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Den Danske Forening
November 2010
Newsletter for the Danish Association ‘Heimdal’ – Established 1872
Contact details: 0437 612 913
We would love to share your news. You are
welcome to send emails and other material to
the editor for publication. The closing date for
the December issue is 18 November 2010. We
will endeavour to publish all material submitted
but reserve the right to edit or not publish your
contribution. Any material published does not
necessarily reflect the opinion of the Danish
Club or the Editor.
From the Editor
Editor: Lone Schmidt
Phone: 07 3359 2026
Email: [email protected]
Webmaster: Aage Christoffersen
Phone: 07 3204 5761
Skype: lydatronic
Email: [email protected]
Donna & Niels Ross-Teigan,
Shailer Park
Grete & Magnus Hindsberger,
The Gap
Pia Markussen & Andrew
Patterson, Southport
Lillian Melin & Poul Henrik Jensen,
Albany Creek
Photos: Hanne Boss Jensen
The 2010 Queensland Multicultural
Festival was a big day out, the stall was
busy selling ice cream cones, coffee
and pastries all day. Thank you to
visitors, Vikings and volunteers. A lot of
people came around to say Goddag to
our Vikings and have a quick chat. A
special thank you to the organisers for
helping with handling our ice cream
display freezer weighing almost half a
tonne. It will be exciting to see the final
The festival kicked off our busy season
and there are lots of activities planned
for the next couple of months. Make
sure you put a cross in your calendar to
join us for the Christmas fun!
What’s on at the Danish Club?
Café Danmark
Christmas markets start
22 October 2010
from 6 pm
Come in and try our tasty ‘smørrebrød’: the menu varies from time to time, but you’ll
often find ‘rullepølse’ (spicy rolled pork), smoked salmon, roast beef, pate, roast pork
and ‘Esrom’ cheese. And yummy hot dogs. The bar is stocked with genuine Tuborg
and Carlsberg beer brewed in Denmark as well as your favourite Australian beers. If
you prefer a glass of wine with your food, we have a good variety of whites and reds
on offer.
It’s also an opportunity to buy delicious Danish pastries, ryebread and other specialty
breads and organic biscuits direct from Britt’s Danish Delights. Tea is back with
smallgoods and quality meats from Flemming, the Danish butcher at Woolloongabba,
as well as her own goodies including remoulade and ‘hønsesalat’. It’s a good idea to
order in advance and pick up at the café.
Moose Hunt
invitation from the Swedish club
30 October 2010
See the invite from the Swedish club with details – ring Kim Tvede, if you would like
more details.
Store Kolde Bord
13 November 2010
Folkies Old & New
20 November 2010
21 November 2010
Cafe Danmark
and Christmas markets
26 November 2010
from 6 pm
Christmas party
11 December 2010
Kids’ Play Group
Every Friday and 1st Sunday
from 9.30-11.30 am
See contact details in the newsletter or on Facebook – give your children an
opportunity to speak Danish and play with other children in their age group. And you
can catch up with the young Danes in Brisbane.
Get your orders in for Christmas snaps and beer – release date: 26 November 2010
Beer is only available in very small quantities
Price list 2010
Gammel Dansk 100 cl
1- Enkelt Bitter 70 cl
$ 60
$ 50
Jubilæum 100 cl
Jubilæum 70 cl
Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 100 cl
Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 70 cl
Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 50 cl (PET bottle)
Aalborg Porse 70 cl
Aalborg Export 70 cl
Aalborg Brøndum snaps 100 cl
Linieakvavit 70 cl
O P Anderson 1000 ml
Skåne Aquavit 100 cl (new item)
Cherry Heering Liqueur 70 cl (new item)
Kirsberry Cherry Liqueur 70 cl (new item)
Danska Vodka 100 cl (new item)
Carlshamn Flagg Punsch 50 cl (new item)
Blossa Gløgg 75 cl (new item)
$ 65
$ 55
$ 65
$ 50
$ 35
$ 50
$ 50
$ 65
$ 60
$ 60
$ 60
$ 45
$ 17
$ 60
$ 30
$ 20
Genuine Danish beer (made in Denmark) – Taste the difference
Tuborg Beer 4.6% – 24 x 33 cl bottles
$ 50
Tuborg Classic 4.6% – 24 x 33 cl cans
$ 50
Tuborg Gold 5.5% – 24 x 33 cl cans
$ 60
Carlsberg Black Gold 5.8% – 24 x 33 cl cans $ 60
How to order and pay:
By email [email protected]
By phone 0437 612 913 or 3359 2026
Payment by EFT to Heimdal’s account at Suncorp
BSB 484-799 Account 02495 1468
Payment by cheque issued to Heimdal and mailed to treasurer:
Lone Schmidt, 24 Ashley Road, Chermside West QLD 4032
Saturday 13 November 2010
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start
Photo: Aage Christoffersen
Delicious and mouth-watering - a feast of food awaits you with many traditional
favourites on the menu including pickled herring, smoked salmon, fish wedges with
remoulade, roast pork with red cabbage, leverpostej, medisterpølse, roast beef,
rullepølse, cheese – and maybe even some Christmas surprises. Invite your friends
and family along to sample the delights of the Smorgasbord at the Danish Club.
There’s genuine Tuborg and Carlsberg beer available from the bar – and snaps.
Price: $40 for members and $45 for guests
Scott Sinclair is back at Heimdal to entertain us with his unique blend of favourite
tunes, giving you the opportunity to dance the night away under the mirror ball.
All tickets must be booked and pre-paid by Tuesday 9 November 2010. Email Lone
Schmidt at [email protected] or ring on 07 3359 2026 to book.
Payment by EFT to Suncorp BSB 484-799 Account 02495 1468
Payment details: 13Nov10, your name and membership number
Or send a cheque to the treasurer:
Lone Schmidt
24 Ashley Road
Chermside West QLD 4032
Get all your Danish Baked Goodies from Britt’s Bakery at Café DANMARK
4th Friday of each month
Authentic Danish Pastry & Organic Bread Products
Kringler, Smørtærter, Kanelstænger, Birkes, Rundstykker, Fuldkornsrugbrød,
Kransekagekonfekt, Småkager, Knækbrød og bagerens dårlige øje.
For information, order forms and delivery details, go to our website:
Unit 5/10 Energy Crescent, Molendinar QLD 4214
Ph: 07 5571 6881 Fax: 07 5571 6947
Email: [email protected]
Søndag 21. november 2010 kl 10-16
Gudrun Tvede viser børnene (og andre, der heller ikke har bagt i mange år), hvordan man
bager skønne danske julesmåkager. Hvadenten det er vanillekranse, klejner, finsk brød eller
kagenisser, det bliver bare lækkert.
Kom igang med julepynten sammen med børnene, der skal klippes og klistres stjerner og
julehjerter eller fantasidyr til at komme på juletræet. Sidste år lavede vi appelsiner med
nelliker og flotte sløjfer og forgyldte grankogler.
Kan I huske det flotte juletræ sidste år? Det skal pyntes igen fra top til fod og være klar
til julefesterne i november og december for både den norske og schweiziske klub, inden det
bliver vores egen tur 11. december 2010. Julemanden kommer kun, hvis træet stråler!
Hvis I endnu ikke er kommet i julestemning, kan I glæde jer til ‘KUPALEJA’, som underholder
med sang og musik for børn og voksne. Syng med, deltag i sanglegene, det er sjovt!
Tilmelding og praktiske detaljer
Alle juleaktiviteterne er gratis. Tilmelding til Lone Schmidt ([email protected])
eller 33592026.
Baren sælger juice og sodavand, køkkenet flyttes ud i gården, hvor vi eventuelt kan servere
hot dogs eller BBQ til sultne forældre.
WARNING! – "Watch OUT!!! The Swedes are having their annual Moose Hunt"
30 October 10.30 am (until around 1.30 pm)
Sporting Shooters Assn Of Australia
292 Mt Petrie Road, BELMONT
Winner presentation & traditional meal at:
Maedowlands Park, Meadowlands Road, CARINDALE around 1.45 pm
Dress code: Swedish Moose Hunter (closed-in shoes)
Cost: For the Hunter $30 for 10 rounds of 223 Rifle and 5 rounds of Shot Gun plus an additional
$10 for traditional meal. If you want to join the Hunter’s Team afterwards for the meal – no
problem just pay $10.
After the shooting event we will meet up at Meadowlands Park, Meadowlands Road, Carindale to
announce the winners and to enjoy the traditional meal - Peasoup with Ryebread and Mustard with a
glass of & Punsch (Arrach - SDUs own), coffee/tea and cake (cold drinks available to purchase).
Please bring a chair - there is limited seating at the park.
BOOKINGS – required as soon as possible as we have to give numbers to the Shooters
Association, by the latest 3/10/2010
To book and for further information:
Email: [email protected] eller mobil 0411 753 297
Pay $30 for shooting + $10 for food:
Bank of Qld, BSB 124069 account 10215936 Swedes Down Under
– please include name when making your payment
Danish Church in Brisbane
Julebazar on Saturday 20 November
2010 from 8 am-1 pm. Lots of Danish
goodies, special activities for the kids,
folk dancing show, Saga Vikings and
much much more.
Beer / Snaps
Speaking of Christmas, there is fresh
beer and snaps from Denmark available
soon (awaiting quarantine release) –
Tuborg, Tuborg Classic, Tuborg Gold,
Carlsberg, Carlsberg Sort Guld. Email
Lone on [email protected]
or ring her to reserve a carton. Snaps
and bitters include Aalborg Taffel,
Jubilæum, Export, Porse, Gl Dansk and
Puff Dumpling Pan
You know you’ll need it for Christmas!
From Scanpan, square with 9 holes,
available for $103 (ring Lone Schmidt
on 0437 612 913)
Visit Hanne’s web site at - her email adress is
[email protected]
Pickled Herring
Another important item for Christmas
lunch is pickled herring. We have
Falkeskog Anchovy Spiced Herring and
Viking Matjes available at the club.
Scandinavian Bakery at 9/3-15 Dennis
Road, Springwood QLD 4127 (07) 3208
1067 may still have Falkeskog Onion
Herring in stock.
President on SBS
Zanne Mallett interviewed Soren on
SBS a couple of Saturdays ago
following his re-election at the AGM.
Go to their website to listen to it.
If you having trouble finding SBS on the
old trannie, remember that you can
also listen to SBS on your digital TV.
Scandinavian Book Club
Next meeting will be at Cafe Danmark
22 October 2010 in the library as usual.
Christmas Markets
will be starting at the October cafe –
start thinking about your Christmas
decorations and presents.
Cook Book
We’re collecting recipes for our Cook
Book – please send us your favourite
family recipes or give them to a
member of the committee.
Hanne’s Christmas store
Hanne’s on-line Christmas store is now
open. See her hand-made Christmas
Decorations, and order now for
Study & Stay in Australia?
Your door to the best in Australian Education & Training….
We are Danes, with a strong background in both Danish and Australian education & training.
Though we work with people from any country, we run some especially exciting programs
between Denmark and Australia, including:
 Guiding would-be migrants to courses for recognition in 60-Point occupations
 Assisting students enter the very best course, school/college/university for their needs
 Study Tours – customised to meet the particular needs of the Danish
 Semester Study Abroad – individuals or classes come to undertake one semester of
study, and get credit back into their secondary school/undergraduate programs in
 Placing students into workplaces in Australia for Occupational Training, which is part
of their studies in Denmark
 Consulting services for Danish institutions wishing to establish links with Australian
We’d be delighted to assist you in any of these areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us:
Riborg Andersen
[email protected]
Ph: 07-5442 9588
Joern Christoffersen
[email protected]
Ph. 07-5473 9917
The Danish Association Heimdal Inc.
Est 1872
36 Austin Street, Newstead QLD 4006 Phone 0437 612 913
Celebrating and fostering the Danish language, culture and traditions
1 July 2010 - 30 June 2011
Membership Number:
Date of
Date of
Date of
Birth of
Date of
Suburb &
(Under 18
of age)
Please send the newsletter via e-mail
Ordinary*) Member/Family
Associate Member/Family
Ordinary*) Member/Single
Associate Member/Single
Cheque or money order
Paid by EFT
*) Ordinary member: Danish born/descendant of a person whose father, mother, grandfather or grandmother was born in Denmark or was a
Danish citizen at the time of that person's birth
The membership fee may be paid by EFT to Heimdal’s account with Suncorp BSB NO: 484-799
Account No: 02495 1468 using your membership number and name as reference. Please send
the form to Birte Schmidt if there are any changes in your details.
If paying by cheque, please make it payable to “The Danish Association Heimdal” and post it to the
Membership officer:
Birte Schmidt
35/192 Hargreaves Road
Phone 07 3348 4979
Email [email protected]
Dansk legegruppe
Hver fredag 9.30-11.30
36 Austin St, Newstead
1. søndag i måneden 10-12
(find os på Facebook)
Vi mødes hver fredag og den 1.
søndag i måneden for at snakke og
lege sammen på dansk. Da vores lille
faste gruppe svinger lidt i deltagere pga
ferier, oftest til Danmark og arbejde mv,
vil vi meget gerne se flere medlemmer.
Vi tror trods alt det gavner børnene at
mødes og lege samt høre, at vi alle taler
Vi starter normalt med fri leg og ca kl 11
sidder vi alle omkring et bord og spiser
vores medbragte mad – og slutter gerne
dagen med nogle danske børnesange.
Med venlig hilsen
Tea, Charlotte, Tina
3901 0495
3379 1667
0405 730 252
0419 659 837
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
3191 0411
0403 838 663
E-mail: [email protected]
At the October committee meeting we
welcomed new members Lise Kopittke
and Michael Schmidt on board.
The August and September 2010
accounts both showed small deficits.
Expected to pick up with the high activity
level in November and December.
MaintenanceUrinals have been fixed.
Recent heavy rains have damaged more
ceiling tiles.
4 new members in September-October
which is encouraging. Still a number of
old members who haven’t paid their fees
yet. Please catch up with us soon.
October kicks off with the Multicultural
Festival and we are happy to see good
support from volunteers and Vikings.
Cafe Danmark will be particularly busy
with Christmas markets and we need all
hands on deck.
Thanks to all of you who buy raffle
tickets at Cafe Danmark and thanks to
Vivian for providing the prizes – it’s a
great source of income for the club.
Fresh beer and snaps have arrived from
Denmark and we can source many
products in Australia for our members as
Our two uniforms are now on display at
the club – they’re looking good as you
can see from the photo.
Dannebrog. 900mmX1500mm
Also Norway & Sweden
Many others.
$25 post paid.
Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates. Now in stock with more to come. $150 posted
2009 Christmas in Amagertorv. 2010 Christmas in Greenland $140 in shop. Mail orders welcome Jeff Close & Bente Moller
Rhonda’s Refits, Cnr Bridge & Hume Sts, Toowoomba Qld 4350. Tel/Fax 07 46 3 789 33
Søndag den 31. oktober er dagen for Halloween – eller Allehelgensaften om man vil. Halloween
er oprindeligt en gammel keltisk højtid. En tradition som med tiden blandt andet har udviklet
sig til en populær begivenhed i USA og har de seneste år fundet indpas og stigende popularitet
i Danmark. Halloween er festtid med gys, spøgelseshistorier, skræmmende udklædninger og
græskarlamper med lys. Netop lamperne udskåret i græskar og deres orange farve er blevet et
synonym og symbol på Halloween.
De små marengskager er måske i virkeligheden mere søde og nuttede end uhyggelige at se på.
Det gælder for øvrigt også smagen. Men det passer alt sammen meget godt ind i Halloweens
ånd, som netop er spøgelser og gys – med et glimt i øjet.
Søde sprøde spøgelser
(20 stk.)
3 past. æggehvider
225 g sukker
100 g ODENSE Hvid Chokolade
200 g ODENSE Ren Rå Marcipan
Små sølvkugler
Pisk æggehviderne luftige og
stive. Drys sukkeret i lidt af
gangen, mens der piskes og pisk
til marengsen er sej.
Hak chokoladen og vend den i
Skær marcipanen i 20 skiver og
læg dem på en bageplade med
Fyld marengsen i en plastpose
(eller en sprøjtepose) og klip et
hjørne af. Sprøjt marengsen ud
på marcipanen som en spiral, der
bliver tyndere.
Sæt 2 sølvkugler på som øjne.
Bag spøgelserne ved 120° C i ca.
45 min. Lad dem køle af 5 min.
indende flyttes.
Tip: Op til 1 uges holdbarhed i