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About us
Company Profile
Ninebot Inc. is the first and largest robotic mobility equipment manufacturer with production
facilities in China and a globally integrated R&D, sales, distribution and service organization. We are
strategically based near mineral resources for green energy and are situated in the manufacturing
hub of Tianjin together with global leaders in the field of aeronautics and astronautics.
Our humble beginning is a Kick starter project by a group of young robotic engineers gathered with
a vision to revolutionize the use of a personal mobility device and to lead in the new era of green
transportation. Ninebot has an excellent research and development team with many years of
experience in product innovation and market development. We hold many innovative patents in the
related field of transportation technology.
Being a world-class global product, Ninebot’s design integrates advanced know-how adopted by
international players in the robotics, aerospace and unmanned vehicle industry. Our core technology
partners are tier-one global leaders in servo-dynamics and breakthrough innovators in rechargeable
battery technology.
Two years later, you have Ninebot, your first personal transportation robot. Ninebot is a cool
self-balancing transportation device. Its carbon emissions are less than most other forms of
transportation. At the same time, it’s able to solve all the “it’s too far to walk but too near to drive”
circumstances. It can be used for commuting, commercial applications or simply for entertainment.
With the help of our dedicated country distributors, Ninebot is now available in more than 38
countries and growing. Each territory is supported by a proficient technical team and customer
oriented after-sales service center.
The main products of Ninebot Inc. are the “WindRunner” series and the “Ninebot”series.
The WindRunner series includes G1u urban standard, G1x cross-terrain application, G1up for police
patrolling and surveillance and G1T custom edition for golf.
Ninebot series includes Ninebot – E (elite), Ninebot – P (professional) and Ninebot – T (turbo).
All- terrain standard G1X
Urban standard G1U
G1T especially for golf
GIUP especially for police
Ninebot with handless lever
About us
Company vision
Along with the development of the Internet and technology,
artificial intelligence has found its way in the intelligent
automobiles and wearable devices. The technic tycoon have
been exploring in these fields, such as Google, Apple, Telsa and
so on. The Silicon Valley spirit requires us to continue to exploit
practical applications of self-balancing vehicles for
short-distance transportation.
In response to the call of environmental protection, "energy
saving and emission reduction", Tesla Motors Inc. shows a
broader prospect of electric cars to the world. The low-carbon
emission, Eco-friendly smart vehicles, such as electric vehicles
and self-balancing vehicles will become the next big thing of
short-distance travel field.
We are convinced that intelligent wearable devices will bring the
new interaction with people, we can access information
seamless with the help of new technology. Google Glass is an
good example for this.
Smart technology, such as electric car and wearable device, has
become the global development trend. And the rapid
development of self-balancing vehicle will lead to another
scientific and technical revolution at the short-distance
transportation. Ninebot has successful met the goal of
interaction between machine and smartphone seamlessly, and
its diverse functions made it the replacement of the single
applicability transporter. It is a complete innovation of the smart
transporter in the short-distance transportation.
For consumers, Ninebot is not only a transporter, but also an
entertainment and part of their life. It turns out to be a creative
way of life as well as meet the need of environmental
protection. It will be the good companion all the way and you
don’t have to worry about a thing.
Think differently and Innovate sustainably is not just a slogan.
We deeply believed that Ninebot Inc. is able to push the
self-balancing vehicle business to a new high with more related
products, not only to change the way of life, but also make
contribution in the diversity of this industry. We are looking
forward to the new era which Ninebot Inc. achieved for all
mankind with our sustainable innovative products.
About us
Company culture
Based on the corporate philosophy of concentration, perfection,
honor and influence, Ninebot Inc. is engaging in green
short-distance travel and make life easier by technology
The prerequisite for success of Ninebot i s that we have a
dedicated team. Who are focusing on providing the best
eco-friendly electric self-balancing vehicles for short-range
commuting. With responsibility, and enthusiasm in mind, our
team can make our company successful as well as realizing their
personal values.
In Ninebot Inc., being perfection is not just a slogan. We focus on
the details, we do our best to make it professional. Therefore, we
value perfectionism as our standard and principle.
The glory is not just from what we have achieved, but also from
the approval of the user. We’re honored to have followers around
the globe and we’ll work even harder to be the benchmark of this
And Influence
Our goal is to be the leader of intelligent transportation. We’ll
continue to develop new product and service to meet the need of
the customer. Building up reputation in this industry via our
exclusive products and services;
Product information / Theories
Ninebot™ is operated by a series of complex microelectronic gyroscopes and sensors
which consist of accelerometers and high-speed microprocessor.
Similar to the intricate inner ear sensory mechanism of our human body telling our
brain to keep us in balance, these attitude-measuring sensors together with our
proprietary algorithm calculates the users' position at the rate of 200-500 times per
second. The feedback data is then sent to the integrated electric propulsion system
that interprets the precise changes seamlessly.
Riders can move the device forward or backwards simply by adjusting their balance.
To turn the device, simply tilt the operation bar to the left or right, creating a
difference in speed between the two wheels. For Operational Redundancy, Ninebot™
uses an innovative backup technology. Most of the key components of Ninebot™ are
equipped with two modes, the primary mode which works normally, and the
secondary mode is always on backup.
In the unlikely incident where any of the Components fail, the backup will
automatically takeover, allowing the device to stand-down in a safe & secure
condition until the next maintenance service personnel recovers your Ninebot™ to its
original condition.
Appearance Style
matted silver+ porcelain-white+ translucent sky blue;
Aluminum alloy + magnesium alloy + LEXAN resin;
Net Weight
about 23.5 kg
390*590*1100mm (15.4’ by 23’ by 43.3’)
Typical Value 20 km;
Max Speed
about 20km/h
Remote Control Key
2 pcs
Charging Time
4 hours;
Suitable Height
steering bar length 790/900/1040mm;
Typical climbing angle is about 20 degree, includes
cement roads, flat dirt roads, grassland, gravel road;
power-assisted up or down stairs and road shoulder;
not suitable for muddy, sandy or rough roads;
Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth remote control, remote diagnostics
(with Ninedroid APP)
Display Screen
Sunlight readable display, automatic
brightness adjustment, battery level/
mileage / speed / driving time / internal
temperature / firmware version;
Speed limit / lock modes switch; Bluetooth
connection status; Alarm information;
Error/ error code.
* Optional color
Ninebot Accessories
Long Steering Bar
Length 1040mm, to replace the standard operation bar--suitable for
users of height 1.8 to 2.1m.
Ninebot standard remote key, including a set of button batteries.
Short Steering Bar
Length 790mm, used to change standard operation bar.
Suitable for drivers height from 1.3m to 1.7m.
Headlight (850lm)
850lm Headlight, USB-powered external lithium battery 40Wh,
A 5V/1A USB output, the battery can be used as the USB charger.
Handless lever
Hands free, operate the Ninebot with your feet.
Matte silver aluminum + high light porcelain white plastic exterior,
soft elastic leg pads.
Only with handless lever can remote control feature be producted.
Handlebar Bag
A storage bag with the capacity of 10L, installed on the operation bar,
made of hard resin shell and fabric.
Color Kits
Including Left rim blade x 3, Right rim blade x3, Rim cap x2,
Light silicon strip x1
Bottle cage
Polymer bottle holder
Parking stand
A backup parking stand for standing when powered off.
Ring Bell
Brushed silver aluminum bells and installment accessories
--be mounted on the handlebars.
hand grip
Original silicone handle bar grip, for replacing the worn.
Tyre / wheel hub
One assembled hub/tire, including pub decorative sheet*6,
wheel shaft cover*2 and locknuts for assembling.
One fender, including locknuts for fitting.
Standard Charger
110/220 VAC input, current 2A, for standard battery,
4 hours to charge full, high-capacity battery, 6-7 hours
Quick Charger
110/220 VAC input, current 2A , for standard battery,
2 hours to charge full, high-capacity battery, 3 hours.
Note: Quick Charger for Fleet Management Only
battery pack
450Wh lithium battery pack, for Ninebot series.
Distance per charge: 20-25 km.
battery pack
670Wh lithium battery pack for Ninebot series.
Distance per charge: 30-40km
Silicone Seal Kit
One set of original silicone seal kit, for replacing the broken and lost.
Urban standard G1U
450*640mm, handlebar height adjustable
Max speed
About 20Km/h (normal mode), about 10Km/h
(limit mode), about 5Km/h(beginner mode)
Max range on a full charge 20-40km
Charging time
2-4 hours (alternating current power supply 100-240V)
Remote control key, power on/off, lock, speed limit,
battery level digital readout;
Typical climbing angle is about 20 degree, includes
cement roads, flat dirt roads, grassland, gravel road;
power-assisted up or down stairs and road
shoulder; not suitable for muddy, sandy or rough
Battery cycle life
More than 1000 cycles
* Exterior color can have a variety of options.
All- terrain standard G1X
W Load
520*810mm, handlebar height adjustable
ax speed
About 20Km/h (normal mode), about 10Km/h
(limit mode), about 5Km/h (beginner mode)
ax range on a full charge 15-30km
arging time
2-4 hours (alternating current power supply 100-240V)
Remote control key, power on/off, lock, speed limit,
battery level digital readout;
Typical climbing angle is about 20
degree, includes cement roads, flat dirt
roads, grassland, gravel road;
power-assisted up or down stairs and
road shoulder; not suitable for muddy,
sandy or rough roads;
tery cycle life
More than 1000 cycles
* Exterior
terior color can have a variety of options.
GIUP especially for police
G1T especially for golf
Max speed
About 25Km/h
Max speed
About 20Km/h
Max range on a
full charge
Charging time
Max range on a 15-30km
full charge
2-4 hours
Remote control key, power on/off, lock, speed
limit, battery level digital readout;
Battery cycle life
More than 1000 cycles
Typical climbing angle is about 20 degree,
includes cement roads, flat dirt roads, grassland,
gravel road; power-assisted up or down stairs
and road shoulder; not suitable for muddy,
sandy or rough roads;
Typical climbing angle is about 20 degree, includes
cement roads, flat dirt roads, grassland, gravel
avel road;
power-assisted up or down stairs and road shoulder;
not suitable for muddy, sandy or rough roads;
Golf holder
Carbon fiber + anode aluminum alloy material,
which can fix golf bags with different dimensions.
Alarm lamp
High-light red/blue LED standard alarm lamp,
mp, with
internal 100Wh high-capacity Li-on batteryy and
high-volume alarm whistle, which can be turned
urned on
or off by the drivers. 12V1A/7.4V2A/5V (USB)
SB) 2A
power interface, which can also be used to charge
other devices.
Parking stand, external charger, backup
battery, vehicle-born golf scoreboard.
Recording on site
Internal large and full vision camera lens, high-definition
DV/microphone and 16GB ROM, large-capacity
acity battery
that can work at least 4 hours.
GPS locater
GPS positioning system and center control software,
control center can display vehicle state and
d position; can
also set the e-fence.
Side storage bag
2 side resin storage bags and aluminum alloy
oy holder,
each with the capacity of 18L.
io modu
o les
3G remote data communication video/audio
mmand ccenter
e err
that can upload the information to the command
on site.
Accessories of WindRunner series
Handle-bar accessory Mount
and Bag
Lower Cargo Frame and Hard
The handle-bar bag is made of engineering
polymer, with 4 separate compartments. It
can load up to 8 Kgs.
WindRunner G1UP is special designed for
the police, the cargo cases are made of
resin with 18 liter volume, and cargo frame
is made of aluminum alloy;
External Battery Charger
Urban Tire
Used for charging the battery pack which is
not installed in the WindRunner. It can
charge two batteries concurrently.
110/70-12 tubeless tire, highway tread
pattern, Presta valve (right angle tube air
LED Headlight
Off-road Tire
Light your way at night with this high
powered, energy efficient, 200-lumen, LED
light. Adjustable brightness, range and
21×7R12 tubeless tire, cross-country tread
pattern, with tube air valve;
High-capacity Battery
Parking Stand
For replacement ofexpended or damage
battery pack.
Adjustable parking stand for parking,
prevent the vehicle from falling over when
power off.
Note: The battery must be replaced in pairs.
The high-capacity battery adopts the
advanced lithium-ion battery technology,
high discharge capacity and long life-cycle.
Not applicable for G1u, G1x and G1T.
Patrol / Security
The rider standing on a WindRunner will be
22cm taller giving them a height advantage
view and perceived imposing when
communicating while onboard. A much
sought after traits for the enforcement
Especially for golf
WindRunner G1T is especially designed for
those who love golf or work in facilities
management of golf clubs.
G1T is equipped with a golf bag cradle and
low pressure tires that are especially designed
for lawns.
Regardless if you’ re at scenic spot, resort, or
beach, you can completely relax and chat
with your friends all the way and never miss a
scenic spot.
Work / commuter
Compared to the human feet walking, the
larger size low-pressure tires of G1T have less
pressure against the ground thus causing
lesser damage to the lawn.
Premier Lifestyle
For people who never worry about their
financial status, wealth itself can’ t
representative their way of life, they pay
more attention to improve the quality of life,
Ninebot offer a way of walk which basically
no need to walk at all. They can think
differently. It’ s a lifestyle worth pursuiting.
TrendSetter / Opinion Leaders
Ninebot has built a system for geeks
specifically, which they can code programs
and modules of their own. Ninebot will have
the label of your own as long as you set your
DIY spirits free.
Besides, with the elegant appearance,
Ninebot is a great choice of transport means
for trendsetter, which surely will be
Entertainment / Movie Star
Propaganda / PR
They are the maker of trend and fashion, famous band Yu Quan make
the amazing stage appearance by sing and riding on Ninebot, the
crowd cheered for them. Many celebrities in China find their way to
have close contact with Ninebot since then.
The unique performance and appearance
empower it a standout candidate for
propaganda and marketing, it draws
attentions wherever it goes.
Silicon Valley
After sale service
Range of the after sale work
At Ninebot, we recognise our work does not end the moment you purchase your personal transporter. It
represents a revolutionary decision to be part-taker in a state-of-the-art mobility device as we know it.
The additional unique support elements enhance your ownership experience. Our technical department
will do the after sale work based on the enterpise culture, doing their best to serve every distributor and
end user.
The after sale work includes:
(1) Q&A about the product and maintenance via internet, phone and email, make sure to solve the problem at the very first time.
Helping clients by internet, phone or emails.
(2) Information inquiry of shipping, including tracking number, shipping time,new product series number and so on.
(3) Product maintenance for the Return of Material Authorization (RMA).
(4) Charge for the maintenance of the expired warranty.
Principle of after sale maintenance
(5) Activating and inquiring of the insurance information, including the activation of accident insurance and helping
clients with the checking of the insurance number.
(6) Product liability insurance claims.
(7) Dealing with the business of RMA.
(8) Technical support for the distributors.
The warranty details and policies refer to WindRunner &
Ninebot Limited warranty terms.
After sale service