International Symposium on Programme Conference Committee

Conference Committee
Venue: Rustomji Cama Hall, GCRI, Ahmedabad
9.00 -10.00 Inauguration
10.00-10.45 Dr. Kapil Mehta, Professor of Biochemistry
University of Texas, USA
Targeting TG2: A Key Inflammation Mediator
in Cancer Progression
10.45-11.30 Dr. Sen Pathak, Distinguished Professor
University of Texas, USA
Telomere Dynamics in Cancer Research and
11.30-11.45 Tea Break
11.45-12.30 Dr. Varsha Gandhi, Professor & Chair, ad
Interim, Department of Experimental
Therapeutics, University of Texas, USA
Kinome Inhibition: PI3K Delta As a Paradigm
12.30-1.15 Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, Professor of Cancer
Research, University of Texas, USA
Multitargeting of Cancer by Natural Products
from OM
Lunch, Poster Viewing
Session and
interactions with scientists and faculties
Topic: “Cancer Research from OM to
OMICS: My Efforts and Global Scenario”
Ten Poster Awards: Two Awards for each of
following categories:
Valued Delegates:
1. P. G. Students
2. Ph. D. Students (enrolled or completed)
3. Faculty
4. M. Sc. Cancer Biology Students, GCRI
5. JRF/ Ph. D. Students, GCRI
Panel Discussion: “Global Scope of Cancer
Dr. M. Radhakrishana Pillai, Director,
RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram
Dr. Oommen V. Oommen, Emiritus
Scientist of CSIR, GOI
Dr. Rajesh Naz, Professor, Director and Vice
Chair, University of West Virginia
Award Distribution and Closing Remarks
High Tea
Shri Pankajbhai Patel
Shri Prashant Kinariwala
Shri Kshitish Madanmohan
Dr. Rakesh Vyas, Dr. Geeta Joshi
International Symposium
Recent Trends in Cancer Research:
From OM to OMICS
November 24, 2014
Dr. Kiran Kothari
Advisory Committee
Dr. Jayprakash Neema, Dr. Asha Anand
Dr. Manoj Shah, Dr. Parijath Goswami
Dr. Hitesh Rajpura, Dr. Shashank Pandya
Dr. Shilpa Patel, Shri Narendrasinh Chavda
Scientific Committee
Dr. Prabhudas Patel, Dr. Hemangini Vora
Dr. Nandita Ghosh, Dr. Rakesh Rawal
Organizing Secretaries
Dr. Trupti Trivedi
Dr. Franky Shah
Dr. Jayendra Patel
Core Committee
Dr. Nilima Desai, Dr. Manisha Brahmbhatt
Dr. Pina Trivedi, Dr. Kruti Rajvik
Dr. Shalvi Mehta, Dr. Apexa Raval
Dr. Dharmesh Patel, Ms. Toral Kobawala
Ms. Kinjal Gajjar, Ms. Nupur Patel
Ms. Birva Brahmbhatt, Ms. Urja Desai
Ms. Esha Dalal
Rustomji Cama Hall
The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
Organized By
Department of Cancer Biology
All Ph. D. students and Junior Research Fellows of the
Department of Cancer Biology
The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
New Civil Hospital Campus, Asarwa
Ahmedabad-380016 - Gujarat, India
Registration Form
About the Theme of Symposium
These days, OMICS a buzz word in life sciences, is
frequently used to describe big biology, and refers to a
separate facet in life sciences. OMICS focuses on largescale data/information to understand life summed up
in “omes” such as proteome, genome, transcriptome,
metabolome, etc. According to one etymological
analysis, the suffix 'ome' is derived from the Sanskrit
“OM” which pronounced “Aum.” It signifies fullness,
as in a divinity that encompasses the entire universe in
its unlimitness. It is believed to be the basic sound of the
world, if repeated with the correct intonation; it can
resonate throughout the body, so that the sound
penetrates to "completeness and fullness", whereas,
high-resolution and high-throughput technologies have
yielded an unprecedented view of cancer “OMES.”
This work has led to the identification of
pathophysiologically important genes and pathways
frequently disrupted across many cancer types that has
improved understanding of cancer as a disease.
Although current modern research tends to be highly
focused at the molecular level, it is not completely
focused at the whole organism level, making it
reductionist. Within the last three decades, cancer
causing genes and protein kinases have been identified
as targets. Although these targets were not known 5,000
years ago, the components of herbs used at that time
now appear to target these molecules. Therefore, the
combine approach of ‘‘system biology’’ and ‘‘genome
revolution’’ along with ancient medicine is expected to
provide a holistic approach to the treatment of cancer.
Thus, the main focus of this symposium is to reveal
how these ancient and modern approaches can be
employed in today`s world to strengthen the fight
against cancer.
affiliated to the BJ Medical College and Gujarat
University, Ahmedabad, for superspeciality teaching.
For Ph. D. degree courses, it is also affiliated to Gujarat
University and M.S. University. The word “Research”
interwoven in the name of the Institute. GCRI, since its
inception indicates the eminence of Research and
Education in the foundation of the Institute. The
Cancer Biology Department was established in 1980
and today it has grown up to five well equipped world
class research laboratories, each having an enthusiastic
team working on various cancer research projects. This
Department represents a unique example of education
and research which are integrated with state-of-the-art
research activities. The Department has earned
national and international fame through its more than
300 research projects, more than 400 research papers
published in peer reviewed national and international
journals and honors/awards achieved at national and
international forums. Also, the Department is involved
in educational activities which include dissertations to
post graduate students of M.Sc., M.Pharm., M.Phil.
and observership to postgraduate students from science
and allied science, and permitting Ph.D. students of
many universities to perform their partial fulfillment of
Ph.D. work. Recently, the Institute has started M.Sc.
Cancer Biology course in affiliation with Gujarat
University for the first time in India, which is another
feather in the cap of GCRI crown.
Detail information available:
Category: P. G. Student / Research Scholar/Faculty
Participation: Attend / Present Poster
Registration Fee: Rs. 350/Mode of Payment: Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft
Cheque/ Demand Draft No:
Bank Name:
All Cheque and Demand Draft should be in favour of “The
Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute” payable at Ahmedabad.
• The registration will be on first come first serve basis.
• Registration is open for maximum up to 400 participants.
• The Last date of registration is October 31, 2014. From
November 1, 2014 registration fee will be Rs. 400/• The abstracts of top 10 posters will be published in GCS
Research Journal
• Poster size: 4ft W x 3ft H (soft board and pins will be provided)
• Abstract: Word Limit : 250 words, Title: Times New Roman 14
Bold, Author(s): Times New Roman 12, Presenter’s Name:
Bold, Underline
Duly filled form along with abstract and payment should be
submitted on or before October 31, 2014 to the following
About the Host Institute
Who Should Participate
Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI)
established in 1972, is an autonomous body jointly
managed by Government of Gujarat and Gujarat
Cancer Society. GCRI is also recognized as a Regional
Cancer Centre (RCC) by Govt. of India. The Institute is
• Post graduate students
• Research scholars from academics and industries
• Faculties of biological sciences, chemistry and pharmacy
• Scientists from Academia
• Scientists from Industries
Dr. Trupti Trivedi / Dr. Franky Shah
Organizing Secretaries
Room No. 305, Biochemistry Research Division
Department of Cancer Biology
The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute
Asarwa, Ahmedabad-380016
Phone: 22688243, 22688242, 22688363
For Inquiries please email to [email protected] This form is also
available at