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The King’s Christian School
5 Carnegie Plaza
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
“For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.” ~ Phil. 2:13
Wow, have we gotten off to a great year! We are so excited about what
God is doing at our school. Enrollment goals have been met. We have
101 new students. They are all participating in the Academic Life and
many are involved in the performing arts and athletics. Please encourage
your students to be involved. This is a very busy place – for this we are
thankful!!! Busy students are happy students!
It was great to see so many parents out to Back-To-School Night. Thank
you for coming. Don’t forget: parent involvement is extremely helpful to
our school. Working through the PTF is the best way to be involved. Visit the PTF page
on our website for more information.
If you’re interested, need more information or have any
questions - please contact the school office:
856.489.6720 x 110
Time marches on and it is October! Interims will be posted on October 9. They can be found on the report
card tab in your NetClassroom. If you have any questions about your passwords or NetClassroom, please
call the High School Office.
Good news!!! Since Back-to-School Night, the number of families reading Knightly Knews has increased by
10%!! Good job, everyone; let’s see if we can get it up to 100%! Communication continues to be one of our
highest priorities here at TKCS. We do everything we can to make sure you are informed. Please make sure
we have your email address so that you can receive the Knightly Knews. Knightly Knews is delivered to your
email box twice a week on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Special editions are sent when there is important
news to share.
There is a relationship between learning Biblical doctrine categorically and succeeding academically,
as the discipline required for categorical study prepares a person for academic success. There are two
ways you can go into academic life. You can study every day, or you can cram for examinations.
Many chose the cram method! Every time they experience pressure, they face a final exam. What’s
that doctrine I need? Where’s that verse? What’s that faith-rest business? If you start to cram when
you have pressure, forget it! On the other hand, if you learn a little doctrine every day, when you face
pressure situations (final exams), you’ll pass with flying colors and you’ll glorify the
Lord!” (R.B.Thieme, Jr. from a study of the book of Daniel.)
At King’s, our students study their Bibles everyday and are at the same time academically successful.
encourage you all to be sure you are spending time with the Lord each and every day.
Serving Him,
Pam Silverman and John Walsh.
In partnership with Christian parents, The King’s Christian School, a K-12, non-denominational, college
preparatory school, equips and strengthens students through education and example that they might
stand firmly upon the Word of God and become effective servant-leaders who impact the world
through their Christian walk.
Bus Drivers
Bus Drivers are needed who have the proper
CDL certifications to transport students for
field trips and athletic events. The King’s
Christian School pays $10.00/hour.
Substitute Teachers
We are also looking for individuals who have
at least 60 college credits, are Believers in
Jesus Christ and would like to ear some extra
money as substitute teachers. The King’s
Christian School pays $75.00 per day for
substitutes. Ideal for retired teachers!
Dress Down for Charity
Thank you for participating in September’s
Dress Down for Charity. Lopez Lomong
Foundation benefited by this months charitable
donations of: $476.82.
Uniform Resale
Did you know? In 2006, a group of moms started the Uniform Resale. In 2014, the Resale is going strong and
continues to be a huge benefit to our families and our school. Gently used uniforms are purchased from
families and are resold for profit. We also have a number of families who donate their uniforms to the sale.
There is a great amount of time that goes into running the resale from processing the clothes to sorting,
hanging, set-up, take-down, and then actually running the sales 4-5 times each year. We would like to take this
7th -12th Grade Parent-Teacher Conferences
November 13th & November 14th
time to thank all of the volunteers who have given their time and energy over the years to make the Uniform
Resale successful.
Because of the Resale’s success, we have been able to bless our school families. The Resale funds have also
been used to bless our teachers by purchasing items for their classrooms. Some of the items purchased are:
✴ Electric Pencil Sharpeners
✴ Books for Classroom Libraries
✴ Projectors
✴ Accucut Die Pieces
✴ TV Monitors for Elementary Classrooms
✴ Bibles for Preschool
✴ Headphones for Music Department
✴ Physical Education Equipment
✴ Wireless Headphone Set for Kindergarten Thank you to our families who participate in the Resale and to our volunteers who have given so much of their
time to make the Resale such a success! You are very much appreciated!
Conferencing with multiple teachers and/or for multiple children can be a daunting
task. Our online registration system allows you to schedule conferences with your
child(ren)’s teachers - and also to view, print, or email the conference schedule.
Plus you will receive e-mail reminders of your scheduled time(s).
The process is simple &
The King’s Christian School Education Experience Program
This past June, The King’s Christian School
had an Education Experience trip to Disney
World. It was offered to all Freshmen,
Sophomores, and Juniors. It was five short
days, which we spent to the fullest, learning
everything you could think of and having a
lot of fun while doing it. While we were in
Disney, we had classes that we took every
morning before we went exploring in all of
the different parks in the afternoon.
The first class was a Marine Science course in Epcot. We learned all about ocean creatures and their habitats
diet. Also, we learned about different careers in the Marine Science field. The next class was a leadership
course in Epcot. That class taught us all about how to become and remain a leader in anything that we do. Our
guide had us do an exercise where we were split into groups to come up with a new logo for a hot dog company.
Each group had a boss, and each boss was given certain restrictions on what they could and could not do. That
made it very difficult to communicate, and communication is key to working with a group of people. The third
class was a technology course at Epcot. We learned all about the technology of Disney and how we use
technology everyday and take it for granted. We got to experience a lot of the technology-based rides. For
example, we got to go on Test Track and ride around in the Epcot globe, because the globe is an actual ride that
tells us how technology came to be in the world and how we are a part of it. The last class was at Sea World. It
was a hands-on marine biology class. We got to pet a penguin and explore backstage in Sea World. It was
amazing! We got to see all the baby manatees and dolphins and see how the tanks that hold all those fish,
dolphins, and Shamu work. Another big part of the trip was a tour of Southeastern University. We had an
opportunity to take a tour of the campus, learn about the degrees that they offer, and talk to an admissions
Join Us
Monday Mornings
8:10am in the Elementary Board Room
Starting Monday, October 6th
Let’s pray together
All TKCS Families Welcome!
We are pleased to announce that the Education Experience Program will be going to Colorado in June
We are planning to visit The Air Force Academy, Pikes Peak, Red Rocks, and much more. The
Education Experience Program meets one Wednesday of the month after school. Please see Miss Stow if you
have any questions or come to the informational meeting on Wednesday, October 15.
Can’t attend, but have a prayer request?
Want more information?
Contact Kim Lawlor at [email protected]
“We should always pray and not lose heart.”
Luke 18:1
Soccer Picture Day - Thursday, October 8, 3:00 p.m. at Opex. Order forms will be sent home with the players.
Ordering is optional. Girls will wear black uniforms and the boys will wear white.
Tennis Picture Day - Friday, October 9, 3:00 p.m. at the tennis courts.
Senior Day - Friday, October 17. This will take place during the last home soccer game of the season vs. Baptist.
It’s not too early to register for the 2014 - 2015 basketball season. Please email Director of Athletics Ron
Simpson [email protected] to register your child. Your email will confirm your child’s participation. Parent Spotlight
Extra Credit in English Classes for King's Middle and High School Students!
FREE Event for students and their families!
We are hosting this area wide event:
2014 Christian College Fair Cherry Hill
Tuesday October 21 7 pm – 9 pm
32 + Christian Universities and Colleges Represented
Free Financial Aid Workshop Included
For more info or pre-fair registration go to: MyBlueprintStory.com
Please help by:
Attending the fair with your student(s)
Promoting it in your church and other organizations
Making this your own Facebook post event
Emailing families that might be interested in attending
Praying for great attendance at this event
Volunteering to work the event (contact Virginia Tuley [email protected] or 856-489-6720 ext.
A heartwarming testimony from a new TKCS parent.
Dear Sue,
I wanted to take a minute and tell you what you already know, and what you told us would happen if we enrolled
our son at Kings. He is thriving at Kings. For the first time in his academic career, he is thriving. These kids in his
class are the nicest kids. He has been bullied for the past three years in school. He didn’t have a friend in the world
when he walked through the door on the first day. That’s when a boy grabbed onto him and made sure he felt
comfortable in the school. He even ate lunch with our son (who normally ate alone.) His biggest fear of not fitting
in has not been realized. I wanted to let you know that this has been a very emotional two weeks for us. To know
that I am coming home from work without the heaviness of what he was experiencing throughout the day is a
blessing from God. To see his excitement and hear him talk about the good things that happen in his day is
overwhelming. He feels free to be a Christian every day of the week and not just when he is youth or church. He is
not being ostracized for his faith or for being different.
Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to catch the school soccer game. My boys have played soccer since they were
four years old. I have never seen kids play the way they my son put his foot on the ball he was encouraged by
someone on that team. I could tell he is starting to make some friends at Kings. And that is an amazing thing! He
has been rejected by his peers for so long that he just doesn’t have anyone. As a mom, who knows how amazing
her son is, this always broke my heart. But this kid is becoming the kid I always knew he could be at Kings.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
A King’s Mom
The King's Christian School invites you to our
Cookie Dough
Sale runs October 9 through October 24
*Sell $100 in product- earn 1 item from the David's Cookies Brochure
*Sell $150 in product- earn 1 item from the Auntie Anne's Brochure
*Sell $200 in product- earn 1 item from the Something Sweet Brochure
*Sell $300 in product- earn 2 items from the David's Cookies Brochure
*Sell $400 in product- earn 2 items from the Something Sweet Brochure
The top-selling family will also receive a $50 gift card of their choice!
Pick up your orders in the APR on Monday, November 24 th, 2:00-5:00t
All proceeds benefit TKCS Senior Scholarships
Parent Teacher
The King's Christian School
Email the TKCS PTF at [email protected]
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Arts! Crafts! Food and fun for the whole family!
Featuring the Christian band,
October 25
R ef iner's Fire!
All arts & crafts and farmers market vendors
are welcome to apply.