Kevin Chatterton This is your chance to speak to

Have Your Say Meetings
This is your chance to speak to
your local officers and raise any
issues that you have. Details:Westvale
At: Millview Residential Home,
North Park Road
When: Tuesday 9th September
2014, 1100 hours to 1200 hours
At: Ribblers Court
When: Wednesday 10th September
2014, 1600 hours to 1700 hours
Field Lane
At: Buckels Nursery
When: Friday 5th September 2014,
1500 hours to 1600 hours
Kevin Chatterton
Julian Hanley & Claire
Martin Seasman, Gary Kilshaw,
Andy Foster, Marc Lancaster and
Claire Worthington
Police Community Support and
Traffic Officers (PCS&TOs);
Southdene & Field Lane
John Crossland, Lisa Wonderley,
Rory McNamara, Lauren
MacKenzie, Len Friday
Westvale – Paul Black, Hazel
Dearden, Louise Fessey
Kirkby Town Centre Louise Fessey and Andy
101 Non-emergency Use this
number if you need the Police for
an incident that is not an
emergency or to contact your
neighbourhood team.
Remember – if you need to
speak to a Police Officer in
person, Kirkby Police Station is
open Monday-Saturday 8am 10pm, Sunday – closed.
0800 555 111 Crimestoppers
If you have information about a
crime, call Crimestoppers
anonymously. Crimestoppers is a
charity independent to the Police.
The Address:
Kevin Chatterton
South Kirkby
July – October 2014
Welcome to the second edition of the South
Kirkby area newsletter for 2014.
Kirkby Neighbourhood has become the first in
Knowlsey to join Twitter. This is a great
opportunity for the team to publish items of
interest in the form of arrests, traffic
enforcement and general good news.
In addition this format allows for instant
warnings and advice to the people of Kirkby
who ‘follow’ the site. This could be reminding
people to secure their homes and property to
any policing incident that may cause
Twitter also gives the residents of Kirkby
access to their policing team; followers can
comment on tweets and also share and tweet
the team itself.
Kirkby Police Station,
Please note that the format is not to be used
to report crimes and incidents that should be
directed to (according to urgency) 101 / 999.
St Chads Drive, Kirkby, L32 8RF
Follow your local police on @MerPolKirkby
This newsletter can be provided in large print,
different languages or in Braille. Please contact your
local Inspector on 101 for further details.
Criminal Damage
The first six months of
this year has seen 59
fewer incidents
compared to the same
period last year
These are the priorities you told us
that we should be tackling with our
partners and the local community.
behavior contracts, arrests and
evidence collection for ASBO’s
has been taken.
You said:Anti Social Behaviour Broad Lane
Shops and the misuse of
scrambler motorcycles.
We did:Officers have been patrolling the
area in uniform and in plain
clothes. They have been on foot,
in vehicles, bicycles and on police
off-road vehicles. This has led to
the seizure of vehicles, the arrest
and charge of several offenders.
Due to concerns from residents,
business owners and following on
from consultation with our partners
we will be seeking a Section 30
Dispersal Order for two tight areas
along Broad Lane.
You said:Anti-Social Behaviour around the
shops at Richard Hesketh Drive
and the railway foot bridge running
off Glovers Brow.
We did:Officers have provided a targeted
presence, regularly walking along
both areas of concern. This has
led to the identification of the ring
leaders and main perpetrators of
ASB. The details have been
shared amongst our partner
agencies and several courses of
action; be it warnings, acceptable
Field Lane
You said:Anti-Social Behaviour around the
shops in Copplehouse Lane
We did:Officers have proactively targeted
the area during peak times of
ASB. This presence, combined
with CCTV evidence has led to
the identification of 4 ring leaders
and main culprits. The four male
youths have been visited and
formally given Harassment
Op Brookdale is in place to
address the misuse of off road
bikes and this is our main priority
for ASB in Kirkby.
This operation was run
throughout the force in July but
has now been extended to run
throughout August within
To date we have seized nearly 20
scrambler motorcycles and offroad vehicles within Kirkby.
555 111 or 101 with any
information. Thank you.
Kevin Chartlon, 48 years from Kirkby was convicted in July for the
harassment of a town centre employee. He was sentenced to 16 weeks
imprisonment. This follows on from his conviction in April for the
harassment of a further two town centre employees.
A warrant was executed by the neighbourhood team at an address in
Morston Crescent, Kirkby. During the search 100 cannabis plants were
discovered and an adult male from the Anfield area arrested. This
cannabis production had a regular yield of up to £85,000 and it has now
been closed down.
The arrested male had his Jaguar motor vehicle seized and will not face
the criminal justice process.
Message to all persons who visit Kirkby Town Centre by car:The illegal and inconsiderate parking within and around the town centre
by the minority of drivers is now facing a clamp down. Please park
lawfully or you will be issued with a fine and in some cases your vehicle
will be removed; drastically increasing the cost of any shopping.
There are a number of things you
can do to keep your home safe:• Lock your windows and doors
when you go out or to bed
• Make sure you lock your UPVC
doors properly if you have one –
remember to lift the handle, turn
the key and remove it
• Use your house alarm if you’ve
got one. Light timer switches
are a good idea too
• Keep your valuables out of sight,
away from your doors and
windows, e.g. keys, tablets, lap
tops, wallets / purse
• Lock sheds and garages if you
have one
Police Community Contact
PCS&TO’s will be holding
Community Contact Points at the
below date, times and locations:• 6th Aug, 1600hrs – 1700hrs at
Old Farm Shops
• 18th Aug, 1200hrs – 1300hrs at
Broad Lane Shops
• 16th Sept, 1700hrs – 1800hrs at
Kirkby Leisure Centre
Please come along and speak to
your local PCS&TO about any local
issues you have.