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October 19 – November 1, 2014
Sunday service times: 7:45am, (9am – 10:15 Sunday School), 10:30am & 12noon
Please join Dr. Lynch in worship:
Upcoming Church Wide
Mission Opportunities:
Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 3pm
Parkwood CME Church, Dr. Cathy C. Jones, Pastor / 802 Tom
Hunter Road, 28213/ 107th Church Anniversary
Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 3pm
Clement Memorial AME Zion Church/ Rev. Wayne Harris, Pastor/
2207 Newland Road, Charlotte, 28216/
Men’s Booster Club Program
*Choir and Ushers Ministries
are asked to serve.
The Right Hand of Fellowship will be extended
to all new members (who have completed their
classes) on Sunday, November 9th during the
10:30am worship. The only make-up class for
the month of November will be held on
Saturday, November 8th at 10:30am. Please
contact Deacon Abbie Butler at (704) 598-2219 x
16 or [email protected] if you have
questions regarding new member classes.
Save the date:
The Christmas
Concert will be
held here on
December 21st
during the
worship service.
The Month of October is
"Focus on MY FAMILY", in which we focus
on the real needs and concerns of the
modern day family.
*October 23-26 – Atlantic City, NJ,
Recovery Effort/
We will assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy
with light construction
and rebuilding.
*February 21-28, 2015 –
Attention all Ministry
Friday, December 5th will
be the last day to turn in
ALL requisitions for 2014
that needs payment before
the end of the year. Any
requisitions turned in after
that date will not be
processed until January
2015. Thank you.
We would like to ask every member to
fill out the MY EBC/ Right Now Media
postcard which requests your full name,
email address and phone number to help
update our membership data base. Please
see an usher to fill out your postcard
every Sunday during worship or visit the
information center.
Thank you.
We encourage everyone to bring their wireless devices to
worship. To utilize EBC WIFI, please log in as “guest” &
enter password “ebcguest”.
For questions
please send an email to
[email protected]
Please pray for Dr. Lynch as he
seeks to become Vice President
At-Large of the General Baptist
State Convention during the
Annual Session in Greenville,
NC. The Annual Session will
be held at Sycamore Hill Baptist
Church, 1001 Hooker Rd.,
On behalf of the DYM Ministry,
we would like to thank all
volunteers who helped with the
Fall Festival.
EBC invites all visitors to stop by our Welcome Center located outside in the sanctuary in the front lobby. Thank you for visiting! Join us as we read the Word for the weeks of October 19th – November 1st:
October 19th – October 25th:
October 26th – November 1st:
Genesis 22-24
Genesis 25-26
Genesis 27-29
Genesis 30-31
Genesis 32-34
Genesis 35-37
Genesis 38-40
Genesis 41-42
Genesis 43-45
Genesis 46-47
Genesis 48-50
Exodus 1-3
Exodus 4-6
Exodus 7-9
Central Piedmont Community
College (CPCC) will have an Open
House on Thursday, October 23rd,
4-6:30pm inside the Taylor Gym,
Warrell building, 1228 Elizabeth
Ave., Charlotte, 28204. For further
information please email
[email protected] or call
(704) 330-6637.
E BC Pr a yer Li st
Let us lift up these persons in our time of prayer,
seeking God in faith.
To reach out to a person(s) from the EBC prayer list,
please contact Mrs. Roma Butler at (704) 393-5197.
Online giving is now available
through our church website!
Pastor & Mrs. Lynch
Maxine Foard
John Frazier
Gloria Anderson
Dorothy Harvey
Carol Johnson
Angela Richmond
Etha Edwards
Lynnea Davis
Alexander Dunlap
EBC Volunteers
Rosalie Little
August Goodson
Frazier Ware
Russell Drake
Anita Morgan
Velma Sullivan
Ajai Fuller
Shirley Hemphill
Freddie Allen
Millie Aikens
Valerie Williams
Gertrude Ranson
Nevonia Dean
Wallace Pendarvis
Hazel Kelly-Register
Ariel Gillian
Beatrice Mitchell
Johnny Middleton
Patricia Coffey
Anika Harris
Herbert Hudspeth
Ivy Turner
Carmen Tores
Herbert McDowell
Martin Bennett
Carol Michael
Wyan Kittelberger
EBC Staff
Thomas Caldwell
Janice Edwards
Barbara Gant
Carl Carter
James Cunningham
Carol Garland
Live streaming of Sunday’s 7:45am, 10:30am &
12noon services are available through EBC will also air on Time
Warner Channel 21 every Friday at 5pm.
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
I greet you with the love and joy that only Jesus can give! If you are visiting with us today, we trust
you have received the warmth, the welcome and the Word of God that will change your life. We offer
you Jesus the Christ – through the preached Word, through song and dance along with the fellowship
of the saints. It is our goal to build the family of God…one soul at a time! Feel free to worship with us
Dr. Leonzo D. Lynch, Senior Pastor