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Presentation of results
DTU Refrigeration Internship at KVCA Member Companies
January 21st, 8:30-15:00
Location: Alsion, Sønderborg – meeting room M301
21 DTU students participate during week 1-2-3 in a DTU “Introduction to Refrigeration” 3-weeks course.
The course is divided into
Week 1: basic refrigeration technology, with guest lecturers (at DTU)
Week 2: design task for refrigerators (at DTU)
Week 3: internship at a member company with a small refrigeration project
Welcome by KVCA and DTU (incl. breakfast)
The 8 groups present their results from the internship:
Danfoss I
Students: Eva-Maria Færgemann Nielsen, Julie Tehrani, Stine Renberg Andersen
Task: Basic Investigation of a Residential Air-Conditioning System
Danfoss II
Students: Christopher Dam Jensen, Thor Emil Langhoff Meyer
Task: Principles of validation of correct sensor installation in refrigeration unit
Students: Jesper Thomsen, Lasse Just, Michael Paludan-Müller Nylykke
Task: Optimization of various types of heat pumps
Students: Mia Emborg Øllgaard, Isabella Kolding Bendixen
Task: Design of plug-in freezer for supermarket
Teknologisk Institut
Students: Christoffer Ruø Rasmussen, David Wiese Nothlev Rasmussenm , Mads Brink Laursen
Task: Diabatisk cooling
Students: Morten Renneberg, Troels Hansen
Task: Heat pump / heat recovery according to the current Building Code
Students: Frederik Boris Hasnæs, Jens Spanggaard Piltoft, Troels Böwadt Arnved
Task: Measuring the COP value of a Smart aggregate in Exhausto's lab, and calculation
of the theoretical COP value for the actual unit
Mærsk Container
Students: Egil Gunnarsson, Marcel Pelebos Odesho
Task: Model and optimization of container refrigeration (reefer unit)
Lunch and networking with students
Continuation of student presentations
End of day
15:00 – 15:45
Grades are given
Registration must be done immediately to [email protected] and latest Thursday morning 20th January.