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IoT & predictive analytics using Force.com
Solution overview
New expanded features include:
We developed the IoT & predictive analytics using Force.com for
our client OrthoSensor. OrthoSensor Control Center is a secure
browser-based cloud application that orchestrates logistics
and data collection for surgical procedures where implantable
medical devices are used. Collaboration and secure data
sharing has taken OrthoSensor to the next step in successful
surgerys and data feedback with the implanted medical device.
The audit logs now satisfy HIPAA requirements related to
tracking sensitive data. Excellent integration with third party
survey tool for pre and post procedure data collection from
patients is possible. The patient and procedure data can now be
searched, reported on, and exported in a matter on seconds
not minutes.
• Security: Compliance, Authentication and Session timeout
Business problem addressed
• Using the standard SOAP and REST API’s
OrthoSensor is leading the evolution of orthopedic surgery as
more surgeons begin using advanced surgical technologies and
new analytical and implantable products. The new technologies
and products from OrthoSensor help transform orthopedic
surgery from a mechanical procedure mainly concerned with
form, fit, and function into an evidence-driven science.
Support OrthoSensor VERASENSE, Sensor-Assisted Surgery,
Track implant/medical device components, collect pre-operative
& post operative clinical data, improve clinical outcomes, and
make mangement of hospital implant inventory more efficient.
Solution description
• Replaces the OrthoSensor Backend functionality originally
deployed on Ruby on Rails application with custom
development on Force.com platform.
• Audit logging: capturing specific events for audit purposes
• Navigation/UI: Allowing easy navigation and (profile)
controlled access to key records and information
The Advantage – Force.com
• Security and Visibility Control
• Using standard roles and hierarchies
Audit and tracking capability
Developed using Force.com Platform
• Connectivity and Integration
Key value adds
1. Survey scripts can be fed with data from patient, pre-operative and post-operative data
2. Uses one of thousands of high-quality AppExchange applications available to ‘mash-in’ with Force.com
3. Platforms – SalesForce1 & Communities
4. Integrations – HL7 Integration with Hospital(s)
5. Hospital-specific forms, surveys, and questionnaires
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