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Electric Power Matters
1870 MW
January 2012
Volume IV
Merry X-mass
Happy Ethiopian Epiphany
“Gibe III won’t affect Kenya: Ambassador”
The Ethiopian Herald on its issue on December 16, 2011 posted an interview with
The Kenyan Ambassador in Ethiopia Dr. Monica Juma…...Continued to Page-2
Ambassador visiting the project
Inside this Issue
Gibe III won’t affect Kenya;
Message from the Project
Manager .................................3
Current Status…………………….4
Board visited Gibe-III…………….5
Regional Consultative Meeting …6
HIV/AIDS Related Activity………..7
RCC Dam-General View
Electric Power Matters
According to the ambassador, the region is
where foreign tourists are coming in frequently and some people want to retain
some of these places to make documentation to show the way of life people lead as
others lived many centuries ago. “I think,
we have to deal with this.”
ADDIS ABABA: Gibe III Hydro power project, which is expected to generate 1870 MW
upon completion, is among the mega projects
launched by the government to meet its own
as well as neighboring country‟s demand for
electricity energy. But some environmentalists
and lobbyist groups‟ campaign against the
project saying it will reduce the volume of
Omo River which is a tributary to Lake Turkana and consequently affect the local people
in Kenya.
“Unless one visits Gibe III, he/she would
not understand that it is impossible to undertake irrigation on that river because of
the area‟s typography, the ambassador said.
She also said that hydroelectric projects
also by their nature do not affect the flow
of waters.
Kenyan Ambassador to Ethiopia Dr. Monica
Juma, who visited the project site recently,
told Ethiopian Press Agency reporters: “The
issue of Turkana is much greater than the
The ambassador said: “Kenya eyes the development and the degree of transferability
of this project because we are also quite
interested in the development of clean energy and hydroelectric power. Gibe III project has greater significance to Kenya as it
is one of the world source of energy.”
Omo River. It has to do with the ecology, climate change, land use and volumes of water
as well as rain and so forth. Besides, Omo is
not the only water resource that feeds Lake
The Ambassador said that Lake Turkana is not
only Kenyan affair but is also an Ethiopian
issue. “Given the ecology, it is important for
us to understand what really is making the
Lake Turkana shrink and the question is what
we should do in order to reconstitute the lake,”
Dr. Juma said.
Ambassador Juma also expressed conviction the two countries will design mutually
acceptable frameworks to address bigger
challenges than the issue of Gibe III.
She said: “This is one of the regions both in
the southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya that
is least developed and very fragile. The debate
has to be to on what we must do with this region that has been impacted so negatively by a
range of factors,” she said.
We need to respond to the need of our people.
We have to find the way of catapulting this
area into modern face of development. The
people on the Omo basin and Lake Turkana
deserve good value of life, development and
we have the obligation to cooperate in the way
that provides improved living standards of
these areas, the Ambassador said.
Ambassador briefing the journalist
Electric Power Matters
from the Project Manager
joint effort exerted by the government as well as
local and expatriate staff and management.
It is my great pleasure to announce that we are celebrating “Gena” and „‟Timket‟‟, while two of our
major milestones of the project; completion of excavation of the dam and commencement of the Roller
Compacted Concrete (RCC) placement work and
the construction of Gibe III- Wolayta-Addis Ababa
400kV power Transmission and sub-station Project
works are begun.
Azeb Asnake, Gibe III Hydroelectric Project
Generally speaking; the progress of Gibe III Hydroelectric Project is in the right track. At this juncture, I would like to appreciate all involved in the
project for their utmost contribution in undertaking
the project for its timely completion.
Gena‟‟ and ‟‟Timket‟‟ with heartfelt
greetings to all staff of Gibe III Hydroelectric Project, at the celebration of the Birth and Baptism of
Jesus Christ and the 2012 New year for Expatriate staff. Celebrations like “Gena” & ‟‟Timket‟‟
reminds us to think about energy as the demand
reaches to its peak.
I again call up on all concerned parties of the project; especially those at site to strengthen and continue their joint effort to realize the Project in due
Once again, I would like to wish „‟Melkam Gena‟‟
&‟‟Timket‟‟ and Happy New year to all local and
expatriate staff of the project.
Due to the fact that production of reliable and sustainable energy is a prerequisite for socioeconomic development, the government of Ethiopia has given due attention and highest priority to
meet the ever increasing demands of energy.
I thank you.
The recent inaugurated Finchaa-Amerti-Neshe
power plant (97MW), the Adama and Ashegoda
wind power projects that are under construction
are among the positive additions to the existing
power generation in Ethiopia..
Furthermore, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance
and Gibe III Hydroelectric Projects; which are expected to generate 5250MW and 1870MW of electric power respectively, are under construction.
Currently, Gibe III is progressing well with the
Electric Power Matters
Status of the Project Works
RCC Dam Excavation
RCC Dam foundation treatment
RCC Dam Concrete Work
Powerhouse Excavation
(As of Jan 22,2012)
Plunge Pool Excavation
Power intake excavation
Power water ways
Excavating the Left and
Right Abutment and supporting rock is on progress
Power tunnels
Right surge shaft
Left surge shaft
Right penstock
Left penstock
Surge shaft excava7
(EM) works
Hydraulic Steel
Structural Works
Clearing ,Dental and leveling concrete work is in
RCC placement is commenced on December
Power House excavation
from unit 1 to unit 10 is
100% completed
Rock support installation
is progressing
Rock supporting work is
in progress
Installation of PH
grounding system, Draft
Tube Elbows, Pier Guard,
Embodied pipe is in progress
First stage embedded
parts for draft tube slide
gates and stop logs are
under shipment
Electric Power Matters
Board Visited Gibe III Project Site
EEPCo‟s Board Chairman and Communication and Information Minister, Dr. Debretison G/
Michael, accompanied by Ato Miheret Debebe,CEO and Ato Abdulhakim Mohammed, Executive
Officer Generation Construction, pay a one day visit to the Gibe-III project site on 10th Jan 2012.
The aim of this visit is part of project follow up with checking the overall progress of the project
work and ensuring the progress at achieving the targeted Milestones.
Presentation on the progress of the work was made followed by visit of all parts of the works. Following the site visit, further discussion with EEPCo management, Employer‟s Representatives,
EPC Contractor and Plant Contractor have been made.
During Site Visit
During the meeting constructive discussions were made and important agreements on issues
raised by all parties have been reached. In concluding remarks, the chairman appreciated the ongoing progress and addressed all parties to keep the good work and to ensure the timely completion
of the project.
During Presentations and Discussions at Site
Electric Power Matters
Regional Consultative Meeting
held in Jimma
Regional consultative meeting was held on December 27th and 28th, 2011 at Jimma University on
the issue of rehabilitation of Omo-Gibe river basin catchment areas.
The meeting was organized by NGOs in collaboration with government organizations.
The Ministry of Water and Energy, Ministry of
Agriculture, Environmental Protection Authority,
Jimma University, zonal and woreda Administrators, NGOs and other concerned bodies were
among the participants in the meeting.
The House of Peoples Representative Natural
Resource Management and Environmental Protection Affairs Standing Committee members
have also participated in the discussion.
In the meeting, debates especially; in and around
regional Gibe basin development, based on the
study conducted on Gilgel Gibe I Hydroelectric
Project that has a direct relation with Gibe II and
Gibe III, among different scholars were conducted.
The two days meeting also dealt with environmental protection, with due attention on soil and
water conservation. During the meeting, participants agreed to form Task force on zonal and regional level that will be actively engaged in watershed management and river basin development.
After the discussion, the standing committee
along with zonal agricultural Bureau executives
pay a day visit to Gibe I, Gibe II plants and Gibe
III Project in relation to the respective environmental watershed management and developmental activities.
During the visit, the committee was briefed
about the environmental and developmental activities of Gibe III Project by the site coordinator. In response, the committee appreciated the
ongoing progress of Gibe III project and called
up on all stakeholders to coordinate efforts in the
realization of the project.
Finally, the committee has also called up on
zonal and woreda executives and elders to work
together for the timely completion of the Project.
Coordination Meeting Held
in Addis
In-line with the agreed procedures among all
parties and the requirement of the contract,
Managerial Coordination Meeting for Gibe III
Hydroelectric Project was held in Addis on November 30th 2011.
The meeting was held among representatives of
EEPCo (the Employer), JV of ELC-Electro
(consult and Coyne et Bellier, Employer‟s Representative (ER), Salini Costruttori S.p.A (the
EPC Contractor), and Dongfang Electric International Corporation (the Plant Contractor).
Such meetings are conducted when there are issues that need the top management‟s decision. In
addition to such Managerial Coordination Meetings, there are also Technical coordination meeting conducted periodically among the technical
staff of all parties‟ representatives.
Electric Power Matters
HIV/AIDS Related Issues
struction workers, 16 vulnerable women, 24 In
-school youth from Yelo Kebel have been
trained. Meanwhile 1045 people are referred
to Yelo health center for HIV/AIDS voluntary
counseling and testing by In-school youth peer
educators during January- December2011. In
addition to this, 1219 construction workers
referred to health facilities and other service
providers for Health Counseling &Testing
(HCT), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI),
Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) and Care
and support.
It has been a long time talking about HIV/
AIDS epidemic in all sectors. The pandemic is
most likely affect the adult community according to World Health Organization (WHO). As it
is the problem of the adult community, workers
in different sectors are the hardest hit portion of
any country. Thus, the situation of HIV/AIDS
in GIBE III Hydroelectric project is not different.
There is a mobile concentration of labor force,
currently there are more than 4000 workers, due
to the immigration of workforce to the project
area the risk of HIV infection is expected to
increase from time to time.
World AIDs Day Celebrated
at Gibe III HEP
WORLD AIDS DAY which takes place annually on December 1st is celebrated at the Gibe
III Hydroelectric Project site from December
31st 2011 to January 1st 2012 under the theme
“Getting to zero: Zero new infections, Zero
discrimination and Zero AIDS deaths‟‟.
High mobility, being far from their homes and
families, isolation and working in confined environment, majority are very young adults or in
sexually active age groups, peer pressure to seek
out entertainment through alcohol or sex, and
misinformation or lack of information about
HIV/AIDS are factors which may expose workers to the risk of HIV infection.
Gibe III hydroelectric project Site Coordinator,
representatives from EEPCo HIV/AIDS secretariat, Salini Costruttori, Loma and Kindo Didaye Woreda health offices are among the participants who attended the ceremony. Furthermore, around 2700 construction workers have
participated in the event.
Currently the contractor, Salini, in collaboration with World Learning Ethiopia (W.L.E)
working to address the problem of HIV/AIDS
and its impact among the workers and adjoining
communities. Peer education and training program are the Strategies adopted to bring behavioral change among the workers in the Project
site and adjoining Community. Out of the strategies used to combat HIV/AIDS, Information,
Education and Communication (IEC), access to
condom, Voluntary counseling and testing
(VCT), Peer education, “ABC ” (Abstinence,
Being faithful, and Condom use) are widely recognized.
In such activity, progresses have been registered. Among the registered remarks, 63 Con-
Dawro Cultural Troupe
Electric Power Matters
In the celebration the invited Dawro cultural troupe, entertain the audience through playing
traditional and modern music, and performing dances, drama shows related to HIV/AIDS,
colored the festivity.
The program concluded by a keynotes addressed by the representatives on HIV/AIDS
prevention effects with the emphasis on the importance of changing high risk behavior to reduce transmission of HIV among most at risk population in the project area and the surrounding community.
Meanwhile 241 participants received services of mobile Voluntary counseling and testing on
the spot which was rendered by Yelo health center.
World HIV/AIDS Day Celebrated Colorfully
Electric Power Matters
RCC Dam - RCC Placement in Progress
RCC Dam-crack inducing with excavation
Electric Power Matters
RCC Dam – GERCC rock reconstruction for
2nd phase weak zone treatment at WZR 470.
RCC Dam-2nd RCC layer in compaction
RCC Dam – fixing steel reinforcement
for concrete lining inside Right Drainage
Gallery at El 660.
RCC Dam-area covered with RCC
Electric Power Matters
Bridge constructed to replace the existing Omo
RCC Dam– 2nd RCC layer in compaction
RCC Dam-RCC layer compaction test
Electric Power Matters
Gibe III Today
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