West Holmes Knights Notes from Miss Rogers:

West Holmes Knights
West Holmes High School
10909 State Route 39
Millersburg, Ohio 44654
Aaron Kaufman, Principal
Carrie Maltarich, Vice-Principal
Mindi Campbell, Secretary
Teresa Mackey, Secretary
Parent and Student Newsletter
Calendar of Events:
October 2014
Notes from Miss Rogers:
October 21: End of Nine Weeks
October 24: Staff In-service
What can I be doing to get ready for college?
October 28: Grade cards go home
November 5: Parent–Teacher
Conferences (K-12)
‐Startlookingatcollegesbycheckingouttheinformationwehaveintheguidanceof ice
November 11: Parent–Teacher
Conferences (6-12)
November 13: Parent–Teacher
Conferences (K-5)
November 14: Late Arrival
(2 Hours)
November 25: Mid-terms go home
November 26-28: Thanksgiving
December 1: Conference Comp
December 22-January 2:
Christmas Break
‐SignupandtaketheACTorSAT(dateslistedonWHHSwebsiteorpickupa lyerin
GuidanceOf ice).
‐Startapplyingtocolleges1stsemestersothatyoucanfocusonscholarshipsand inan‐
Procedures for visiting a college or going on a job shadow day:
‐Contacttheadmissionsof ice/employertosetupadateandtimeforthevisit
‐Ifjobshadowing,stopintheguidanceof iceforajobshadowquestionnaire
‐Ontheschooldaypriortothevisit/shadowday,bringanotetotheWHHSmainof ice
Board of Education:
David Kick, President
con irmingyourvisit
Eric Strouse, Vice-President
‐Onthedayofthejobshadow,asktheemployertosignthequestionnairecon irming
Brent Snyder
mainof iceinordertobecountedasexcused
Bradley Welsh
Tina Zickefoose
Formoreinformationonanyoftheaboveinformationstopintotheguidanceof iceor
contactMissAlisonRogers330‐674‐[email protected]
West Holmes Knights
Library News
From Mrs. Reining:
Teen Read Week will be held in
the HS Library October 13 17. Teen Read week is held to
encourage students to become
regular readers. Week-long
activities have been planned for
the high school students around
this year's theme, including an
essay where one lucky student
will win a cash prize. Other
participants will receive candy
bars, bookmarks, and books.
This year’s theme is “Turn
Dreams Into Reality @ Your
Foreign Language Club
The Foreign Language Club has already started their
activities with a salsa and polka dance session for
their September activity. The club will be meeting
every month and a variety of activities are
planned. The next one coming up is the International
Fest, which will take place on October 14 after
school. All who plan to attend must bring a dish from
a foreign country.
All students are welcome to join the club. The cost for
membership is only $4 for the entire year and they
can sign up with Mr. Beachy, Mrs. Rawson, or Mrs.
Long. More information can be found on the West
Holmes web site.
Rodhe’s IGA
IGA Hometown Label
Saver Program: We are
collecting labels from
IGA products. Please cut
off the UPC code and
drop it in the collection
container in the office.
We get 10 cents from
each label we collect. If
you have questions
please see Mrs. Rodhe.
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From Mr. Burras:
In a series called First Fridays held over the upcoming year,
transition services presenters will be sharing information focusing
towards students requiring special services and accommodations
at the post secondary level in the areas of College, Employment,
and Service. At the college meeting, presenters will share how to
access services at the college level as well provide information
needed for applying for colleges. In the Service meeting, students
will be presented with options for serving in the U.S. military or in
AmeriCorps. At the employment meeting, presenters will provide
information on job opportunities in and around Holmes County
and discuss their expectations for new employees. These
seminars are free to attend for students! Stay turned for more
information as well as specific dates!
WHHS Art IV students are participating in ODOT's Paint a Plow program. District 11 of
ODOT delivered a plow to the high school. The students have diligently been working on a
design of their creation. The design uses skills they have learned throughout the years and
features two hands that when the plow is in use will look like the hands are pushing the
snow. Art IV includes seniors Brittany Rodriguez, Jordan Gilstrap, Kristin Hoover, Lexi
Kinstle, Megan Horsley, Lydia Schonauer, Racheal Wagers, and junior Colten Smith. The
WH Ag department has assisted by allowing the plow to reside in their classroom areas for
the duration of the project.
Travel to Europe: From Mrs. Bell
It's an exciting time for the community of the West Holmes School District. We have the
opportunity for students and parents to travel to Europe through EF Tours. I originally developed the idea with my Legends, Myths and Heroes class. What better way to make these ancient
stories come alive than to go to these historical sites ourselves? It seemed like a far off dream,
but after teaming up with Miss Sandy Miller's Art III & IV classes and Mrs. Melanie Ferguson's
Western Civilization classes, it became a reality. We have over forty community members signed up for the trip that starts in Rome and continues to travel through Pompeii and Athens for
nine days. The support and excitement from so many community members has been a huge
encouragement to me and the students. I created a blog for students to contribute to before, during and after the trip. Anyone who wants to follow our preparation for this once in a lifetime
experience are more than welcome to visit HCtoEurope.blogspot.com and see what we're learning about the Italian and Greek cultures. Thanks for sharing in our excitement!
We have several fundraisers planned to help fray the costs that come with such a large international trip. Keep an eye out for those upcoming opportunities. I know the students are going to
learn so much as they broaden their cultural and educational perspectives from "Holmes
County to Europe".
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Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Time: 9 am - 2 pm
Where: West Holmes High School Gymnasium
10909 SR 39, Millersburg, Ohio 44654
Call Lisa Macaulay or
Dawn Martin at
(330) 674-3546 for
details or to reserve
your space as a vendor.
Proceeds to support WH Levy Campaign Fund,
Jamie Zeigler, Treasurer