Monte Matters 17 October 2014 - Term 4, Week 2

Monte Matters
17 October 2014 - Term 4, Week 2
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Nicole Christensen
O’Regan Arts & Cultural Common
Opens this Sunday, 12.30pm
All invited.
Dear Parents and Friends of Monte,
Monte’s new O’Regan Arts and Cultural Common will
Inspired by Catherine McAuley’s pursuit of excellence
be officially opened by Professor The Honourable Dame
for the education of young women, this new facility has
Marie Bashir AD CVO and blessed by Bishop Terence
been designed and built for stimulating minds as well as
Brady DD VG this Sunday, in the presence of the Sisters of
providing a place for community to gather to celebrate
Mercy North Sydney, members of the College Board and
creativity and innovation.
Board Committees, parents, students and staff.
The College thanks all parents and members of the Monte
The official ceremony will begin at 1.00pm, however
Community for their passion, time and financial support
guests are asked to arrive at 12.30pm for seating in the
enabling us to realise this dream.
McQuoin Centre. (Please note that there will be road
closures on Miller Street up until 11.00am on Sunday and
Lord we pray
parking at the College will be restricted.)
That the opportunities created by the O’Regan Arts and
Culture Common ignite our imagination and facilitate
Following the Opening Ceremony and the new building’s
creative learning and problem solving.
blessing, guests will be invited to see this state of the art
facility in action, with students taking guests on guided
Help us to be brave when we raise new questions, think
tours. This will be a unique opportunity to experience first
of new possibilities, and regard old problems from a new
hand the magnificent visual, creative and performance
spaces now available for our students.
Help us to understand that creative imagination can mark
Don’t miss seeing the girl’s engaging music and drama
real advances in our own lives and help transform the lives
performances and visual arts and technology exhibitions
of others, just as Catherine McAuley did.
on show throughout the new building.
Nicole Christensen
Afternoon refreshments will be available in the McQuoin
foyer with thanks to the Parents’ and Friends’ Association.
This is an historic day for our community. The vision for
the O’Regan Arts and Cultural Common started in 1986
when the Master Plan for Monte was developed and then
later in 2007 when our former Principal, Catherine Alcock,
the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney and the College Board
commenced the project.
3. Spotlight on Monte Teachers engaging in Highly
Accomplished Teacher Accreditation.
Mrs Jenny Uther achieved her accreditation at this level
in 2012. Mrs Uther has continued to mentor and guide
Marnie Butler
Standards and working with colleagues within and outside
teachers as they undertake proficient and experienced
teacher accreditation and has provided support for HAT’s.
Since completing her Highly Accomplished Accreditation
she has written articles for the Teacher Librarian Journal
on achieving HAT accreditation, whilst also working on
BOSTES and ISTAA Panels for accreditation. The most
rewarding part of the process for Jenny was reflecting on
her own practice by explicitly aligning it with the National
the school on improving student learning outcomes.
A Spotlight on Monte Staff Highly Accomplished Teacher
A background to Teacher Accreditation in NSW
To meet key requirements of both the Australian Institute
for Teaching and School Leadership’s (AITSL’s) National
Performance and Development Framework and the 2013
NSW Government’s Great Teaching Inspired Learning
(GTIL, 2013) document, teachers in NSW who began
teaching after October 2004, are required to undergo
accreditation. There are four levels of achievement in this
process; Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished and
Lead. Both Graduate and Proficient Teacher accreditation
is mandatory. Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher
Accreditation is voluntary. As a member of the Australian
Independent Schools (AIS), teachers at Monte may also
gain accreditation through the Independent Schools
Teacher Accreditation Authority (ISTAA), at a level above
Proficient Teacher, known as Experienced Teacher.
Teachers are also able to achieve Professional Excellence
Accreditation through this body.
1. What is Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT)
“ It recognises highly-skilled teachers who routinely work
to improve their practice and are knowledgeable and
active members of their school. Applicants typically have
taken on roles that guide or advise others and regularly
initiate and engage in discussions about effective teaching
to improve the educational outcomes for their students.
Accreditation at this level is voluntary”(Bostes, 2014).
2. How many teachers in NSW have achieved this level
of accreditation?
As of August 2014 there were approximately 120 out
of 75,000 teachers in NSW Government, Catholic and
Independent schools who have achieved accreditation
at the level of Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher
(BOSTES, 2014).
Currently Monte has four teachers engaged in the
process of Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation;
Mrs Leanne Pinnuck, Ms Sarah-Jane Grove; Ms Sandra
Luiz and Ms Leonie Quinn. Both Mrs Pinnuck and Ms
Grove started the process in 2013 with completion due
within the next year. Ms Luiz and Ms Quinn, both began
the process part way through this year. These teachers
have received scholarships offered by the College to
assist in attaining these credentials. Monte offers these
scholarships to recognise highly skilled teachers who are
knowledgeable, active members of the school community
and who regularly engage in and initiate professional
discussion, and actively support initiatives to improve the
teaching and learning environment at the College. They
are also committed to mentoring teachers undertaking
accreditation at Experienced Teacher and Proficient
Teacher Accreditation. It is a rigorous but rewarding
HAT Accreditation has allowed opportunities for these
teachers to be innovative and creative in leading
initiatives in teaching learning. Ms Pinnuck worked with
members of the ICT team to map ICT capabilities of the
National Curriculum from Years 7-10. Ms Grove initiated
a Research Action Project, “Mercy Links”, to provide staff
with online resources to assist with embedding Mercy
mission and ethos in teaching and learning. These are
only two examples from a number of collegial initiatives
lead by these teachers.
The benefits of this certification for the teachers and
College are the constructive feedback on teaching and
learning practice; enhancing a culture of professional
engagement; creating and developing networks of best
practice in teaching and learning; collaboration with
colleagues within and across schools and national
recognition of quality teaching.
Marnie Butler
Director, Professional Learning
Adrian Johnston
Head of Department
After two short train rides we arrived at the Opera House
and were promptly met by our guide who later took us on
a tour. We learned about the history and development of
the Opera House. The guide told us all about Jørn Utzon
who was the designer, how his designs were chosen and
Design Week and Design
Design Week this year was held during the week of 18 –
his inspiration of ‘Clouds’ for the outer shells. We also did
a tour inside where we were shown the design elements
and discussed the materials used in production.
22 August. The TAS students were involved in a variety of
different initiatives that encouraged them to consider how
design affects the way we live and exposing them to many
fields of design. Due to the generosity of many industry
contacts the workshops this year were diverse and highly
entertaining ranging from interior and graphic design
through to a sashimi chef demonstrating the slicing of a
whole tuna.
The inspirational event of the week was the Design
Showcase. This presented the students’ work in a
spectacular display of innovation, colour and enthusiasm.
With 600 people watching, our Year 7 to 12 Design and
Technology students strutted their stuff on the catwalk
exhibiting a range of garments and projects made during
the year, whilst the Year 11 Hospitality students offered
culinary delights to tempt the tastebuds. The Year 12
Major Design Projects were the main highlight of the
evening, culminating in almost twelve months work for
each student.
Adrian Johnston
Head of TAS
Year 9 Utzon and the Opera House Architecture
On 19 August, the Year 9, 200hr Design and Technology
classes went on an excursion to the Sydney Opera House.
Our major assignment for the year was to design a bespoke
range of jewellery relating to contemporary architecture
in society. The Opera House is an iconic building, with an
interesting design process which inspires designers all
around the world.
On return my mother showed me this picture of my great
grandparents who lived in England and were on a cruise
ship whilst on holidays in Australia in the mid 1960s. I
was amazed to see the Opera House taking shape and how
different it looks today.
Rosie Loneragan
Year 9
Year 12 Hospitality Parent Dinner
The 2014 Year 12 Hospitality students transformed the
The food and presentation rivalled any hatted restaurant!
usually frequented thoroughfare of the McQuoin Foyer
Well done to the girls for their meticulous planning and
into a contemporary ‘pop up’ restaurant. The mood was
preparation and most certainly on their professional
welcoming with candles and tastefully coloured balloons
execution of a wonderful meal. It was fantastic night for
and the table setting was well equipped for a decadent
all who attended.
8-course degustation meal.
A well deserved congratulations to Sophie Abbott, Madison
Thursday, 28 August was the much-anticipated date, when
Agostino, Charlotte Akopian, Jordan Bamford, Monique
the hospitality students demonstrated their culinary skills
Bernauer, Rachael Cain, Rachael Callister, Samantha
to their parents and members of staff. The carefully
Ienco, Emma Jackson, Laura Kavanagh, Lucy McDonald,
selected menu was the masterpiece of each student’s input
Kelly O’Keefe, Lara Patel, Anna Sheehan, Elissa Simpson,
and respectfully showcased their gastronomic skills.
Lily Skalla and Alexandra Smith
The food extravaganza began with a decadent slow
Nadia Nero
cooked pulled pork slider, equally matched by a pumpkin
Hospitality Co-ordinator
and goats cheese ravioli entrée served with truffle butter.
If this wasn’t mouth watering enough, guests were treated
to ricotta, lemon and lime zucchini flowers. Refreshing
lemon, lime and mint palette cleaners followed. Once
the plates were cleared, students began adding the final
touches to the main meals of risotto stuffed quail and
pan seared chermoula ocean trout served with a lemon
scented fennel salad.
No meal is complete without a decadent dessert of
deconstructed snickers bar - a combination of salted
complimented by vanilla bean ice cream. And the meal
finished with an array of imported cheese and dried fruits.
By Francesca Sekel
Year 8
Summer is… Sand in my multi coloured toes
Chocolate paddle pops melting down my
Peaceful waves crashing
Friends talking loudly
Seagulls stealing fish and chips
Mangos dripping down my chin
Tanning on the beach for hours
Surfing in the refreshing salty water
Ice cream trucks ringing bells
Sailing around Middle Harbour
Driving for hours to beach destinations
Cooking sausages on the BBQ in the beaming sun
Flowing dresses to keep cool
Sunscreen melting off my face
Swimming late at night with friends
Bananas growing off trees
By Isobel McDonald
Debating Captain
The Annual Debating
Awards evening for
2014 capped off what
was an extremely
successful year of
Debating at Monte.
finals of both Archdale and ISDA
Finalists in the RQ Competition and
two students, Charlotte Haunton and
Katrina Milliner were selected for the
Representative AHIGS team.
On the Awards Evening parents and
students intensely debated the topic
of tiger parenting, with the parents
narrowly defeating the students in a
close run debate.
Congratulations to all award winners,
To all debaters thank you for such a
in particular:
fantastic year!
Charlotte Haunton
Thanks as always to the excellent
for Best Senior Speaker
Debating Co-ordinator Tash Sanjay,
and her fantastic team of coaches and
Georgia Cooper
parent helpers, who ensure debating
for Best Junior Speaker
runs smoothly throughout the season.
Bronte Lawrence
Isobel McDonald
for the girl who best personifies the
Debating Captain 2013/14
College motto.
By Sarah Ephraums
Mercy Action Group
Captain 2014/15
Ending Poverty:
Imagine a world where
no one is hungry.
On 17 October the global community
International Day for the Eradication
of Poverty. People all over the world
bear witness to situations of extreme
poverty and to the hidden efforts
made by families living in poverty to
support one another and to contribute
to their communities. This day is
a time for people to renew their
common commitment toward fighting
the injustice of poverty.
The UN theme for 2014 is: Leave no
one behind: think, decide and act
together against extreme poverty.
The “Post-2015 Development Agenda”
which will replace the Millennium
Development Goals, recognises the
demanding challenge of identifying
and securing the participation of those
experiencing extreme poverty and
social exclusion.
An estimated 805 million people are
according to the latest Food and
Agriculture Organisation of the UN
The Monte community continues to
young students in the Collegio in
endeavor to respond to the hungers
Maliana in Timor Leste, with whom
of our time in ways that are creative,
Monte has already established strong
compassionate, respectful, life-giving
connections. You will receive further
and life-changing .
information about this evening.
We invite you to keep the evening of
Sarah Ephraums
13 November 2014 free to attend a
Mercy Action Group Captain 2014/15
Cultural Evening and the launch of
the Timor Leste “Food for Thought”
Project, to raise money to meet the nutritional and literacy needs of 450
By Stuart Hanrahan, Sports Program Manager
Australian Catholic Social Justice Council
people with disabilities. What needs to happen to enable
Last week I set out the first three steps in the ‘Ten steps
them to become involved? Help someone in your street or
Towards Being a Good Sport’ which forms part of the
parish obtain some sports gear or to join a club. Sport has
Australian Catholic Social Justice Council’s 2014-15
a role to play in fostering inclusiveness and reconciliation,
statement – A Crown for Australia: Striving for the best in
working to prevent youth suicide, and promoting
our sporting nation. This week I would like to outline the
next three steps for you.
(These extracts have been taken from the document Ten
Step 4: Research and support clubs in your local area
Steps Towards Being a Good Sport).
You may be surprised at how many clubs and associations
are in your local area. They may get a surprise when you
join the pool of volunteers who help them! Google the
clubs in your area to see what they have to offer – and
what you might be able to offer. Play, coach, mark lines,
umpire/referee, cheer from the sidelines or help with
Over two million people – 14% of adult Australians –
volunteer their time and effort to sports and physical
recreation organisations. Without them our sporting
events would not be a success and many of the sporting
organisations would not exist. What can you do?
This step leads me to think about how Monte runs its
sports program. For those of you who may not realise,
Monte acts as a pseudo sports club, which participates in
numerous sporting association competitions – both school
and club based. This means that you can fulfil Step 4 by
helping us. Do you have skills in umpiring? Do you have
time to act as a team manager? Are you a qualified scorer?
Are you interested in sitting on a local sporting association
committee as a Monte representative? Can you help set up
fields or courts first thing on Saturday mornings?
There are many ways in which you can help – don’t
hesitate to contact us if you want to contribute.
Step 5: Help challenge bullying, racism and sexism in
NSW All Schools Athletics Championships
Too often we see sport as a way of bullying or exploiting
Congratulations to all of the Monte girls who competed
others. It can happen in schools, in sporting clubs or at elite
in the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships between
sporting levels. It may not be easy to stand up to bullies
Thursday and Sunday last week. Monte students achieved
personally, but you can let us know of instances where
some exceptional results headed up by Athletics Captain
bullying may have occurred or be occurring and we can
Jacinta Fisher who won the Gold Medal in the 17 Years
all work towards creating and facilitating an environment
Triple Jump, was 2nd in the 17 Years Long Jump and 5th in
that is respectful of everyone who chooses to take part.
the 17 years 100m.
Step 6: Who’s on the edge? Build inclusiveness
Sara Dougan, who has been tearing up the track in recent
Find out who is not included in local sports activities:
months, was again in hot form as she broke the NSW
migrants, refugees, women, girls, low income families,
record when she jumped 5.43m in winning the gold medal
By Stuart Hanrahan, Sports Program Manager
Other notable performances included Johanna Biddle’s
5th in the 15 years long jump, Olivia Beck’s 5th in the 17
Year 1500m, Holly Anderson’s 8th in the 13 Years Hammer
Throw and Rosie Bokeyar’s 9th in the 17 Years Javelin.
Year 12 student and outgoing Water Polo Captain, Kate
Biviano was this week called into the Australian Schoolgirls
Water Polo Team that will tour New Zealand in December.
This is a great accomplishment for Kate and is a tribute to
the hard work she has put into Water Polo and Swimming
at the College over the last six years. We wish her all the
best in New Zealand.
in the 13 years Long Jump. Sara was also placed second by
just 0.02 seconds on the 13 years 100m, 4th in the 200m
and 5th in the 80m Hurdles. Sara and Jacinta will head
to the National Championships in Adelaide in December.
“Just because it didn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t
worth your while.” -- Author Unknown
Stuart Hanrahan
Sports Program Manager
By Lauren Heath , President MSAMN P&F Association
I was lucky enough to get a ‘sneak peek’ of the O’Regan
Arts and Cultural Common last week and was truly in awe
of this magnificent, state of the art learning centre.
From the 300 seat theatre, graced with a glorious Steinway
piano, on the lower ground floor of the building to the
numerous music practice rooms and specialised dance
and drama studios on the upper levels, this building is a
sight to behold. The seamless integration of old and new,
particularly with the rear of our historic chapel, makes a
once neglected area a lively school community space.
Sunday 19 October
Opening of the O’Regan Arts
and Cultural Common
Friday 31 October
Monte Golf Day
Tuesday 4 November
Melbourne Cup Lunch
Tuesday 11 November
P&F General Meeting
Saturday 15 November Christmas Cocktails with
Your chance to see this magnificent learning centre comes
at the official opening and blessing on Sunday. When you
take this opportunity, it is worth remembering that our
MONTE P&F GOLF DAY daughters are benefitting from the vision, hard work and
generosity of past and present members of the Sisters of
Mercy, the College Board, the College Executive, staff and
The President’s Cup parents and friends. Encourage your daughters to take
Friday October 31st every advantage of the creative environment it offers and
look for opportunities to be part of the legacy that is Monte
Sant’ Angelo Mercy College.
Lauren Heath
P&F President
[email protected]
We are still in need of more plates of sandwiches on
Sunday and it’s not too late to contribute.
To see what we need go to: http://www.trybooking.
Drop food to the McQuoin foyer on Sunday between
11.00am and 12:45pm.
How hard can it be? Join Monte Parents and Friends in a fun Ambrose competition at Moore Park Golf Club to win the prized President’s Cup! Arrive at 7.30am for a 8am shot gun start. Stay for lunch and for awards and prizes. $60 per player Carts $40 pay on the day CANTEEN ROSTER
There is no Canteen roster for the rest of the year.
Catholic students taking a stand against children in detention, gap year options
for school leavers. Check out these and other articles in the CCSP’s 1st issue of
Parent Talk go to
By Lauren Heath , President MSAMN P&F Association
Melbourne Cup
Tuesday, 4th of November, 12 Noon ~ 4 pm
North Sydney Harbourview Hotel
17 Blue Street, North Sydney.
$95.00 per head
Champagne on arrival, a Three Course Meal, Lucky Door
Prizes, Sweeps & a Stunning view over Lavender Bay to
the Harbour Bridge. ( Drinks purchased at bar prices )
Tables of 8
( Book a table with friends or we will
happily place you on a table )
RSVP Tuesday, 27th of October
Contact Jenny Avvenevole 0418 459 808
[email protected]
Purchase your ticket at
C OC KTA I LS w i t h
venue: monte sant’ angelo
date: saturday 15 november 2014
time: 6:30pm - 11pm
dress for cocktails
with a touch of christmas
$50 per ticket
(includes food, drinks and live band)
tickets available at trybooking
rsvp 12 nov 2014
By Sister Lecia RSM
“My lifelong favourite saint is
St Therese of Lisieux, known as
The Little Flower.”
Here we are well into October, enjoying the delights of
Spring. Perhaps you have been in touch with Angels
this week – I have met a few, who have spoiled me with
kindness! Today, I will try to honour the Saints!
By the Church’s own definition, a saint is one who practices
heroic virtue. That could include you and me! Imagine
my surprise, when in the summer of 1988, when I was
participating in a program called “The Palestine of Jesus”, I was greeted by a pastor of an Eastern
Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, where there was a replica of Jacob’s Well. He addressed me as “Saint
Lecia”. “One look at my white hair, and my Mercy Cross convinced him. He said “You have given your
whole life to God. You are definitely one of the saints!” Perhaps I should have remembered that St
Paul also referred to his followers as “the saints”. But what of the heroic virtue? Now, that could be
food for thought!
I really love the fact that the Church celebrates The Feast of All Saints, because then everyone gets
acknowledged, not just the relatively few canonised saints on the calendar. Do you have a favourite
Saint? Some friend you know in Heaven, who can inspire you on your journey?
My lifelong favourite is St Therese of Lisieux, known as “The Little Flower”. In that same summer of
1988, I pulled into Cherbourg, placed my luggage in a locker and caught the train to Lisieux, intending
to stay a few hours en route to Paris. I stayed two whole days, not caring that all I had was my handbag
and the clothes I stood in! I met the kind, Carmelite Sisters, found accommodation in a hostel next
door, met some Passionist Missionaries from Africa, who took me everywhere with them in their
vehicle, and I was totally engrossed with Therese’s life. For the centenary of her death in 1997, the
Church honoured her as “Doctor of the Church” – meaning her teachings are in full accord with the
Gospels and can be profitably followed by the faithful. Her “Little Way of Love” is fully explained in
her autobiography “ The Story of a Soul”. Try to read it if you can. You will not want to put it down.
May our saints bless you and your families this week! Best wishes from Sr Lecia RSM.
Congratulations to Katrina Milliner, Year 10, who gained
an A (Honours) for 3rd Grade Bassoon in a recent AMEB
examination. Katrina is a student of Ms Shona Curtis.
Andrew Young
Head of Music Performance
Year 9 Senior Uniform Outfitting
The College requires students entering Year 10 to purchase
a Senior School uniform for the school year commencing
2015. This uniform comprises of a senior suit top and a
senior suit skirt. The cost of each item is $65.
The following dates have been set aside for Year 9 to be
Monday 27 October, Tuesday 28 October and Thursday 30
Monday 3 November, Tuesday 4 November and Thursday
6 November
Please note – there is no senior outfitting on Wednesday
Wednesday 10 December 2014:
Wednesday 17 December 2014:
University of Melbourne Course Information Day
29 October and Wednesday 5 November.
The College shop will be opened from 8.00am to 1.30pm
Career information and exploration for students
on these days. Students are required to be fitted before
school, during recess or lunch. Students are not permitted
to be in the College Shop during class time.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit card.
Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please
do not hesitate to contact Margaret Eade or Jan Hunter at
the College Shop on 9409 6256 or email [email protected]
Margaret Eade
College Shop Manager
9409 6256 [email protected]
and their parents. Produced by the Commonwealth
Government, it is a comprehensive and national resource,
with special pages for parents and carers.
On the Job
Targeting younger students, this site offers information
about jobs and work.
Eco-Mission NSW invite you to a Film and Dialogue Evening
“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.” (Ps 24:1)
Fractured Country
Brought to you by the Eco-Mission NSW Network
Did you know that mining and exploration licences cover 80% of this beautiful State?
Join us for this film screening and lean more about coal seam gas mining and what it is doing to our land.
TIME & DATE: Tuesday, October 28th, 6.45pm– 9pm
St Francis Xavier Church Hall, 19 Mackenzie St, Lavender Bay (North Sydney)
Byron Smith, Lay Minister at St George’s Anglican Church, Paddington
Love for Lucas
Help raise funds to support
Lucas Browne and his fight against brain cancer
Hosted By:
Luke Jacobz
Katie Hansen
Fundraising Dinner
Saturday 1st November 2014
Norths Leagues Club
12 Abbott St, Cammeray
$100pp (Cocktail attire)
3 Course dinner
Ray Hadley
NSW Police Legacy
Love for Lucas Appeal
BSB: 815 000
Acc: 279 622
For more details Contact
North Sydney
Ph: 9956 3174