Stand: May 2014
Please print this checklist.
Read the following tips and list of documents thoroughly.
Put your documents together, sort them as listed below without folders or staples and tick off the list with the documents you
are submitting.
According to the European Visa Codex the German Missions is only in charge for applications whereby Germany is the main
destination. As we represent Slovenia as well, applications for trips to Slovenia may also be submitted.
All documents, leaflets and application forms are free of charge. Additional information regarding the application process can be
found under the following websites or
(mandatory for all applicants)
use only
One complete and signed visa application (page 4/7 no 37, page 5/7 and 6/7)
• Validity minimum 90 days from the date of expiry of the requested Visa
• Passport m u s t contain at least 2 empty pages for the visa sticker plus entry and departure stamps
• Your passport must be signed
• Non- South African citizens must hold a valid permanent residence or working permit which allows a return
One recent biometric photograph (to be attached to the application form with a paperclip)
□ 1 passport copy of pages containing personal data/ your signature
□ Copies of your previous Schengen Visa(s) – especially when a new passport is presented
Document confirming employment situation
□ Employees: Letter of employment - including name of the company, address, telephone no, email etc.
□ Self-employed: Company registration/ Tax Clearance letter from SARS/ VAT Registration
□ Students: Proof of school/university attendance confirming that the student is exempted from attending lectures
during the requested travel period
□ Medical Doctors: License to practice from HPSCA
□ Lawyers: Proof of registration with Law Association
□ Freelancer: Proof of your engagements
Document reflecting the nature or purpose of the trip
□ Signed letter of invitation from your host with a passport copy and preferably with information of
accommodation, costs, duration etc., or
□ Concert/sport event/ trade fair tickets or an official invitation for sport competitions/culture events etc., or
□ Package tour/cruises/ individual trips/ car-/ motor home rental/ Itinerary/ (proof of accommodation for every
day) or
□ Proof of medical treatment for non- emergency treatments
Documents confirming sufficient funds are available for the trip
□ Current 3 months stamped bank statement of private bank account, or
□ Current 3 months stamped bank statement of business account, (if Self-employed), or
□ A “Declaration of Costs” (a 3rd party covering the cost or your company) with 3 months stamped bank
statement, or
□ Legalized letter of obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung” according to §§ 66-68 AufenthG with proof of funds) +
written statement explaining the relationship between the inviting party and the applicant
□ No credit card statements accepted
Flight-ticket and proof of accommodation
□ Round trip flight reservation or travel itinerary
□ If applicable, how will you be travelling in Germany or the EU-> car rental, flights, etc.
□ Hotel reservation with full address for the entire time of stay in the Schengen State(s) or
□ Signed invitation letter from a host in Germany with full address, telephone, email, etc.
Overseas medical insurance
Valid for the duration of the requested Visa
Minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and repatriation
Conditions must be stated either on insurance document or on separate confirmation letter
Please note: Medical insurances connected to credit cards are not accepted
Only if applicable
Minors (younger than 18 years of age)
□ Full unabridged birth certificate (displaying fathers and mothers name)
□ Guardian’s declaration of consent signed by the parents or guardian
□ Copy of first page of passport of the minor and the parents
□ Full unabridged marriage certificate of the parents
□ Court ruling in case of custody (guardianship or divorce decree)
□ Student exchange programs->motivation letters of the participating schools and/or organizations
Please note: In the absence of one parent during the appointment, the absent party must have signed a power of
attorney ( please go to for more information )
• The Schengen Visa Codex allows a processing time for Visa applications up to two weeks. However; the
German Missions and Intergate Visalink are committed to keep the processing time at a minimum.
• Please apply a maximum of 3 months and a minimum of fourteen days before the planned departure date.
• Only complete applications with full documentation will be accepted.
• Unsolicited documents sent via fax- or e-mail cannot be allocated to your visa application.
• The presentation of forged documents/ papers as well as false information will lead unequivocally to a refusal
of the visa and subsequently being refused entry into Germany (and possibly into all other Schengen countries).
• During the processing period the passport has to remain with the German Missions.
• The German Missions reserves the right to ask for further supporting documents / information; Nonsubmission of necessary documentation may lead to a refusal.
• Visa extensions within Germany are generally not possible, therefore; Applicants may not apply for
permanent residence in Germany while on this Visa.
• The German Missions may shorten the validity of the Visa without prior consultation.
• In case of a one-year or multiple year visa is being issued, the period of stay in a Schengen may not exceed 90
days per half a year, beginning with the first day of entry into a Schengen State.
• Have you already had your fingerprints taken at an earlier application for a C-Schengen Visa? If so, it may not
be necessary to apply personally. However, in case the biometric capturing of your fingerprints failed or has
been compromised due to a technical problem and cannot be used you must have your fingerprints taken
again. Be advised, if you apply at the German Missions it is recommended to collect the biometric data with
every new visa application.
I have read and understood the above listed IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE APPLICANT.
Full Name
(If the applicant is a minor both parents have to signed the application)
Additional Remarks Applicant: