An Active Member Club of the International Federation of Fly Fishers™
Volume XXV Number XIII
October, 2014
Monthly Dinner Meeting
Thursday, October 2nd, 6:30 PM Memaw's Bar B-Q
Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indian Harbour Beach
Our program for October will be presented
by Brett Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer of
The Snook & Gamefish Foundation. Brett
served as Chairman from 2009-2011, and as
Regional Director (SouthEast) for three years
prior. He is a contributing editor to Florida
Sportsman Magazine, and a special education
instructor in the Palm Beach County school
system for 12 years where he has promoted an
academic curriculum of environmentalism and
resource conservation. Brett served in the
United States Army in both Intelligence and as
a Paratrooper with Special Forces Operations.
He attended University of South Florida and
holds a Bachelor's and a Masters degree in
Communications Sciences and Disorders. He
is an expert guitar player, fly tier, photographer and fisherman. Brett was chosen as
Snook and Gamefish Foundation's 2009 Person on the Year for his accomplishments on
behalf of inshore fishing, and in that year he
also completed the book, Sportsman's Best:
He reports that he will be talking about
snook biology and behavior, and how that
relates to pattern selection, plying new waters,
He will also speak on conservation matters,
including the Angler Action Program.
BFFA Officers and Directors
Chairman of the Board: Don Davis
[email protected]
As autumn exhales her first breath, most notice the
change in the air; however, it's the change in the water
that captures my attention. By far October is my
favorite time of year to fish. Living just a short bike
ride away from the beach, I plan my weekends according to the tides, the sunrise and the twilight. How
exciting it is to see huge Tarpon rocketing through
schools of Mullet, or Snook chasing Glass Minnows
right under my feet. I'll never grow tired of witnessing
the leaping Spinner Sharks, Blue fish, Lady fish, and
Spanish Mackerel jumping, full throttle, through a ball
of bait fish.
President: Bryan Hatfield
(Home) 779-8458
[email protected]
Vice President/Programs: Dominc Agostini
(home) 557-7124
Secretary/Treasurer: Ron Winn
(Home) 777-3341
[email protected]
Conservation Director: Bill DeLuccias
(Home) 729-8188
[email protected]
Often, curious tourist walking the beach come up to
me and ask, "What do you catch out here?" Normally,
I reply with a quick elevator speech on fishing off the
Education Director/Fly Tying: Jeff Ward
[email protected]
Outings Director: Mike Reynolds
(Home) 409-5669
[email protected]
Just last year this scenario played out: I pointed
to the nervous looking water and told them to "Watch!
That's a school of baitfish!" Quickly I cast my lure in
the middle of the bait school and as if on que, boom!
A Tarpon rocketed to the surface, crushing my plug
and throwing baitfish left and right. The tourist's wife
screamed, and he gasped as I began to fight the 100 lb
fish that was leaping just yards from the shore. Seconds went by like minutes and with three jumps and a
line peeling 150 yards later it was over.
Auction Chairman: Frank Catino
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor: Frank Perkins
[email protected]
Dave Hackett
Every day spent fishing the Fall bait run is a day to
remember. Who knows what else you'll see and have
a chance to catch.
Webmaster: M.E.DePalma
(Work) 954-563-2148
[email protected]
Come and join me at Fishing Paradise at the end of
my street.
THE BACKCAST is published monthly by the
Backcountry Fly Fishing Association of Brevard
P.O. Box 524
Melbourne, FL 32902-0524
Hello Everyone, I know many of you in the club
but not everyone, that being the case I just wanted to
provide you with a quick introduction. My name is
Bill DeLuccia and I am the the club’s new Conservation Director. Currently my list of other non paying
conservation gigs include the being the Ocean Friendly Garden Coordinator for the Surfrider Foundation
and an active member of the Florida Native Plant
Society. I try to act as resource for those interested in
utilizing native plants and “zero scaped” landscapes
to minimize negative storm water impacts on the
Indian River Lagoon and our beaches and to provide
habitat restoration for wildlife. I have worked on
projects with local municipalities, schools and homeowners. If any of you are interested in speaking to me
about any of these or any other conservation topics
feel free to reach out to me at a meeting or call me at
321-986-7864. Thanks, tight lines.
My 10 year old grandson , Sam wanted to catch a
fish on one of the flys he had tied . Well, on Friday
(9-12-14) he did it big time , he landed this well over
five pound bass. Dick Pettit
Bill DeLuccias
Welcome to our new member this month:
Recent reports indicate good activity at Sebastian
Inlet. Redfish, Mangrove Snapper, Flounder, Spanish
Mackerel, Snook and Jacks have all be reported.
Stephen Moon
Of Cocoa
Ron Winn and others report good and varied activity in the surf, often close-in..
Our condolences to member Ned Scheerhorn. His
father, Bernard Scheerhorn, passed away on Sunday,
Sep 14. He was 92 and lived a full life. He was an
excellent fisherman, outdoors man, and mentor to
Ned. He had numerous “Field and Stream” awards for
trophy spotted sea trout.
Jeff Ward will be tying a Streamer Brush Minnow
in October.
The material list:
Hook: Eagle Claw Octopus #4
“Fish Tails and Cocktails” benefiting Casting for
Recovery, the Breast Cancer recovery organization,
will be held in Jacksonville on Friday, October 3.,
sponsored by Blackfly Outfitters. For information,
Robin Folsom, 321-258-1913 or
[email protected]
Thead: Mono or 210 White
Tail: SF Flash Blend Shrimp
Body: Flash Blend Baitfish Brush Shrimp
Eyes: 1/4" 3d oval pupil
Our annual all-day sessions with distinguished guests have been popular, entertaining
and informative. This year , in addition to our
regular spring program, we have planned a
special fall event, featuring Andy Mill, who
some may remember from his presentation
here in 2006.
Andy will be presenting an all day program
to the club on Saturday, November 22, starting
with breakfast at 7:00 AM at Memaw’s BBQ,
our regular meeting place. He was America's
top downhill ski racer in the mid-1970s. After
his ski racing career concluded, Andy Mill
found another passion - tarpon fishing. He
won five Gold Cup Tarpon tournaments and
was a triple crown winner in tarpon fishing
(Gold Cup, Hawley, and Golden Fly). Mill has
also hosted an outdoor show on Outdoor Life
See or call Ron Winn to reserve a place.
Dues are Due
Each year between September and December the
BFFA collects dues from its members. These
dues help us maintain the function of our club by
having funds to pay for such things as speakers,
postage, PO box rent, awards, tide charts, etc..
During the 25 years we have been in existence
we have not raised our dues and they will
remain $20 for an individual, $30 for a family,
and $10 for a student. If you have joined from
May on in 2014 you do not have to renew for
this coming year, but if you joined before May
in 2014 we ask that you do renew. Please see
Ron Winn at the next meeting or feel free to mail
them in if you like to:
Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is having two events in
November at the IGFA Hall of Fame and Museum in
Dania, FL. On Friday, November 7th, and Art and Film
Festival will be held, and on the 7th and 8th the Fifth
International Bonefish and Tarpon Symposium will be
PO Box 524
Melbourne, FL 32901
Thank you
The Art and Film Festival includes an art gallery
that will feature some of today's biggest names in
saltwater art and photography displaying and selling
their art with portions of the proceeds going directly
The Symposium features presentations by scientists, and fishing and casting clinics taught by some of
the world’s top anglers and instructors.
Two separate studies have found evidence that
some marine animals have multiple internal clocks -one lunar and one tidal. Scientists at the University of
Vienna found evidence of a circalunar clock in a
marine creature called a ragworm, while researchers at
England's University of Leicester discovered a tidal
clock in the marine crustacean Eurydice pulchra, a
relative of the pill bug. National Geographic News
For details on the both the Festival and Symposium go to:
BFFA October 2014 Events
Monthly Dinner Meeting
Board Meeting
Thursday, October 9th, 6:30 P.M.
Thursday, October 2nd, 6:30 P.M.
Memaw's Bar B-Q
Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indian Harbour Beach
(Meet at 5:00 PM for dinner )
Ron Winn’s office
Fly Tying
No outing this month
Monday, October 20th, 6:15 P.M.
Melbourne Public Library
Fee Ave.
Backcountry Fly Fishing Association of Brevard
P.O. Box 524
Melbourne, FL. 32902-0524
Limit your kill, don’t kill your limit !
Please practice Catch and Release.