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Sheheen: End ‘pay-to-play’ contributions
Haley has received $130,000 from companies awarded state tax breaks, according to analysis
The (Columbia) State
COLUMBIA — Vincent Sheheen, the
Democratic candidate for governor,
called Monday for a ban on campaign
contributions to the governor from
companies that get state tax breaks
and the executives of those firms.
Republican Gov. Nikki Haley has received $130,000 in contributions from
companies awarded tax breaks, ac-
cording to
an analysis
by the campaign of
Tom Ervin,
for governor. Haley’s camp has said businesses
contribute to her campaign because
they like her pro-business policies.
by agency
In debate, state superintendent of education candidates Molly Spearman
and Tom Thompson are split on Common Core initiative. 4A
During a news conference, Sheheen
said his proposed prohibition, which
would require a change in state law,
mimics the state ban on campaign
contributions from lobbyists.
“Our role should be to make sure
that pay-to-play culture ... is stamped
out,” he said.
Sheheen said he was upset particularly
about a chief executive, Arnold Kamler
of Kent International, who appeared in a
Haley campaign ad that debuted hours after the governor visited the grand opening
of Kent’s Manning plant last week. The
plant received state job-development tax
credits. The company also contributed
$2,500 to Haley’s campaign.
“There is no level of pay to play that’s
worse than that,” Sheheen said. “You
can’t sink any lower.”
Sheheen, a state senator from Camden,
said he is unaware of his campaign acceptinganycontributionsfromcompaniesthat
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Topics to tackle
Candidates talk taxes, voting rules, new business during forum
The West African country has
recorded no new cases in
42 days, twice the incubation
period for the deadly virus.
The Associated Press
ABUJA, Nigeria — Water laced with
salt and sugar, and gallons of the nastytasting stuff.
Doctors who surMORE INSIDE vived Ebola in Nigeria credited heavy
• Forty-three
people declared doses of fluids with
“Ebola-free” in
saving their lives as
Texas. 9A
the World Health
• Proposed
Organization detravel ban diclared the country
vides relief
Ebola-free Monday,
groups. 9A
a rare victory in the
battle against the
disease that is ravaging West Africa.
In the end, Nigeria — the most populous country in Africa, with 160 million
people — had just 20 cases, including
eight deaths, a lower death rate than
the 70 percent seen elsewhere across
the stricken region.
Officials are crediting strong tracking
and isolation of people exposed to the
virus, and aggressive rehydration of infected patients to counter the effects of
vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.
Nigeria’s containment of Ebola is a
“spectacular success story,” said Rui
Gama Vaz, WHO director for Nigeria.
Please see NIGERIA on 9A
• About 120 people in the U.S.
are being monitored for symptoms because they may have
had contact with one of Dallas’
three Ebola victims. More than
40 others have been given the
all-clear after the 21-day maximum incubation period for the
virus ended.
• The European Union stepped
up efforts to raise nearly $1.3 billion to combat the outbreak.
• WHO director Margaret Chan
said that an internal WHO report
said the U.N. agency bungled
efforts to control the outbreak
was “a work in progress,” and
“the facts have not been fully
Glenn Love, 75
Elsie Smith, 91
Leola Payne, 88
JAY KARR • Staff photo
From left, Beaufort City Council candidates Stephen Murray, Donnie Beer, Bill Rauch and Phil Cromer are introduced
by moderator Fred Washington, not shown, on Monday during a forum at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.
By ERIN MOODY • [email protected] • 843-706-8184
eaufort’s four candidates for two City Council seats
ran through topics at a brisk pace during a forum
Monday, ranging from state and county politics to
the nitty-gritty of how to run the city.
The candidates in the Nov. 4 election are incumbent Donnie Beer, Phil Cromer, Stephen Murray and former Mayor
Bill Rauch.
While the audience was smaller — about 40 people, compared with 100 at a Civic Green forum earlier this month — it
skewed younger and more diverse.
Debate panelists Charlotte Pazant Brown and George
Singleton took slightly different approaches, with Singleton
asking for opinions on county, state and national issues, and
Pazant Brown narrowing subjects to local and neighborhood
Former Beaufort City Councilman and Beaufort County
School Board chairman Fred Washington moderated.
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Rabid raccoon bites person on St. Helena Island
Staff reports
[email protected]
A person was bitten by a rabid
raccoon Thursday on St. Helena Island, the S.C. Department of Health
and Environmental Control said in
Nancy Feil, 75
Dominick Mauro, 80
Raymond Jones Sr., 79
Marina Kring, 69
a news release.
The victim received post-exposure treatment consisting of a
series of shots that will prevent
the rabies virus from manifesting,
DHEC spokesman Jim Beasley said.
Ralph Kaney
Thomas Jefferson, 67
Sarah Moultrie, 89
Bertie Parker, 74
The raccoon tested positive for
rabies Saturday, the release said.
The victim spotted the raccoon
on the side of the road and thought
it was dead. The victim was bitten
on the finger while attempting to
move the raccoon off the road, the
release said. No further information about the victim or the location
was released Monday afternoon.
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The San Francisco Giants and the
Kansas City Royals face off tonight
in Game 1 of the World Series. 1B
“A ruffled mind
makes a restless
Charlotte Bronte