NE India turns to Myanmar, Bangladesh for rice Meghalaya Govt... assistance from Centre Inspired by Gandhi not Modi, says Gogoi

NE India turns to Myanmar, Bangladesh for rice Meghalaya Govt seeks financial
assistance from Centre
rice through the traditional
system and route.”
Saha also said that 5,000
tonnes of rice transported in
three small ships from
Visakhapatnam in Andhra
Pradesh reached the Ashuganj
river port in Bangladesh Oct
“From Ashuganj, Bangladeshi trucks will carry the rice
to FCI warehouses in
Nandannagar (near Agartala)
within a day or two,” the
minister told IANS.
In August, 5,000 tonnes
of rice reached Tripura
through the same route.
Ashuganj port over the
Meghna river in eastern
Bangladesh is located around
40 km from Agartala.
The minister said the FCI
had recently floated tenders to
carry another 10,000 tonnes
of rice via Bangladesh.
The eight northeastern
states, including Sikkim, are
largely dependent on Punjab,
Haryana and other states for
foodgrains and essential commodities sold through PDS.
The railways transport
more than 70 percent of
foodgrain to northeastern
states from the rest of the
Transportation via Bangla-
desh is easier as road connectivity is a big factor for the
landlocked northeastern states
surrounded by Bangladesh,
Myanmar, Bhutan and China.
There is only a narrow
land corridor to the northeastern region through Assam
and West Bengal. But this
landslide-prone route passes
through hilly terrain with
steep gradients and multiple
hairpin bends, making plying
of vehicles, specially loaded
trucks, very difficult.
The distance from Kolkata
to Agartala via Guwahati is
1,650 km and from New
Delhi 2,637 km . The distance between Agartala and
Kolkata via Bangladesh is
only 350 km.
The railway line is broad
gauge from Assam‘s main
city Guwahati up to Lumding
in southern Assam.
From Lumding it is metre
gauge — in southern Assam
and till Agartala, western
Mizoram. The 437-km
gauge rail line, covering
southern Assam, Tripura,
Mizoram and Manipur, will
be converted into broad gauge
in two phases.
Railway Minister to be met with
request for more trains
70 fall ill after eating
‘prasad’ in Tripura
Transport bottlenecks have
forced India‘s northeastern
states to procure much needed
rice from neighbouring
Myanmar and Bangladesh.
The Indian government has
floated bids to import rice
from Myanmar for Manipur
and Mizoram. The Food Corporation of India (FCI) is
ferrying rice from other parts
of India via Bangladesh for
The poor transport connectivity in some northeastern
states worsened after train
services from the rest of India
were halted in southern Assam Oct 1, snapping rail
Manipur and Mizoram.
This has been done so that
rail tracks can be converted
from metre to broad gauge.
This 18-month two-phase
track conversion work undertaken by the Northeast
Frontier Railways is scheduled to be completed by
March 2016.
Mizoram Food and Civil
Supplies and Transport Minister John Rotluangliana told
IANS: “We have asked the
central government to import
rice from Myanmar. The
RANCHI, Oct 16
When Union railway minister
Sadananda Gowda will arrive in
Ranchi to hold a review meeting
of the South Eastern Railway
(SER) on Thursday, the Ranchi
railways division will table
before him one of its
demands of providing more
trains connecting Ranchi to
south India. The officials are set
to table before Gowda the
demand for two pairs of trains
to Tamil Nadu to manage the
ever growing rush.
“The division has drafted a
request for two pairs of trains
to Trivandrum and Chennai
which will be tabled to the
minister at Thursdays’ meeting,” said a top official
requesting anonymity.
“This will ease the burden
off 12385 Hatia-Yeshwantpur
DhanbadAlaapuzha Express,” he
added. “South bound passengers face trouble in getting
Metals and Minerals Trading
Corp (MMTC) has floated
tenders for this purpose.
“We are expecting rice
from Myanmar very soon,”
Rotluangliana added.
He said he recently visited
Chin hills in Myanmar adjoining eastern Mizoram to
gather knowledge regarding
transportation of rice from
Mizoram shares an unfenced border of 404 km with
Myanmar. According to the
minister, Mizoram, with a
population of 1.1 million, requires about 52,000 quintals
of rice per month for distribution through the Public
Distribution System (PDS).
The MMTC last month
floated global tenders to import about 100,000 tonnes of
rice from Myanmar for
Manipur and Mizoram.
Tripura Food, Civil Supplies and Finance Minister
Bhanulal Saha told IANS:
“Rice is being ferried from
other parts of India via Bangladesh to avoid the long and
mountainous surface road up
to Tripura via Assam and
“Also, the stoppage of
train services has created serious problems for carrying
tickets. If approved, the trains
will cater to the pilgrims and
patients that ply to south India in heavy numbers
throughout the year,” the official added.
In his maiden visit to
Ranchi after assuming office
in May, Gowda will hold a
review meeting of the officials of SER on Wednesday
that will be attended by general managers of SER and
divisional railway managers
Chakradharpur, Kharagpur
and Ranchi divisions.
“Wednesday’s meeting
will feature performance and
progress of SER. Safety
measures of rail routes in red
corridor is also on the cards,”
Kashyap said.
The officials of Ranchi
division started preparations
on Wednesday as the DRM
held a closed door meeting to
tabulate their performance
ahead of the meeting. In addi-
tion to the review-meet,
Gowda is slated to visit Maoist hotbed Chatra to oversee
the commissioning of the new
Shivpur-Kathotia railway
track under Dhanbad division
of East Central Railway
Meanwhile, members of
Jharkhand Passengers Association (JPA) headed by
consumer advisor of Ranchi
railway division R K
Sarawagi wrote to the DRM
for providing better services
in Namkum station after his
visit on Wednesday.
The JPA demanded the
construction of a foot
overbridge , clean drinking
water and a separate reservation counter for women in the
“The JPA is also planning
to meet the railway minister
and demand improved passenger services in stations
across the state,” JPA secretary Prem Kataruka said.
Around 70 people, including
women and children, fell sick
after eating ‘prasad’ - offering
to deity - in Tripura, an official
said on Thursday.
At least 27 of them were
“About 70 people, including women and children,
suffered stomach pain and
disorders like loose motions
after eating ‘prasad’ at a religious function at Udaipur (60
km from Agartala) Wednesday night,” a health official
He said of the 70 people
27 have been admitted to the
Sundari Hospital in Gomati.
The remaining people have
taken treatment from the OPD
of the hospital.
Residents told reporters
that the number of people
fallen sick after consuming
the ‘prasad’ - the offering to
the deity - is over 100 as
some people have taken treatment privately at their homes.
‘Roller-coaster’ Dhakuria bridge puts lives at risk
On Panchami, homemaker
Shyamali Sen, 65, met with an
accident on Dhakuria bridge
that left her hospitalized with rib
fracture during the entire festival. In fact, it was not even an
accident. She was sitting in a bus
when it jerked ominously while
passing Dhakuria bridge. The
driver was aware of the
bridge’s undulating surface.
But he couldn’t help it. Even the
authorities know accidents are
waiting to happen on the
bridge, but things continue to
remain the same for years. The
likes of Shyamali pay the price.
On that fateful day,
Shyamali and her husband
Prabir, 75, had boarded a
Volvo AC bus for pandalhopping. Pronam, a Kolkata
Police community initiative,
had organized the outing for
senior citizens. “Since we
were among the last to board,
we had to sit at the extreme
rear,” recounted Prabir, a retired engineer.
Atop Dhakuria bridge,
there was a sudden jerk.
Shyamali, seated facing the
isle with nothing to hold on
to, pitched ahead and crashed
on the floor.
“Our Puja ended even before it had begun. My wife
lay crippled in a hospital bed
throughout the festivity while
I shuttled between home and
hospital. And it was all owing to a faulty bridge that
poses a threat to the safety of
commuters,” fumed Prabir.
The bridge was constructed more than 50 years
ago. Weakened by both wear
and tear and rats gnawing at
its base, it has sunk in sections,
carriageway that is extremely
undulating. The bridge has a
gentle gradient at either end.
A quarter way up the bridge,
the slope disappears and for
the next quarter it is a flat
ride. Then the slope suddenly
becomes steep till one reaches
the topmost section of the
bridge. Here, a flat surface
greets the two steep slopes on
either side. It is in this section
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Details can be had from the college office during office
Sd/- Principal
Presidency College, Motbung
Government of Manipur
of the bridge where the steep
slope and the flat top joins
that motorists unfamiliar with
its peculiar nature hit on the
brake hard, causing vehicles
to lurch. And it is here that
Shyamali broke her ribs.
There are even cracks with
gaping holes at the joint between the top-most section
and the slopes on either side.
But no agency has shown any
urgency to mend it. Engineering and consulting firm Rites
observed that the bridge was
past its retirement age but
was still in use due to traffic
pressure. The flyover stands
on inclining concrete walls
filled with sand or earth, a
technology that became obsolete several decades ago.
“When the flyover was
built, traffic was a minuscule
fraction of what it is today.
The heavy traffic has taken a
toll on the bridge,” said an
engineer of Kolkata Improvement Trust (KIT), the
flyover’s custodian.
Officials of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)
roads department complained
that repairs were difficult because traffic could not be
stopped on the busy bridge.
But others point out that there
would be no alternative if the
bridge collapsed.
“South-bound traffic can
be diverted via Lake Gardens
flyover and Tollyunge Phari.
North and east-bound vehicles can take the Anwar Shah
Connector. But here, nothing
gets done till there is a major
accident,” remarked Prabir.
KMC member mayor in
council (roads) Sushanta
Ghosh said, “I did get in
touch with the Sens and expressed my sorrow. We do
intend to repair the bridge but
it can happen only after
Diwali when Rites submits its
report,” said Ghosh.
Engineers felt the only
solution was to demolish the
current bridge and build a
pier-based one with a smooth
gradient. That will take at
least two years, a disruption
that traffic cops are unwilling
to shoulder at present.
Thoubal, the 15th October, 2014.
No.21/4/DC (DEO)/TBL/ELEC/SSR-2014: As per directions of
ECI letter No.23/2014-ERS dated 21st July, 2014 and in
pursuance of CEO, Manipur letter No. 2/ELEC/SSR-2015
dated 25th July, 2014. It is hereby informed for information
of all concerned that all SDOs/EROs of Thoubal District viz.
SDO/ERO, Lilong, SDO/ERO, Thoubal and SDO/ERO,
Kakching have published the Draft Photo Electoral Rolls,
2015 of the following 10 (Ten) Assembly Constituencies viz.
(i) 30-Lilong A.C. (ii) 31-Thoubal A.C. (iii) 32-Wangkhem A.C.
(iv) 33-Heirok A.C. (v) 34-Wangjing Tentha A.C. (vi) 35Khangabok A.C. (vii) 36-Wabagai A.C. (viii) 37-Kakching A.C.
(ix) 38-Hiyanglam A.C. and (x) 39-Sugnu A.C. falling within
the jurisdiction of Thoubal District today, the 15th October,
2014 in connection with the Special Summary Revision of
Photo Electoral Rolls, 2015 with 01-01-2015 as the qualifying
date as per schedule fixed by the ECI, New Delhi.
2. Further, it is informed that copies of the Draft Publication
of Photo Electoral Rolls, 2015 are available at the Offices of
SDOs/EROs, Lilong, Thoubal and Kakching for inspection by
the general public and all concerned. If any interested person
desires to have the details, the same be seen from the Office
of the SDO/ERO concerned.
3. If, with reference to the above said qualifying date, there
be any claim for inclusion of a name or any objection to the
inclusion or any objection to particulars in any entry, it should
be lodged to the concerned SDO/ERO on or before 10th
November, 2014 (Monday) in Form 6, 7, 8 & 8A as may be
4. Every such claim and objection should either be presented
to the Offices of the concerned EROs or AEROs or to the
Designated Officers at the relevant Designated Locations on
or before 10th November, 2014 (Monday) during Office
Sd/- T. Ranjit Singh
DC/District Election Officer, Thoubal
Meghalaya government has
sought Rs 3,072 crore financial
assistance from the Centre for
infrastructure damaged in last
month’s flash floods and
cloudburst in which 59 lives
were lost and five persons are
missing since then.
Chief Minister Mukul
Sangma handed over the
memorandum to Union Home
Minister Rajnath Singh yesterday in New Delhi where a
detailed report of the damages
due to the September 24 flash
floods and landslide was
“We have sought Rs 3,072
crore financial assistance
from the Centre for repair and
restoration of properties and
infrastructure damaged by
flood and landslide,” Mukul
Sangma told media.
This he said, was necessary in view of the fact that
the state is not in a position to
meet the financial requirements for rebuilding the lives
of affected people and their
The extent of damage to
houses, crops and public
properties is estimated around
Rs 1,550 crore and Rs 422
crore was sought from the
National Disaster Relief
In addition, the state also
requested Rs 1,100 crore as
Special Financial Assistance
for permanent restoration of
critical infrastructure particularly roads and bridges,
irrigation, water supply and
power, the chief minister said.
The Chief Minister said the
natural calamity claimed the
highest number of lives.
Prime Minister Narendra
Modi has announced an ex
gratia of Rs 2 lakh for the 59
people who died in the calamity and five others who were
A total of 1,659 number of
villages were affected by the
flash floods and landslides
and over 10,000 houses and
about 16,000 Ha of cropped
area is reported to have been
damaged, a statement released
by the government said.
About 8,200 Ha of agricultural land needs to be
de-silted in the Garo Hills
region and over 2,500 fish
ponds were damaged, it said.
Inspired by Gandhi not Modi, says Gogoi
“I am not following in the footsteps of PM Modi in Clean Assam
campaign. I am inspired by Mahatma Gandhi..." says Gogoi
Chief minister Tarun Gogoi on
Wednesday clarified that he
was not trying to imitate Prime
Minister Narendra Modi, but
was inspired by MK Gandhi
while referring to his ‘Clean
Assam’ campaign which was
launched on October 5.
Since Modi launched the
Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, both
the leaders have been engaged in mutual admiration
through media statements for
their individual cleanliness
Soon after launching the
“Pariskar Aru Seuj Asom
Khajagota Abhijan” (Cleanliness and Green Assam
Awareness Campaign) here
tweeted, “I am not following
in the footsteps of PM Modi
in Clean Assam campaign.
Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, I joined Kalyani Sangha
Intellectuals slam AGP for
not resolving influx issue
Intellectuals of the city and
members of the civil society and
social organizations, who have
gathered in the city for the twoday
convention of Asom Gana
Parishad (AGP), slammed the
party leadership for failing to
address the state’s primary
problem of illegal foreigners.
“There is no point in giving excuses. AGP has failed
to work for the state. People
had great faith in the party. It
is unfortunate it forgot its
primary agenda,” said former
Asam Sahitya Sabha president and noted author Kanak
Sen Deka.
Addressing AGP leaders
and workers from across the
state, Deka said AGP did
some good for Assam. “If the
party really wants to win back
its glory, its leadership must
start working for the welfare
of the people instead of
scrambling for power,” he
Eminent scholar Hiren
Gohain, who was also part of
the convention, stressed on
the need to move ahead. AGP
invited representatives of social organizations, students’
bodies, various tribal organizations and Assam Sahitya
Sabha, besides other prominent
representatives of Asom
Jatiyata- badi Yuva Chatra
Parishad (AJYCP), Karbi
Students’ Union, Bengali
Jatiya Parishad and All
Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam
Earlier, former CM and
party president Prafulla Kumar Mahanta said he is sorry
if the party has failed to live
up to the expectations of the
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laning of Churachandpur - Tuima section
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Tuima - Tuivai section
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State of Manipur.
10.10.2014/ 25.11.2014
when I was a school student
way back in 1951 and swept
the Sweepers’ Colony in
Jorhat. When I became the
chief minister, I wielded the
broom and swept the streets
of Guwahati during the Clean
Guwahati campaign in 2012.
Then, I took part in the Clean
Assam campaign which
kicked off in Guwahati on
October 5.”
This is the second cleanliness-related campaign that
Gogoi has launched in the
state within a span of 10 days.
Soon after Modi launched the
Swacch Bharat Abhiyan,
Gogoi followed suit with his
state’s own campaign, which
earned him words of appreciation from Modi. Gogoi,
too, lauded the PM’s Swacch
Bharat Abhiyan. On Tuesday, Gogoi had again lauded
Modi’s Saansad Adarsh
Gram Yojana’ (SAGY) but
suggested that the campaign
has to be more vigorous if
one wants to see ‘achhe din
and clean India” amid the
axing of Congress national
spokesman Sashi Tharoor by
the party for praising Modi.
Launching the week-long
clean and green Assam
awareness campaign, Gogoi
announced a wage hike of Rs
200 per month for those engaged in cleaning jobs.
3 injured in a crude
bomb blast in Malda
KOLKATA, Oct 16: Three
people have been injured in a
crude bomb blast in the Malda
district of West Bengal. The
bomb went off when it was
being removed in a hurry
during a police raid.
The incident comes close
on the heels of the unearthing of a terror module in
However, the police say
this was one of the local
criminal incidents in the
area. They say it come out
of a long standing tussle between two families.
Meanwhile, the NIA,
along with West Bengal Police,
investigating the October 2
explosion case at a house in
the Burdwan town in which
two persons died and the involvement of a terror group
is suspected.
Joint teams of West Bengal CID, the NIA and
central intelligence agencies
are interrogating three persons who were arrested
following the blast - two
women, Razia and Amina,
and one Badrul Alam Molla.
Bomb blast in
A bomb blast took place at a
house used by beedi workers
to manufacture beedis at
Murshidabad district of West
Bengal in the early hours on
Thursday, police said.
No one was injured in the
incident, police said, adding,
the compound wall of the
house was damaged in the
The house was used by a
beedi factory owner to
manufacture beedis.
At the time of the blast,
no one was in the house as
the workers had left for the
On receiving the information, the police rushed to the
house and the bomb squad
was informed. Police were
looking into the cause of the
Two persons were yesterday injured in a separate
blast in Malda district while
making bombs, police said.
National level athlete branded
as ‘witch’, assaulted in Assam
DIPHU, Oct 16
A national level athlete was
allegedly branded as a
‘witch’ and assaulted by a
group of people of her own
village Cherekuli in Karbi
Anglong district in Assam,
police said on Thursday.
Superintendent of police
M J Mahanta said
Debajani Bora, medal
winner in javelin at several
national meets, was
dragged to a ‘namghar’
(community prayer hall),
tied to a post and beaten
up by the group last
The group was allegedly
instigated by the ‘namghar’
head Radha Laskar saying
that she was a witch and
was responsible for
various problems faced by
some villagers, Mahanta
Bora became unconscious following the
assault and her family
members took her from
the ‘namghar’ to
Dokomoka Primary Health
Centre with severe injuries
in her back and neck, the
SP said.
Her family members
filed an FIR today and
two persons, including
Laskar, was arrested while
search was on to nab the
others, Mahanta said.
Bora, a mother of three
and wife of a farmer, was
selected to represent the
country at an international
meet at Malaysia in 201112 but could not attend it
due to financial constraints.
The stone (calculus) had gone after eating the medicine in only two days given by
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in above table corresponding to respective projects. The
RFP document will be available on e-tender portal of
MoRT&H website:
The original copies of the Bid Security and tender fee
should reach MORT&H at the address for communication
not later than 15.00 hrs on 01.12.2014.
Address for Communication
Sunil Kumar Verma,
Chief Engineer (NER)
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways,
Transport Bhawan,
1, Parliament street,
New Delhi 110 001.
(Tel/Fax:- +911123739074)
davp 37101/11/0034/1415
Mr. Dinganpou Panmei
The Road Renovation Committee (Khoibu Centre to
Lamchum), Khoibu Centre, would like to invite the attention
of the General Public specially the Khoibu Centre Area and
Hairok area, that the road between Khoibu Centre and
Lamchum (CharaWanphom) have been badly affected during
raining seasons.
The committee invites kindhearted donors and has scheduled to start the renovation work from 20th October 2014. The
Committee would also like to mention that the renovation
work is not included in any Govt. program/scheme, but the
work will be solely done by donations.
In this regard, the committee invites any individual or
organization for kind support and donates either in cash or
in kind for further development of the renovation work. Any
individual or organizations are requested to contact the
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Your kind support will be counted and recognized sincerely.
Sd/- Saka Ami (Chairman) Ph: 8132088516
Denial Khaling (secretary) Ph: 8974713526
Road Renovation Committee
Khoibu Centre.