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(Jul.ib, Miss Janet Elizabeth Judtl, !
Presbyterian Rite >! Mis*
KaHK»iina AnjKt Kirk, all o! ;Ratti Family Reunion
' Richmond, Hiizalx'ih Irwin! Muiintainsiite— The third annual
of Morgiintown, N.C., andreunion of the I'lAU lamily Sunday
Unites Susan Gabb, ;; Hutcliins
Mrs. Frederick Lewi* Smyro Hi ofin the Jvlks ('.'tub, Houti' 22.
i GaMonia. N.t'. Miss Krnily Mulier
than 12.) ckset-nciuni.s, inciudThomas T, Hassell \ of Kinx-wsbus y, Mli^H., was flower mure
iw~ o;u. lioin California-
Pauline A. Mason,
George Stewart
Wed In Gar wood
Joyce Montelione
Married Saturday
To Donald Long
To Wed
Wedding vows were exchanged
I uirl and William H. Martin HI of i The family, four brotherf and two
The marriage of Miss Pauline
by Mi.-s Joyce Madeline Montelioi e
. sisters., came to this country in 18Hfl
Miss Susan Palmer Gabb became ; Ritltmuiid was rins-liearn .
\nne Mason, daughter of Mr. and
the bride of Thomus Tiilman Hasscll ; Robert Hollowuy of Newport News from ! arnia in Moutjn.'isso, llaijMrs. Edward Mason of Garvvood, to
the chajii'l of the Presbyterian
Saturday. The Rev. William K. Mar- served us best man. Ushers were ; (u follow llicir t:adf as coiifL'clionGeorge Charles Stewart of JZ1 Sum
tin Jr., assistant to the president of Robert Howard of Greensboro. N.C., ;crs, A number of their descentianta
mil Ave. took place Saturday in St.
associate minister, officiated at ti.e
Union Theological Seminary in Rich- , Benjamin A. Lacy of Blaeksbure, '[reside in the area.
i Paul's United Church of Christ in
5 p.m. ceremony. Wedding mus.c
mand, Va., officiated at the 4:30 jva., William Thomasson of Lynch-! Soiu survivors of the original sex
i Garwood.
was furnished by Dr. George Wil
ceremony in St. Giles Presbyterian ] burg, Va.. and Joseph J. Waff Jr. jtette are Mrs. Wilhcintina Katli Mo
The 4 p.m. ceremony was pur! am Volkel.
Church in Richmond.
| of Richmond,
I iinari. Sf>, of FiwninElon. and Anformed by the Rev. Stephen Szabo
The bride is the daughter of Mr. The bride is a graduate of Queens j thony Ratli, 84, of Euiontown. Mrs
Miss Susanne Greene was the soloist
was hsl-i in the Park Hotel, Plainand Mrs. William Bortoii Gabb of College in Charlotte. N.C., where | Mblinai'i was pre.sanl ai Sunday's
and Mrs. Arthur Jennings, organheld.
Richmond, formerly of Westfield. she was a member of K^ppa Debits. Ifesiiviiies; bw- brother was absent
, isf.
The bride is the daughter of Mi
Mr. Hassell is the son of Mrs. Luther Mr. Hassell, a graduate of the tFni- due lo illness.
| The bridegroom is the son of
and Mrs. Francis Montelione of 524
Butler Richardson ot Newport News, vcrsily of Virginia where he was a Wt'lciimad lo the reunion was a
Fames Stewart Sr. of Garwood and
Lawrence Ave. Mr. and Mrs. DonVa., and the late Cmdr. Thomas T. member of Phi Sigma Kappa, is at- Imember of the family in a Catholic
the late Mrs. Edith L. Stewart.
ald Ray Long of Winfield, Kan., are
tending T. C. Williams School yf Ireligious order. Brother Anthony, of
the bridegroom's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart left o n ' a
j the Trenton Mission, Silver Springs,
The bride, who was escorted by Law in Richmond, Va.
Tin; bride, who was escorted by
wedding trip to Nashville, Tenn.,
her father, wore a gown of ivory
Following a reception at (he parish ; Md., and the most distant traveler, father, wore a gown of rose pat! after the reception at the Locust Inn
peau de soie with a Sabrina neck- house of St. Giles, Mr. and Mrs. !Joseph Haiti of Redwood City, Cal
knitxi Chantiliy lace and organza
in Roselie. They will live in Cranline and a chape! train. Her veil Hassell left for a wedding trip to i Arrangements for the reunion were
fashioned with an A line skirt and
was an ivory mantilla of Brussels North Carolina. They will make their I handled by Mrs. James (,'agnossola
' (Mat-liable Watteau train. The emThe honor attendant was the
lace and she carrieot a cascade bou- home in Richmond.
I and Mrs. Mario CiCirolamo of Westpire bodice had a scalloped Sabrina
bride's sister, Miss Judith L. Mason,
quet of stephanotis with a centered
I neckline and was headed in mock
and the flower girl was the bride's
Bruce G. Henry of 470 Springfield
pearls. A matching Jace cap held
(Carolyn JcanSraiJj
godchild, Kathleen Sorbie of NorMiss Sally Slater Gabb was herAve. received first honors for the We ail have wilhin us a center of
her illusion veil and she carried a
(Joyce Montelione)
man, Okia.
—Ofuncrit Crfift sweetheart bouquet of baby roses
sister's honor attendant, lirides- past academic year at the Univer- stillness surrounded by silence.—
Bridesmaids were Miss Edith
MISS DIANE CATHERINE DUKES and feathered carnations.
maids were Miss Carolyn Stelling sity of Connecticut.
Dag Hammarskjold
Moore of Westfield and Miss FlorMiss Diane Montelione of Westence Stokes of Morris Plains, the,
field was her sister's honor attendant. Bridesmaids were Miss Teri Woman's Club Schedules bridegroom's nieces, and Miss Roseanne Alien of Westfield and Miss
Long of Winfield, Kan., sister of
Helen Kazlouskas of Elisabeth.
the bridegroom, Miss Shirley Mum- Fall Theater Party
Marine Sgt, Elmer K, Stewart of
ford of Westfield and Mrs. Walter
Mountainside — The Mountainside Havelock, N.C., was best man for Scotch Plains—Miss Csi^
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Dukes of Beyer of Madison, Kan. All were
Smith became the bride ot
Lafayette, Ind., announce the enhis brother. Ushers were Wesley Harold Ewen J r .
[attired alike in aqua sheath dresses
gagement of their daughter, Miss I with floor length organza ovcrsklrts. active season Wednesday, Sept. 1G Moore Jr. of Westfield, Elmer bride is the daughter
a theater party at the Paper
Diane Catherine Dukes, to Peter They carried sweetheart bouquets of with
Mill Playhouse, scheduled for theStokes Jr. of Morris Plains and Wal- Mrs. Wade Vcrnon
Richard Wohld. He is the son of Mr. yellow daisies and wore daisy cir- 8:30 p.m. performance. Michael ter Stewart Jr. of Garwt>od, all Parkwood Dr. Mr. Etej is
and Mrs. B. B. Wohld of 628 Benson clets in their hair.
Rennie is "starring in V suspense nephews of the bridegroom, and of Mr. and Mrs. Jama
Carrol Wray Campbell of Winfield, mystery play called "Heart's De- Ronald J. Forte of Colonia. Garry Orange, Conn.
Miss Dukes was graduated from Kan., was best man. Ushers were light." Tiiis is a pre-Broadway of- G. Mooro of Westfield, the brideThe Rev. uaden Brown
Thornton High School and attended Donald Montelione of Westfield, fering, Michael Rennie fans may groom's nephew, was ring-bearer.
Purdue University, majoring in ele-brother of the bride, David Prentice obtain tickets by calling the. chair- The bride and her husband are at the 11 a.m. ceremory
Scotch Plains Baptist Chrt"
mentary education. She is a mem-of Chovy Chase, Md., and Peter man, Mrs. Michael Sgarro.
graduates of Arthur L. Johnson Marilyn J . Hannon was
ber of the PEO Sisterhood, Chapter Barden of Riplcy, N.Y.
Now Until Sept 5th
Regional High School. She is a staff and Maurice C, Workman s^
assistant at Esso Research and En- ist, A reception followed
The bride attended Wcstfield High
gineering Co., Elizabeth. A staff church.
Mr. Wohld, formerly of Naperviile, School and Douglass College and
III., has beon with the Navy for the was graduated from the College of Former Resident
assistant for the same company in
Given in marriage by her
past four years and is currently Emporia in Emporia, Kan. Her hus- Receives Degree
Florham Park, he attended Union the bride wore a peau de
studying electrical engineering un- band, a graduate of the College of
Junior College and is attending the fashioned with a semi-full
der a Navy College Education pro- Emporia, is a student, in the College
Mrs, Anwar D. Maalouf of Boston Evening Division of Fairlcigh Dick- elbow length tulle veil was
gram at Purdue.
of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas has received her MS degree in nurs- inson University in Madison.
to a peau de soie heajpitce
The wedding will take place Oct. State University in Manhattan, Kan. ing education from Boston Univercurried a bouquet of while
31 at the Congress Street Methodist Out of towns guests staying at the sity where she studied under a govand feathered carnations.
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Mumernment scholarship. She has ac-St. Paul's Club
Church in Lafayette, Ind.
Miss Joan Ireland of Scotch
ford were Mr. and Mrs. J . C. Long cepted a position on the staff of the Plans Season
was the honor attendant 9(
and Mrs. Marie Bistort of Winfield, Children's Hospital in Boston. Mrs.
The executive hoard of St. Paul's an aqua peau de soie tess
Faith is not a sense, nor sight, nor Kan., Miss Tcri Long and Miss Maalouf is the former Betty Wade,
velvet headband and veil to
reason, but taking God at his word. Mary Groper stayed at the home of daughter of Mrs, Elizabeth H. Wade Couples Club met recently at the She carried a bouquet o( 8
Mr, and Mrs. Leo Franco.
home of the president, Mr. and Mrs.
of 918 Grandview Ave.
—A, B. Evans
Anthony T. Testa of Landsdowne white feathered camatitE
Ave. Plans were made for the club Kathleen Smith, attired *!
through December, and especially maid of honor, was junta
for the first meeting of the season maid for her sister.
Charles Roberta of
Saturday, Sept. 25. A reception and
buffet supper will be held on that served a s best man.
date, St. Paul's Couples Club is Wellington Ew«n of
Conn., brother of the tm\
open to all couples of the parish,
John Clark of Orange, Com
In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Testa,
tbe eJHjeutivc board includes Mr, and The bride is a graduate «f
Mrs- Herbert Waeket, Mr. aaj-.JIrs. Ploins-Fanwood High S*»
Jdhn Waters, Mr. and M^;'JHVin Union County Teetaeal to*
Wilder, Mr. and Mrsi Edward Swan, She attended AidwscsBiraSAMr. and Mrs. John Jaruzclskl, and Ioge in Phillipi, W.Va % Ec
graduate of Milford Bgk
Mr. and Mrs, George Nigh.
Carolyn Smith
Miss Diane Dukes
To Wed Mr, Woh Id
Is Bride of
James EwenJr.3
for 13.99
Milford, Conn..- is also an l.
of Alderson-Broaddifs Coftf
employed by the CiiM ^">
pnrtment of tlio state et Cr."
After a wedding tnp '
GeorRe, N.Y., Mr- <™d M '
will make their home » i"
Prenuptlal showers to tt
included a luncheon and m.
The coupios novice bridge group eous shower given by *!:
will meet tomorrow evening at the Pasko of Dtinellen and a
homes of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williams of 783 Knollwood Ter,, andand linen shower fiivw
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wachlcr of It Wesley Fnrrell of
All good things must come to an end
Amy Dr. Tuesday evening the nov- Welcome Wagon
ice bridge group will meet at Mrs.
•James Farley's home at 43 Wood- Members of Welcome 1®
brook Cir, Wednesday evening the meet tomorrow for lnwft
regular bridge group will meet at Stage House Inn in Scotchi|
the homes of Mrs. William Grifflan Members and their
of 751 Tamaques Way and Mrs.
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