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I was proud to refer my son to
the HCECU because I knew
first-hand they could
help him reach his
financial goals.
Lisa & Allen
Members since
Quarterly Interest
Help Our Credit Union Family
Did you know that you're part of
our family? And, as credit union
kinfolk, you can help our family
By referring a friend or loved one
to the credit union, you are granting them lifelong access to affordable financial products, better
rates on loans, higher yields on
savings, and lower fees on transactions as well as superior mem-
ber service and educational resources. At the same time, you
are strengthening the entire credit
union membership as well as the
global credit union movement.
A credit union is more than just a
place to put your money, but
rather a trusted partner who
wants to help you reach your
goals. Credit unions are organized
to serve, are democratically con-
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trolled, and provide their members with a safe place to save and
borrow at reasonable rates. Those
of us in the credit union family
have experienced this first-hand,
so why not share it with others?
Pass along the benefits of membership to your inner circle by
making them a part of the Credit
Union Family. Help them join today
- visit, call, or stop by our branch!
Get Behind the Wheel on a: GREAT DEAL!
Looking for a great deal on a
newer used vehicle? We are
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October and get a low promotional rate from HCECU! Need totrade your current car? No problem!
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Enterprise will give
you Kelley Blue Book Trade-in
value on your vehicle
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A Quarterly Publication for the Members of Our Credit Union
Have a “rainy day”
fund. Most financial
advisors will tell you to
have an emergency
(rainy day) fund of between three
to six months of salary.
Have a true-to-life
budget. Keep a record
of every amount you
spend over a period
of several weeks. Doing this will
let you know where your money
actually goes. This will help you
decide what expenses can be
cut and how much can be
saved by cutting them.
Set long-term goals.
Do you know where
you want to be financially, a year from
n o w , five years from now, or
twenty years from now? Write
priorities down, periodically
review them, and decide
what you have to do to meet
Shop for the best interest rates. Interest
adds up quickly whether
you are investing in share
certificates or taking out a new
car loan.
Pay yourself first. Don't
pay everyone else first.
If possible, save at least
ten percent of everything
you earn. When doing a budget,
figure the “pay yourself first” into
your budget.
2« October 2014 Issue
November 11th is VEtErANS DAy
and we, at the credit union, would
like to take this opportunity to thank
our veterans: the men and women
who have served their country, allowing us to have the freedoms we
enjoy today. Whether they served
on active duty or reserve, during
peacetime or a time of conflict,
they served their county with honor.
We also want to thank the family
members and thousands of volunteers who have stood by and supported our veterans. Thanks all —
military members and their families,
present and past.
Less WORRY and MoreMERRY with a Holiday Loan
The holidays are upon addition to bright lights, family gatherings, and yuletide cheer, comes
the financial stress of the season.
While we should be focusing on
making holiday memories, many
of us get caught up in the financial frenzy of the season.
Are you trying to
check off that
never-ending gift
list, or budget for
travel expenses,
holiday entertaining, and
end-o f - y e a r
bills? Would some extra cash at
holiday time help ease the worry
and bring on the merry? If you answered “yes” to these questions
then a HCECU Holiday Loan may
be your solution! A convenient,
money-saving holiday loan is an
affordable way to obtain funds for
those extra holiday expenses. Low
rates, flexible terms and payment
options will help you regain control of your holiday spending.
Apply today to ensure a stressfree holiday season! Visit our Website, call, or stop by our branch
Your Dollar with a Low-Rate Credit Card
Credit unions do all they can to
help members stick to their budgets and stretch their earnings and
that includes offering an affordable credit card.
In our current economy, the cost
of living has increased significantly, even surpassing the average monthly income. Not only
does this make saving difficult but
also makes the use of credit cards
among most consumers something of a necessity. In fact, one
would be hard pressed to find an
American without at least a single
credit card in his or her wallet. For
credit union members, it would be
financially wise to make a CU
credit card their primary choice.
A Quarterly Publication for the Members of Our Credit Union