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Safe Mobile Workforce
Innovative Virtual Security for Mobile Users
Key Benefits
Mobile devices, including employee-owned phones and tablets, are by now fully embedded
in the fabric of modern business. The ability of workers to access corporate data and
applications in the field, using any device, is a competitive necessity.
This development brings obvious security concerns. Devices may be lost or stolen, and
the data stored on them may be compromised any time the user visits the wrong site
or activates a malicious app. And users themselves can put data in jeopardy by sharing
inappropriately or syncing to unsecured cloud services.
Until now, effective security for mobile devices could only be achieved through the use
of intrusive, heavy-handed mobile solutions that leave users unsatisfied and unlikely to
comply with security guidelines—while adding complex, time-consuming IT management
tasks. And even with these in place, there is still an inherent risk in the fact that sensitive
data is stored on the mobile device.
Trend Micro Safe Mobile Workforce takes a different approach. Rather than allow
sensitive data to reside on mobile devices, and burdening the data, the device, and the
user with restrictive security measures, Safe Mobile Workforce lets users simply open
an iOS or Android app and get immediate access to corporate resources through a
Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI). All data and applications remain safely on company
servers, while a hosted Android OS delivers a familiar, intuitive virtual workspace.
This innovative approach serves to keep corporate and personal data and applications
completely separate. The device itself and the user’s personal data and applications are
not affected in any way, ensuring that users do not experience Safe Mobile Workforce
as intrusive or heavy-handed. And when users log into their corporate workspace, the
use of “client-side rendering” optimizes bandwidth use and ensures fast, responsive
At the same time, Safe Mobile Workforce allows IT administrators to retain complete
control of corporate data assets, which never leave their servers. In addition, the
solution’s central management console makes it easy to define user or group profiles
and to provision them with appropriate applications and data-access permissions—
dramatically reducing management costs compared to other solutions.
•• Dramatically improves security by
ensuring sensitive data and apps are
only stored on secure servers
•• Improves employee satisfaction,
compliance, and productivity by
enabling remote access to resources
without affecting or restricting
personal use of the same device
•• Lets employees use familiar, widely
available apps for work, rather than
proprietary apps
•• Eliminates the security threat of stolen
devices, since data and apps are not
stored directly on the device
•• Reduces costs by letting administrators
centrally configure and automatically
provision applications without an
enterprise app storefront
Part of a comprehensive user
protection strategy
Trend Micro Safe Mobile Workforce is part
of our comprehensive portfolio of mobile
security solutions, which work together
to provide:
Mobile device management
Mobile application management
Mobile app reputation services
Device antivirus
URL and web reputation/protection
Secure sync and share
Mobile DLP and email DLP
Persistent file encryption
Mobile VPN
Gateway app control and web reputation
All of these capabilities, in turn, together
constitute the mobile aspect of Trend
Micro Complete User Protection strategy.
To learn more, contact your Trend Micro
representative or reseller.
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iOS Devices
Android Devices
Safe Mobile Workforce Servers
Profile Manager
app manager
document manager
system manager
key features
Data protection
Enterprise apps and data are saved on separate, secure corporate servers.
Better user experience
Both iOS and Android mobile operating systems are supported, fully leveraging the mobile
OS user experience. Users may be provisioned with standard Android apps, as opposed to the
vendor-provided, proprietary apps that are required for mobile container solutions. And the
endpoint software also comes with an advanced client-side rendering engine that minimizes
bandwidth use to optimize the mobile user experience for both smartphones and tablets.
Simplified management
Users can access their virtual workspace from any device, offering great accessibility, while IT
administrators can remotely manage all workspaces centrally from a Web console, giving them
full control. If a user loses or replaces a device, it’s simply a matter of downloading the Safe
Mobile Workforce client from the App store to start working again.
Access to documents from anywhere
Integration with SafeSync for Enterprise provides a convenient and safe way for document
synchronization and central management capability.
Integrated with existing enterprise infrastructure
Organizations can leverage their existing Active Directory/LDAP for single sign-on and
user management.
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