Brocade Mobilizes Purchase Approvals, Reducing Cycle Times by 90% !

Brocade Mobilizes Purchase
Approvals, Reducing Cycle
Times by 90%
The Challenge!
Global networking leader Brocade has a complex supply chain
to deliver parts for its various switches, routers, blades and
other hardware products. As part of their $500M procurement
budget, employees must submit a purchase request for every
order over $10K. The average approval time was 10 days, as
managers had to navigate a complex workflow in Oracle EBusiness Suite (EBS) from their laptops. !
To mobilize and simplify the approval process, Brocade initially
considered developing a mobile app in-house but quickly
concluded that the process was going to be too resourceintensive and expensive.!
Why Capriza!
Company: !
Objective: !
Reduce time and cost associated
with manager approvals out of
Oracle EBS!
Capriza Benefits:!
Time To ROI!
After 2 weeks they were able to
successfully launch an approvals
Zapp using Capriza!
Capriza enabled Brocade to quickly and easily mobilize the
approval process from Oracle EBS.!
Increased Efficiency!
Brocade reduced their approval
cycle from 10 days to 1 day!
Simplify Approval Process!
With Capriza, Brocade’s internal team can create mobile apps
with zero coding, zero APIs, and zero infrastructure
investments. Complex, hard-to-use business applications are
transformed into intuitive, easy-to-use apps that run on any
device and platform. !
Capriza not only extended the
Oracle approvals to mobile but
also simplified the complex
Unify All Applications!
Capriza can mobilize all business
applications that Brocade uses
“You are going to make a mobile investment one way or
another, either from the inside or outside,” said Gale England,
SVP of Global Operations. “Going outside to Capriza
increased our profitability and allowed us to manage our dayto-day activities.”
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The Results!
Within a month, Brocade reduced the average approval time
by a factor of 90% - from 10 days to 1 day. !
In less than 2 weeks, Brocade’s internal team created a fully
functional Zapp for the manager approvals worklist out of their
Oracle EBS application.!
With Capriza, Brocade not only mobilized the approval
process but also simplified the complex workflow by
automating through unnecessary steps and displaying only
relevant information.!
The company’s 300+ managers can now approve purchase
orders anytime, anywhere, from any device. Managers can
immediately view all pending approvals and then approve,
reject, or request more information with just one tap.!
“Capriza was an
opportunity to
implement mobility
quickly, efficiently and
Gale England
SVP Global Operations
What’s Next for Brocade!
Mobilizing purchase order approvals is just the beginning:
“We’re going to expand to the field so we can have quoting,
ordering, customer information and service,” England said.!
Brocade has already identified specific use cases for
mobilization, beginning next with mobilizing expense report
submissions and approvals from iExpenses Pro.
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