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Young Investigators Competition
~Best Paper~
First place
Lun-De Liao, Yu-Hang
Liu, Aishwarya Bandla1,
Ji Min Ling, Hsin-Yi Lai,
You-Yin Chen and Nitish
V. Thakor
Sensory Stimulation-Induced
Neuroprotection in Hyperacute Phase University of
of Ischemic Stroke – A Multimodal
Imaging Study
Second place
Hsi-Chin Wu,
J.Y. Lin, S.Y Hsieh, T.W.
Wang and J.S. Sun
Third place
Ting-Yi Wang,
Kiara A. F. Bruggeman,
Rebecca K. Sheean,
David R. Nisbet, Clare L.
Development and Characterization of Tatung University
Magnetic Bioceramic Nanocrystals
for Intracellular Hyperthermia
Characterisation of the stability and
bio-functionality of tethered proteins
on bioengineered scaffolds:
implications for stem cell biology
and tissue repair
The University of
Image based simulation for liver
tumor ablation by focused ultrasound
National Taiwan
Getting Stiffer-a Potential
Biophysical Marker for Cancer
Diagnosis and Therapeutic Targets
Academia Sinica
Fourth place
Maxim Solovchuk,
T.W.H. Sheu and M.
Fifth place
Tsung-Hsien Wu
Ming-Long Yeh
Sixth place
C.M. Lo,
R.F. Chang, C.S. Huang
and W.K. Moon
Computer-aided Diagnosis of Breast National Taiwan
Tumors using Textures from Intensity University
Transformed Sonographic Images
Honorable mention award
Baiquan Su,
Zhan Shi, Hongen Liao
A Laser Ablation End-effector with
Multiple Degrees of Freedom for
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Honorable mention award
X. Chen,
D.Y. Zhong, F. He, Z.P.
Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Soochow
Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Promoted by Acoustic Vibration