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Unifaun Track & Trace
Unifaun Online
About Unifaun Track & Trace
Unifaun Track & Trace allows you to track your shipments and get detailed information about them,
regardless of carrier. You do not have to keep track of the carriers’ shipment and parcel numbers
since you use your own order number or reference as search parameters.
Unifaun Track & Trace is designed to be integrated with your ERP system. After a shipment is stored
or printed from Unifaun Online or sent directly from your ERP system, Unifaun Track & Trace keeps
track of the shipment from your ERP system.
Please note! Unifaun Track & Trace works for carriers and transport services whose tracking
services are exposed on the internet.
Activate Unifaun Track & Trace
Log on to your account in Unifaun Online.
Go to Maintenance > My Account.
Read the text in the section Information before you activate the service.
To activate the service, click
You can always inactivate the service by clicking
. The status is changed from Inactive to Active.
to change the status to Inactive.
Implement Unifaun Track & Trace
After activation Unifaun Track & Trace is executed through an internet URL where you can either use
order number or reference as search parameters.
Search by reference
https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.se.se.track?key=<user login>&reference=<your reference>
https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.fi.fi.track?key=<user login>&reference=<your reference>
https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.dk.dk.track?key=<user login>&reference=<your reference>
Replace <user login> with your Unifaun Online user ID.
Replace <your reference> with the reference data for the shipment.
Ex. Sweden:
Ex. Finland:
Ex. Denmark: https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.dk.dk.track?key=DEMO&reference=786523
Search by order number
https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.se.se.track?key=<user login>&order=<your order number>
https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.fi.fi.track?key=<user login>&order=<your order number>
https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.dk.dk.track?key=<user login>&order=<your order number>
Replace <user login> with your Unifaun Online user ID.
Replace <your order number> with the order number for the shipment.
Ex. Sweden:
Ex. Finland:
Ex. Denmark: https://www.unifaunonline.com/ext.uo.dk.dk.track?key=DEMO&order=43450
Please note! To be able to track shipments regardless of printing method (manually or from a file
via ERPConnect), reference should be used as search parameter in the URL. The order number
should then be stated in the reference field as well as the order number field.