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Project courtesy of
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores®
Designed by Connie Glennon-Hall
• Wooden crate
• Resin letters: Books, Toys
• Scrapbooking cardstock in coordinating patterns
• Mod Podge®
• FolkArt® paints: acrylic, glitter
• 1" flat brushes
• Paper trimmer
• Scissors
• Corner punch
• Waxed paper
1. Paint entire crate. Front and 2 sides will be covered with paper so only 1 coat is required. Apply second coat to
other areas.
2. Measure area inside slat ends. Trim paper to fit, minus 1/4" at top of paper. Trace area inside crate handle.
Cut opening slightly larger than opening. Round corners of rectangle. Cover work surface with waxed paper.
Brush Mod Podge® on end of crate and back of the trimmed cardstock. Position cardstock on crate end.
Smooth bubbles and drips. Allow paper to dry. Apply Mod Podge® over the cardstock. Repeat on other end.
3. Cut strips of cardstock the width of crate slats. Two strips will be required for each slat. Round corners and
apply strips to slats with same technique used on end sides. Use alternating patterns on the front of crate.
4. Basecoat letters. Apply several coats for good coverage. Paint backs of letters.
5. Paint glitter paint over letters. Apply several coats for good coverage. Glue letters to front or ends of crate.
6. Paint entire crate with a final coat of Mod Podge®.
decorative decoupage crates
Skill Level 1: No experience needed
Approximate Crafting Time: weekend project
Please read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions for all tools and materials used.
Provide adult supervision if children participate in this project.
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