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To register:
Please mail this registration form
at least a week in advance to:
Sanford Health Workplace Drug Analysis Services
PO Box 2010, Route #2230
Fargo, ND 58122-2230
Fax: (701) 234-2917
or email: [email protected]
with the following information
Sanford Health
Occupational Medicine
Business name:_____________________________
Drug & alcohol
awareness in
the workplace
Contact name:______________________________
City, State, Zip:______________________________
Names of employees attending: (print)
__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________
Date of training:_____________________________
 Check $__________
(Make payable to "Sanford")
 Credit Card $_________
(We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
Card #_________________________________
Name on card:___________________________
Expiration date:________
Security code:__________ (3 digit code on back)
Fax: (701) 234-2917
All participants will receive certificates of attendance.
Cancellations must be received 48 hours in advance for refund.
If you have questions, please call
(701) 234-2030 or (800) 437-4010, ext. 2030
or visit
(keyword: reasonable suspicion)
900-99000-0079/WD 49 Rev. 8/14
Payment (required in advance) $70 per attendee:
Training for
Oct. 16 & Oct. 28
Required for
DOT Supervisors
Sanford Health Occupational
Medicine offers drug and
alcohol awareness in the
workplace training
for DOT and private sector
company supervisors
DOT Programs
The following programs are designed for DOT
(regulated) supervisors as they meet DOT
training requirements as outlined in 49 CFR
Part 382.603. Non-DOT supervisors may also
attend, as they will find much of this
information useful as well.
Fargo, N.D.
These programs provide excellent
information on substance abuse detection in
the workplace that is valuable to supervisors
in any organization.
After completing training, participants will:
• know the physical, behavioral, speech and
performance indicators of substance abuse
• be able to approach employees with
concerns in a professional and
rational manner
• gain knowledge about the appropriate way
to initiate reasonable suspicion testing
• learn how to complete required documentation
• feel more confident about their responsibility
for reasonable suspicion testing
• understand DOT drug and alcohol
regulations as they apply to reasonable
suspicion testing
• review current processes for collection,
testing and reporting services
NDSCS Skills & Technology
Training Center
1305 19th Ave N
Vicki Hanson, Program Supervisor
Vicki manages Sanford Health Workplace
Drug Analysis Services. For the past 24
years she has worked closely with medical
review officers assisting companies with
their drug and alcohol testing programs.
Vicki is a regional certified professional
collector trainer through the Drug & Alcohol
Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and a
certified designated employer representative
(C-DER). She provides a variety of programs
to employers, employees and organizations
to raise awareness of the use of illegal drugs
and mis-use of alcohol in the workplace, and
encourages supporting drug-free workplaces
To have Vicki speak at your company,
call (701) 234-2244 or e-mail
[email protected]