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Volume 100 Issue 22 | HEART 15 November 2014
1786 Cortisol awakening and stress response,
personality and psychiatric profiles in patients
with takotsubo cardiomyopathy
1735 Heartbeat: Highlights from this issue
A L Ribeiro, C M Otto
S Kastaun, N P Schwarz, M Juenemann,
M Yeniguen, H M Nef, H Moellmann,
C W Hamm, G Sammer, J Hennig, G Bachmann,
T Gerriets
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1737 Smartphone-based cardiac rehabilitation
K Turk-Adawi, S L Grace
1739 Ticagrelor and the prevention of cardiovascular
mortality: more than just platelet inhibition?
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T Apelland, E Gude, E H Strøm, L Gullestad,
K L Eiklid, J-E Månsson, F P Reinholt, G Houge,
C P Dahl, V M Almaas, A Heiberg
M A Gaglia Jr
1741 β-Blockers for secondary prevention in stable
coronary artery disease: can observational
studies provide valid answers?
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1793 Familial globotriaosylceramide-associated
cardiomyopathy mimicking Fabry disease
Valvular heart disease
1799 Impact of preprocedural mitral regurgitation
upon mortality after transcatheter aortic valve
implantation (TAVI) for severe aortic stenosis
Almanac 2014
1743 Global health and cardiovascular disease
B R Nascimento, L C C Brant, D N Moraes,
A L P Ribeiro
1750 Antiplatelet therapy for secondary prevention
of coronary artery disease
M Z Khawaja, R Williams, J Hung, S Arri,
K N Asrress, K Bolter, K Wilson, C P Young,
V Bapat, J Hancock, M Thomas, S Redwood
Education in Heart
1804 Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: still much
more to learn
J R Ghadri, F Ruschitzka, T F Lüscher, C Templin
T Pilgrim, S Windecker
Coronary artery disease
1757 Prognostic impact of ß-blocker use in patients
with stable coronary artery disease
C Bauters, G Lemesle, T Meurice, O Tricot,
P de Groote, N Lamblin
1762 Causes of mortality with ticagrelor compared
with clopidogrel in acute coronary syndromes
C Varenhorst, U Alström, O Ö Braun, R F Storey,
K W Mahaffey, M Bertilsson, C P Cannon,
B M Scirica, A Himmelmann, S K James,
L Wallentin, C Held
1813 Cardiovascular highlights from non-cardiology
S M Bradley
Image challenge
1769 New-onset chest pain and palpitation
M Y C Tsang, A D Calvin, G S Reeder,
N M Ammash, J E Hammack, R M Melduni
1816 Correspondence
Cardiac risk factors and prevention
1770 Smartphone-based home care model improved
use of cardiac rehabilitation in postmyocardial
infarction patients: results from a randomised
controlled trial
M Varnfield, M Karunanithi, C-K Lee, E Honeyman,
D Arnold, H Ding, C Smith, D L Walters
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Heart failure and cardiomyopathies
1780 Low prealbumin is strongly associated
with adverse outcome in heart failure
P Lourenço, S Silva, F Friões, M Alvelos, M Amorim,
M Couto, P Torres-Ramalho, J T Guimarães,
J P Araújo, P Bettencourt
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