New! The New Valmet 350.1 Stronger, more effective, and more reliable

The New Valmet 350.1
Stronger, more effective, and more reliable
Now there are plenty of new reasons to discover
the Valmet 350.1. Such as extensive improvements
that make this market-leading all-rounder even more
effective, even stronger, and even more reliable.
Important refinements that encompass everything
from increased productivity to reduced repair costs.
Improvements to further increase efficiency
include more accurate length measurements and a
new, optimized knife design and an extra delimbing
knife for noticeably more effective delimbing. A new
optional improvement is a new type of feed roller
that provides better grip and causes less trunk slip
What’s more, long-term reliability has been given
a complete overhaul, with improvements to the feed
roller motor connectors, hose routing, and valve block
being just a few examples.
If you want a really reliable and productive all-round
harvesting head – choose the Valmet 350.1
Technical data
Valmet 350.1 – examples of new features
and improvements
UÊ iÜ]ʈ“«ÀœÛi`ÊÃÕëi˜Ãˆœ˜Êˆ˜ŽÊ`iÈ}˜
UÊ iÜ]ʓœÀiÊivviV̈ÛiÊÌÞ«iʜvÊvii`ÊÀœiÀÊ­œ«Ìˆœ˜>®
from 2,116 lb (960 kg)
A Roller opening, max.
20.5 in (520 mm)
Feed speed:
0-16.4 ft/s (0–5 m/s)
B Opening, upper knives, max.
23.6 in (600 mm)
Feed force gross
(roller motor dependent):
C Max. width
55.1 in (1,400 mm)
3,710-5,690 lbf (16.5-25.3 kN)
D Height to upper knife
50.8 in (1,290 mm)
Feed wheel type:
Steel rollers
E Height including rotator
56.7 in (1,440 mm)
Delimbing knives, number:
Delimbing diameter, tip-to-tip:
15.75 in (400 mm)
29.5 in (75 cm)
Cutting motor:
19 cm3/rev
Fell/cut diam., theor. max.:
23.6 in (600 mm)
Requisite max. hydraulic flow
(roller motor dependent):
50-80 gal/min (200-300 l/min)
Art nr vPS_350_1_gb07. TR Reklambyrå. Ågrenshuset. Nov 2007
Requisite max. hydraulic pressure: 3,625 psi (25 MPa)
Optional equipment
Standard and optional equipment are market-dependent and
vary between countries. Your sales representative will have an
up-to-date list of what is included. Technical data/dimensions
vary depending on optional equipment selected. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. Photos,
diagrams, and sketches do not always show the standard
model machine.