The St. Paul’s Epistle Our Mission Statement :

The St. Paul’s Epistle
The Weekly News Forum for St. Paul’s
Evangelical Lutheran Church
October 11 and 12, 2014
Our Mission Statement: To witness to our faith in Jesus Christ through
worship, education, building relationships and caring for others.
October 13—19, 2014
Tuesday, Oct. 14
Epistle Articles Due/Noon Today
7P Choir
Wednesday, Oct. 15 Items for The
Disiple’s Connection (newsletter) and
Items for Nov. Calendar
Saturday, Oct. 18
6P Worship—No Communion
Sunday, Oct. 19
8:15A Worship—No Communion
9:30—10:30A Education Hour
10:45A Worship—No Communion
Please Note: No
Confirmation Class
October is Pastor Appreciation
Month…Take time this month to
Let Pastor know that he is
appreciated…by Card, note, or
just spoken well wishes. Most
important, include him in your
prayers for for his spiritual,
physical and emotional well-being
and for the well-being
of his family.
October 18 and 19, 2014
John Doeing, Jr.
Aaron Lindrose
Eric West
COUNTERS: Jenn Drake, Frank Vosicky
Dave Murphy
Jack Lelle
Terry Wakelee
Saturday 6:00PM Carl/JoEllen Graziadei
8:15AM Jeff Troutman
10:45AM Marian Sweetapple
Steven Kallay
Jacob Shutic
Preschool - 2nd Gr.: Laura Sears, 3rd—5th Gr.:
Billie Lelle, 6th & 7th Gr.: Laura Pohto, 8th—
12th Gr.: Eric West, Music: Marlyss Sekki,
Substitute: Rich Szoradi, Sunday School
Superintendent: Michelle Szoradi,
Adult Classes:
Pastor Sundbom and Jack Lelle
St. Paul's now has gluten free Communion wafers
available for those with such health needs. Please
notify Pastor or an Elder if you need them
distributed to you during Communion.
Noisy Mite Update!
Praise God for the noisy mites collection on
the weekend of October 4-5. In
thanksgiving to God for His sacrifice and
fragrant offering - we collected
$509.16 which will be used for the mission
work of the LWML.
Here is a breakdown of what was collected:
$325.00 in checks and bills
$90.25 (361 quarters)
$45.90 (459 dimes)
$24.20 (484 nickels)
$20.81 (2,081 pennies)
$3.00 (3 dollar coins)
In addition there was
$1.10 in Canadian coins,
1 "no cash value" token,
1 small blue button and
1 St. Benedict medal.
Thank you to our
collectors: Andy, Wren,
Marti, Diane, Jenn and Laura.
The Youth Group Hayride
& Roller Skating...
were great fun with 7 members
joining us on Saturday evening
and 7 (with a guest) on Sunday
Thank you to the generosity of
Thrivent Financial and our church
family for making these events
Our next meetings...
are at 6PM on October 12th ('think
pink' for breast cancer awareness)
followed by our annual Halloween
costume party on the 26th.
Now is the time to put thought into
a non-macabre costumes!
Remember to bring a
food bank item!
Suggestions for October for
“Just One Thing”
…our Stewardship Program
designed to be
“Just One Thing”
you can do to use your
Time, Talent and Treasures!
are up on the double doors at
the back of the church.
Order your 2014 Boar's Head
Christmas Festival Tickets.
Dates are:
Thursday, Dec. 11 - 6:30;
Friday, Dec. 12 - 7:30
Saturday, Dec. 13 - 4:30.
On line ordering is easy!
Go to
and follow the prompts or for more info.,
call Zion at 440.357.5174
“Your Church Council At Work” means a continuing commitment by its members and those in the
congregation to a life of growing discipleship…Preschool reported that the NLSA accreditation has
been renewed for the next five years…Outreach has scheduled a “Meet and Greet” session for the
preschool-the purpose of which will be to make parents aware of the ministry of our congregation.
Also, the mission board has been updated-please pray for Pastor May and his family. Buildings and
Grounds reported that our sign has been refurbished and the new landscaping near the preschool
entrance is nearly complete.
Additional business included: Funding for the Christian Counseling service (housed at Zion
Lutheran Church and available to all our members) has been given financial assistance by one of
our members; the “Manual for Church Council, Officers and Boards” has been approved and will be
published very soon (copies will be available for viewing in the church office by November 1); the
process of developing our Mission, Vision, Values Statement continues with the Mission Statement
in place, a Values statement has been developed and is being reviewed and the council will now
begin the process of developing our vision (goals for our congregation in the coming years) -this
will be explained in more detail at our Voter’s Assembly meeting in November (16.)
NOVEMBER 16, 2014
St. Paul’s Annual
I wish to say Thank you for
all of the thoughts and
prayers for Sam after his
football injury. A blessing
they were to both Sam and
the family. Sam is well on
his way to healing
completely and is doing
Donna Salminen
Mark Your
is planned for Sunday, November
23 , 3:00—5:00 p.m. at Rich Lanes,
Fairport Harbor.
COST: $5.00 / person…which includes: 2
games of bowling, shoe rental, food
and a GREAT TIME!!
Sign-up on the poster on the bulletin board
next to the church kitchen. Fees can be
placed in Dale Kerver’s church mailbox or
can be paid at the event.
Help Needed For Craft Boutique
Set up for the CRAFT BOUTIQUE will be friday night (Nov.14)6p-8p, and
tear down will be Sat. at 3p. Help is needed to set up and to tear down.
Donations of baked goods and also people to man the bake sale are also
needed. Sign up sheets for the above will be posted by Sunday (Oct. 12th)
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Craft Boutique
Saturday, November 15, 9am to 3pm
Bake Sale • Concessions
Free Admission
Questions? Please call Kelly Debelak @440-223-9919
Break out your calendar and mark Friday evening,
November 7th as our Annual Gala at Quail Hollow
Resort, where we will have an enjoyable evening of
fundraising for our school. The event will be filled
with dinner, door prizes, and both a silent and live
auction including gift baskets, gift certificates,
vacations packages and much more.
You can help us have a sell-out event by attending
the gala. Babysitting will be provided at Zion, so a
fun adult evening at Quail Hollow at a ticket cost of
$50, is a fabulous way to spend your time and help
your child's school.
Any donations of Themed Gift Baskets and
Restaurant or Store gift cards would be greatly
appreciated. For questions, more info. or ideas,
please email the Gala Committee at
[email protected]
Church Office
Subs Are Needed….to fill in
for Kathy when it is necessary
for her to be off because of
illness or personal matters.
Duties will consist of answering
the phone, greeting people and
sometimes misc. things that
need to be done around the
church office. No computer
work. Pay is determined by
hours subbed. For more info.
Please contact Kathy Doeing,
Important message from the church office:
The whole month of Oct., I will be transitioning into a new monthly newsletter.
"The Disciple's Connection" will pair with selected announcements which will
appear in the service Bulletin weekly, and items that Pastor will announce
before the services. The above will replace the weekly Epistle.
The Disciple's Connection will be emailed to everyone on the new congregation
mailing list. Paper copies will be available to those who ask for them each
Articles for The Disciple's Connection (and also items to be included on the
congregation calendar, which will now be included in the Disciple's Connection)
need to be emailed to the church office ([email protected]) by the
15th of each month, to appear in the issue of the Disciple's Connection the next
Some of the articles I would like to include in issues of the Disciple's
Connection are: A message from Pastor, Church Events, such as The Craft
Boutique, The OSLS Gala etc..., LWML happenings, Bible Studies, Youth Group,
Sunday School, Preschool, Council, including Council President's Page, Elders &
other Boards & Committee news, such as Education, Stewardship, Outreach,
special thank yous, special funraisers......
Again, all articles need to be emailed to the church office by Oct. 15th to
appear in the Nov. Disciple's Connection. Remember also to include anything
that you would like to appear on the Nov. Calendar.
If you have questions, please email me or call the church office @ 440.354.3000.
Kathy Doeing
Not to worry, The Epistle will be as usual for the next 2 weekends....The Disciple's Connection will replace the Epistle
the weekend of 10-25/26. After that there will be a short announcement inserted into the Bulletin when needed or if
room permits, the announcements will appear at the end of the Bulletin.
The Epistle is now on our web-site. The Disciple's Connection will also be posted on the web-site, when it replaces
The Epistle.
I hope this had helped to clarify things for you.
Blessings, Kathy