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A Day in the Life of Abby Blair '15
On behalf of the Bridgewater Family Council, let me welcome you to another exciting
school year at BC! By now your student is
fully engaged in the fall semester and hopefully taking advantage of all that BC has to
offer. The renovations to Nininger Hall are
complete, and a dedication ceremony was
held on September 9.
Ask your student what they think about
the “new” building! Family weekend is
October 3-5 this year, and we hope to see
you on campus then. This fall we will have
two night football games – a first for BC
– and we are all looking forward to games
“under the lights!” Please take a few minutes
to read our newsletter, and let us know if
we can be of any assistance to you or your
Suzanne Bushman
Chair, Family Council
Presidential Spouse
10 a.m. Abby heads to her first class of the
day, English literature with Dr. Christian
Sheridan. Abby is an English major, with
a minor in communication studies. She
can’t believe it’s already the fall of her
senior year at BC. Bridgewater “was such
a perfect fit for me,” she says.
11 a.m. The next class is logic, in the
philosophy and religion department with
Dr. Jacob Graham. After that, she heads to
lunch, either catching up with her friends
in the KCC or heading back to her room
in Heritage Hall where she is a senior
resident advisor (SRA). SRAs work with
the area coordinators to mentor and train
the other resident advisors on campus.
1 p.m. Abby attends Spanish class. After
this, she has an hour or so to relax and
make her to-do list for the rest of the day.
3 p.m. Abby often spends time in the
pottery lab in the afternoon. She’s taking a
pottery class this semester and says, “It’s an
awesome stress reliever!” After this she’ll
go to the library, to work on homework
and grab coffee. If she’s on duty in the
dorm, she’ll head back to her room.
5:15 p.m. As a convocation program
intern, Abby often meets with visiting
speakers to do their tech check for the
evening and make sure they get to where
they need to be. If there’s a dinner with
students, she’ll host the dinner and facilitate conversation.
In addition to a full class schedule and
serving as an SRA, Abby is the Honor
Council chair for the College; occasionally
writes for Veritas, the College newspaper;
plays “a little” Ultimate Frisbee; and loves to
work as a babysitter in the local community.
She also rode on the equestrian team for
the past three years. “I have a great resume
because of all the opportunities here.”
She’s looking forward to spending her
Interterm on a course in South Africa with
Dr. Jamie Frueh and attending a job conference in New Orleans in March. Her goal
is to work at a college while obtaining her
master’s in higher education administration.
Student Resources
Chip Studwell, Director of Academic Support John Manson, Director of Mediation and
Conduct Services
[email protected], 540-828-5370
[email protected], 540-828-5324
Paige French, Director of Health Services
Ed Huffstetler, Director of Academic Advising
[email protected], 540-828-5384
and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Randy Hook, Director of Counseling Services
[email protected], 540-828-5332
[email protected], 540-828-5358
Stephanie Wilson, Director of the Center for
Sherry Talbott, Director of Career Services
Cultural Engagement
[email protected], 540-828-5369
[email protected], 540-828-5749
E A G L E FA M I L I E S | FA L L 2 0 1 4
Spotlight: Nininger Hall
The pride of BC this fall is the
newly-renovated Nininger,
home of the College’s athletic
programs and department of
health and human sciences.
Features include:
• Fully renovated gym
• Updated classrooms and
laboratory for health and
human sciences
• Renovated offices for faculty
and coaches
• New building façade and
• Renovated locker rooms,
training/rehab center,
strength/conditioning facility
and team room
• New Hall of Fame gallery
Be an ACE Parent
I remember coming back to Bridgewater for my sophomore year,
feeling pretty familiar, comfortable and confident about my environment and ability to handle it. After all, I was knowledgeable and
experienced! I found out later that the Latin meaning of sophomore is
“wise fool”. Familiar, yes, but I certainly didn’t know it all!
There was far more to acclimate to, and course numbers increased
as I progressed to my senior year. Those higher course numbers
brought with them an increase in difficulty, complexity and expectation. Simultaneously , the developmental process of figuring out
who I was and what career path I was taking was ongoing. I distinctly
remember feeling that the closer graduation came the further I felt
from achieving this knowledge.
While each of our students is unique, they all share a developmental process in the backdrop of their college experience. The process
of sorting things out and decision-making consumes a lot of mental
and emotional energy, and the insight from these experiences is often
realized later.
The question for parents is often, “How do I support my student
amidst times of change and uncertainty?”
Be an ACE parent: Affirm, Challenge and Encourage your student.
Affirm. Acknowledge your student’s gifts, strengths and the times
they have exhibited them. “You are a strong person. The way you handled having your leg in a cast for six weeks and the discouragement of
missing the season shows your determination. You stayed with it!”
Challenge. College is about becoming an effectively functioning
adult. Learning, stretching, adjusting and putting ourselves out there
is important. Challenge your student to try new things and face “hard”
situations. Personal strength and confidence comes from these experiences!
Encourage. Encouragement, when conveyed in a genuine way, is
hope. It opens a possibility and perspective that didn’t previously exist.
“You are ready for a leadership role with that group,” “You have already
made it more than two-thirds of the way, and there are only three
semesters to go” or “You would be great at doing ____” are powerful
statements of encouragement.
Be an ACE parent!
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Open Classes and/or
Academic Appointments Experience BC as
a student by attending a class. Please have
your student notify his/her professor of your
attendance. Academic appointments may
be arranged by having your student contact
faculty members.
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. All Administrative Offices
Open Appointments are not necessary.
Come with your questions to any of the
College offices, such as the finance office,
financial aid and department of student life.
9 a.m.-4 p.m. Campus Store Open Stop in to
purchase all your BC gear!
4-6 p.m. Family Weekend Registration, KCC
Lobby Please come by to pick up game tickets. The first 150 families registered receive
the Eagle Family Fun Pack.
5-6:30 p.m. Habitat for Humanity sponsored Chili Cookoff, Boitnott Room Don’t
have dinner plans? Come to the Boitnott
Room where the BC chapter of Habitat for
Humanity will be sponsoring a chili cookoff
to raise money for its annual spring break trip
and other initiatives in the local community.
Cost per person of $7 includes chili samples,
baked potato bar and a drink. Payment can
be made through the online registration
process. Families are welcome to enter the
contest, but preregistration is required. For
more information, please contact Robbie Miller,
Habitat for Humanity advisor at 540-828-5383
or [email protected]
5:30 p.m. Senior Class Ring Ceremony, Main
Dining Hall All seniors welcome, reservations required. Invitations sent via BC email.
Call the department of student life for more
information at 540-828-5380.
7 p.m. Cross Country Team sponsors a BC
Family Glow/Twilight 5K Fun Run/Walk,
Nininger Hall Bring your family and compete in this fun run/walk through the town
of Bridgewater. Cost is $20 per individual
registration or, for 2 or more, cost is $15 per
each individual registration. Prizes will be
awarded for the top mother/son team, top
father/daughter team, and the overall fastest.
Preregistration and prepayment is required.
Proceeds benefit the Bridgewater College
Cross Country Team. For more information,
please contact Brian Flynn, cross country
coach, at [email protected] or 540828-5777.
9:30 p.m. Eagle Productions Presents: Dueling Pianos International – Main Dining
Hall Back by popular demand! Dueling
Pianos is provided by Dueling Pianos International: a high-energy, all-request, sing-along,
clap-along, rock and roll comedy piano show,
where the audience is just as much a part of
the show as the entertainers. This show covers music from Lady Gaga to Elvis and every
music genre in-between. Free music, food
and good times are guaranteed! For more
information, visit duelingpianoshows.com.
9 a.m.-1 p.m. Family Weekend Registration,
KCC Lobby Please come by to pick up
game tickets. The first 150 families registered
receive the Eagle Family Fun Pack.
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Campus Store Open Stop in to
purchase all your BC gear!
10:30-11:30 a.m. Coffee with the President,
tent on the campus mall An informal
welcome and opportunity for students and
families to visit with President Bushman.
11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Eagle Productions Presents
OCTOBER FANFEST, tent on the campus
mall Be dressed in your BC best and be
ready to rock with your family and friends as
we get fired up for the football game. You
won’t want to miss this spirited lunch that
will include cotton candy and chances for BC
door prizes. Lunch is $8.50 per guest, payable
at the door with cash or checks payable to
Parkhurst Dining Services. No charge for BC
students with meal plans.
1 p.m. Family Movie at Nininger Pool Join us
for free family pool time as we watch “Frozen”.
Lifeguards provided, bring your suits and
towels, no charge.
1-3 p.m. Art Studio Open Stop by Rebecca
Hall to see what’s being created.
3 p.m. Music Concert – Carter Center for
Worship and Music
5 p.m. Campus Mass – Stone Chapel, Carter
Center for Worship and Music
5 p.m. Dining Hall Open Pay at the door with
cash or checks payable to Parkhurst Dining
Services. No charge for BC students with
meal plans.
7 p.m. Football vs. Shenandoah University,
Jopson Field Come cheer on your BC Eagles!
Complimentary football tickets are available
for immediate family members with a completed registration (maximum of 4 tickets).
Tickets can be picked up at the Family Weekend
Registration Table.
7 p.m. Residence Hall Student Association
hosts the Banner Contest Each residence
hall creates banners to welcome families to
campus, which will be displayed during the
football game. Vote for your favorite banner
to help your favorite residence hall win a
cash prize. The winner will be announced at
7 a.m. Dining Hall Open Pay at the door with
cash or checks payable to Parkhurst Dining
Services. No charge for BC students with
meal plans.
11 a.m. Campus Worship – Stone Chapel,
Carter Center for Worship and Music An
ecumenical worship service for all students
and their families.
1:30 p.m. Civil War Club hosts local New Market Battlefield tours Join the Civil War Club
and advisor Nicholas Picerno, campus police
chief and Civil War historian, on a guided tour
of the New Market Battlefield. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! The cost for
the tour is $10 per person. Please preregister
and prepay to reserve your spot. Transportation is not provided, but the group will
caravan from the college. Space is limited. For
more information, contact Chief Picerno at 540515-3758 or [email protected]
Register online: BridgewaterAlumni.com/familyweekend2014
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