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OUR WORSHIP LEADER today is Darrel Cameron. Darrel is also a husband, father, music
therapist and songwriter. We welcome him back as a worship leader.
OUR SPEAKER today is Mike Janz, our Pastor of Youth and Community. Mike is a husband,
father, writer, and an avid surfer.
Gathering of the People
Prayer and Praise
Scripture Reading: Luke 6:36-42
Who Am I?
Prayer and Praise
Opportunity for the Ministry of Prayer
NORTHWOOD The monthly worship service reconvenes tonight at Northwood at 7pm. Please
pray for: Keith & Beth Havill, Samm and Sylvia Musoke, Al Bryant, Jennifer Bowers and Mark
Harris, as they lead the service, and for the seniors who attend. Everyone is invited to come and
support this vital ministry in our senior’s community.
ENGLISH CLASSES (ESL) Tuesday, 9am-11am in the “chapel” room.
TAKE A BREAK WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY Tuesday, 9-11am in the lounge.
MEN’S BREAKFAST & PRAYER TIME Wednesday, 7:15am in the lounge. All men are invited to
attend. It`s bring your own food; coffee, tea and fellowship are provided.
SENIOR YOUTH GROUP (grades 10-12) Wednesday, 7:00pm at the home of Matt and Amy
COLLEGE AND CAREERS Thursday, 7:30pm at the home of Graeme and Dianna Higgs. For
more information, contact Graeme Higgs at [email protected] or 902-830-0798.
JUNIOR YOUTH GROUP (grades 7-9) Friday, 7:30pm at Grace Chapel. For more info on Youth
Ministry, please email Mike at [email protected], or call or text @ 902-818-5989.
REACHING THE UNTOUCHABLES Joseph D'Souza of Dalit Freedom Network and OM India,
will speak about the way God is reaching the Dalits of India through building schools, church
planting and opposing human trafficking. Sunday, November 2 at 7:00pm in the Lounge. Everyone
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD Boxes are available in the foyer and must be returned by
November 16th. Your gift-filled shoeboxes help reach children worldwide with God’s love.
INTERNATIONAL CHRISTMAS TREE 2014 – Will you help us lend an international flavor to
Christmas 2014 by providing an ornament from another country where you have lived or visited? If
you are travelling this fall or when you are unpacking your ornaments this year, set such an
ornament aside. Then wrap it carefully, add your name and a brief history/story that connects you
and the ornament. Bring it to the office and it will be added to our tree then carefully stored.
COMMUNITY GROUPS It’s never too late to sign up for a community group and be part of the
“Life Together” study. For more information, call or text Mike Janz @ 902-818-5989 or email
him at [email protected], or call or text.
BUY THE BOOK It’s available in the foyer - Life Together, the spiritual classics that lent its title
to our fall theme. Just $15. It’s a book that has the power to change the way you think about
and practice Christian community.
DAY OF RETREAT On Saturday, November 1st, from 9am to 12pm, we will be having a
prayer retreat based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s reflections about the importance of spiritual
disciplines in the life of Christian community. Please sign up for the retreat on our bulletin
AGAPE MEAL GATHERING on November 9th will be held in homes of individuals from the
congregation. You will be receiving more information in the upcoming weeks. This will replace
our Sunday morning service at Grace Chapel for that morning only.
October 19, 2014
21 9:00am English Classes
9:00am Take a Break
Wed 22 7:15am Men’s Breakfast
7:00pm Senior Youth Group
Thurs 23 7:00pm Living Waters
7:30pm College and Careers
24 7:30pm Junior Youth Group
Tuesday 8:20am - 6:20pm
Wednesday 8:20am -12:20pm
Tuesday 8:20am - 6:20pm
This week in the Nursery – Team 4
Oct 26 10am Prayer Time in the Chapel Room
11am Combined Service of Worship & Communion
Life Together
His Kids
Mark Harris
Nov 2
9:30am Communion Service Theme: Armour of God
11 am Worship Service
Mark Harris
Life Together
His Kids
Nov 9
Agape Meals in Homes/Community Groups
(For this Sunday only there will be no services here at the church.)
Weekly Requirement
Offerings for Oct 12
$ 9,048.79
Who Am I?