delivery from A2Z Balloon Company you consent that any disputes will be settled under the jurisdiction of the courts of the
State of Michigan and Michigan law.
By signing below, applicant agrees to abide by the Terms & Conditions stated above and certifies that he or she is
authorized to sign on behalf of the business:
Name (please print)
_________________________ _________________________ _____________
For A2Z Management Use Only
Tax Exempt:
___ Yes
Tax Exempt Reason:
___ Non-Profit Church/Charity
Customer Acct.
___ No
Payment Method:
___ Out of State
Price Level:
___ Michigan Reseller
___ School or Government
Primary Ship Method:
____ A2Z Del. ____ FedEx
_____ CPU
Exempt Form: ________
Mgt. Approval (date/initials):
Rev. 2/9/2014
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Michigan Department of Treasury
Form 3372 (Rev. 08-12)
Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption
DO NOT send to the Department of Treasury. Certificate must be retained in the Seller’s Records. This certificate is invalid unless all four sections
are completed by the purchaser.
A. One-time purchase
Order or Invoice Number: _________________________
C. Blanket certificate
Expiration Date (maximum of four years): _____________________
B. Blanket Certificate. Recurring Business Relationship.
The purchaser hereby claims exemption on the purchase of tangible personal property and selected services made from the vendor listed below. This
certifies that this claim is based upon the purchaser’s proposed use of the items or services, OR the status of the purchaser.
Vendor’s Name and Address:
A2Z Balloon Company – 29199 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48152
Check one of the following:
All items purchased.
Limited to the following items: ________________________________________________________________________
Check one of the following:
For Resale at Retail. Enter Sales Tax License Number: _____________________________
For Lease. Enter Use Tax Registration Number: ___________________________________
The following exemptions DO NOT require the purchaser to provide a number:
For Resale at Wholesale
Agricultural Production. Enter percentage:
Industrial Processing. Enter percentage:
Church, Government Entity, Nonprofit School, or Nonprofit Hospital (Circle type of organization).
Nonprofit Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) Exempt Organization (must provide IRS authorized letter with this form).
Nonprofit Organization with an authorized letter issued by the Michigan Department of Treasury prior to June 1994 (must provide copy of
letter with this form).
Rolling Stock purchased by an Interstate Motor Carrier.
Other (explain): ______________________________________________________________________________________
I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the information on this certificate is true, that I have consulted the statutes, administrative rules and other
sources of law applicable to my exemption, and that I have exercised reasonable care in assuring that my claim of exemption is valid under Michigan
law. In the event this claim is disallowed, I accept full responsibility for the payment of tax, penalty and any accrued interest, including, if necessary,
reimbursement to the vendor for tax and accrued interest.
Business Name
Type of Business (see codes on page 2)
Business Address
City, State, ZIP Code
Business Telephone Number (include area code)
Name (Print or Type)
Signature and Title
Date Signed
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3372, Page 2
Instructions for completing Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption
The purchaser shall complete all four sections of the exemption certificate to establish a valid exemption claim. A seller must meet a
“good faith” standard required by law. “Good faith” means that the seller received a completed and signed Certificate of Exemption
from the purchaser. Sellers must retain the exemption certificates for a period of at least four years.
Michigan does not issue “tax exemption numbers”. Sellers should not accept a number as evidence of exemption from sales or use
tax. A purchaser who claims exemption for “resale at retail” or “for lease” must provide the seller with an exemption certificate and
their sales tax license number or use tax registration number.
Place a check in the box that describes how you will use this certificate.
a) Choose “One time purchase” and include the invoice number this certificate covers.
b) Choose “blanket certificate” if there is a “recurring business relationship.” This exists when a period of not more than 12 months
elapses between sales transactions between the seller and purchaser.
c) Choose “Blanket” and enter the expiration date (maximum four years) when there is a period of more than 12 months between
sales transactions.
Print the vendor’s name and address in the area provided.
Place a check in the box for “All items purchased” or choose “Limited to” and list the items that are covered by the exemption claim.
Place a check in the box that applies and provide the additional information requested for that exemption. The exemptions listed are
the most common. If the exemption you are claiming is not listed use “Other” and enter the qualifying exemption.
Rental or leasing
Advertising, newspaper
501c3 or 501c4
Use the number that describes your business or explain any other business type not provided.
Print the name of the business, address, city, state and zip code. Sign and provide your title (i.e. owner, president, treasurer, etc.).
Provide your printed name and date the certificate.
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