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SEPIA The Cuisine of Martin Benn hb by Martin Benn (304 pages) RRP $75.00
Renowned chef Martin Benn takes the reader on a culinary journey through 60 of his exciting dishes. Based around four degustation
menus, the book highlights the technical mastery and sheer beauty of Martin's food, with its deep connections to Japanese cuisine and
flavours and its focus on texture and contrast. Text, design and photography combine to recreate the atmosphere and the sophisticated,
art deco feel of his Sydney restaurant, Sepia. Interspersed among the menus are narrative features exploring the workings of the
restaurant, and the stories of its staff and clientele, while location photography captures a sense of old-fashioned, cosmopolitan
glamour. Martin Benn began his cooking career as a chef at the Oak Room in London. Since then, he has worked at the Criterion,
Sydney's Forty One Restaurant and Tetsuya's. Martin opened Sepia Restaurant in 2009. In 2011, he was awarded the coveted SMH
Good Food Guide Chef of the Year. Sepia also won SMH Restaurant of the Year in 2012 and 2014 and just announced winner of the
SMH Restaurant of the Year for 2015! Australian Gourmet Traveller also announced Martin as their 2015 Chef of the Year.
MR HONG A Glimpse Into the Mind of the Brilliant Chef Behind Mr Wong, El Loco & Ms G’s hb
by Dan Hong (256 pages) RRP $49.99
Dan Hong became a chef so that we might eat ... and how! Dan's appetite for rare sneakers, hip-hop and collecting cookbooks is only
surpassed by his passion for food: everything from fast food to fine dining. Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney with a food-obsessed
family and a mother who fell into owning a Vietnamese restaurant by chance, Dan has gone on to become a critically acclaimed chef,
working at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Australia, including Sydney's Mr Wong, Ms G's and El Loco.Dan's potent mix
of proud heritage, technical skill and boundless enthusiasm for experimenting with big, bold, fresh flavours makes his approach to
food truly unique. Mr Hong is as much an exploration of Dan's colourful path through life as it is a beautifully illustrated book of
ninety-five scintillating recipes -- Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, as well as fusions of the three -- re-imagined and re-invigorated for a
new generation of food obsessives. Dan Hong has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Australia, including Tetsuyas,
Marque and Bentley, and his mentors include Mark Best, Brent Savage and Thomas Johns. He has opened some of Sydney’s most
exciting dining destinations, including Ms Gs, El Loco and Mr Wong (honoured with a hat in its first year of business at the SMH Good
Food Guide awards) and most recently Papi Chulo, a smokehouse and grill at Manly Wharf, Sydney.
RIVER COTTAGE LIGHT AND EASY EVERY DAY! hb by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (402 pages) RRP $49.99
River Cottage Light & Easy is a collection of simple, inexpensive and supremely healthy dishes that will give you a lift and make you
glow from the inside out. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall delivers up wholesome delights with zero compromise on taste for all occasions from brilliant breakfasts to goodness on the go, from raw salads to simple roasts and hotpots, from nutrient-packed fish dishes to lighter
breads and baking. All of the recipes are dairy-free and wheat-free. The 170 flavour-hitting recipes include: fruity almond dairy-free
shakes, wheat-free spinach wraps, ten-minute fish curry, spicy black bean tofu, oven-baked shallot and mushroom risotto, curried roast
roots, mustard braised carrots, roasted caponata, raw chocolate and raspberry tarts, gluten-free soda breads, quick wheat-free flat breads,
omega-plus hemp and oatcakes, scones that rise to the gluten-free challenge, courgette and chocolate muffins to name a few. With
striking photography from Simon Wheeler, this beautiful book provides solutions to creating the most nourishing and healthy of meals
as quickly and easily as possible. See our website for all of Hugh’s fabulous books!
HISTORIC HESTON hb by Heston Blumenthal (402 pages) RRP $79.99
Coming late September - the hardback edition of Historic Heston (also available as limited edition format hb $299) Heston Blumenthal,
whose name is synonymous with cutting-edge cuisine charts a quest for identity through the best of British cooking that stretches from
medieval to late-Victorian recipes. Start with twenty-eight historic dishes, take them apart, put them together again and what have you
got? A sublime twenty-first-century take on delicacies including meat fruit (1500), quaking pudding (1660) and mock turtle soup (1892).
Heston examines the history behind each one's invention and the science that makes it work. This glorious book also gives a unique
insight into the way that Heston works, with signature dishes from both The Fat Duck and the double Michelin-starred Dinner, which is
ranked 7th in the World's 50 Best Restaurants. With a beautiful cover illustrated by the genius that is Dave McKean, his illustrations
throughout, and some of the most superb food photography, this is a book to treasure.
MOVIDA SOLERA hb by Frank Camorra & Richard Cornish (402 pages) RRP $59.99
Movida Solera will bring the colours of the sun and the flavours of southern Spain to your table. Journey with Frank Camorra through
sun-drenched Andalusia: a landscape of ancient cities and plains planted with olive groves and vineyards. Take in colourful spring
festivals and lively markets, then venture into the rugged mountains and stone-lined wine cellars of the Sherry Triangle.
More than 100 authentic recipes from home cooks and regional restaurants travel recommendations and lavish location photography.
Other titles include: Movida pb, Movida Cocina hb, Movida Rustica hb and Guide to Barcelona pb.
UTTERLY DELICIOUS SIMPLE FOOD hb by Belinda Jeffery (244 pages) RRP $49.99
There are many ways to compliment cookbook authors: food-smeared pages for one, and several of their books on your bookshelf. But
the greatest compliment has to be the taking to heart of a recipe that has worked - and worked well. All around the country, cooks pay
these compliments and more to Belinda Jeffery. She has a wonderful knack of creating recipes for food that you want to cook over and
over again, and a warm, distinctive writing style. An award-winning author, Belinda has worked as a chef, TV food presenter, freelance
writer, restaurant reviewer and cooking teacher. Her books include Belinda Jeffery's Collected Recipes (a compilation of her first two
books, Belinda Jeffery's 100 Favourite Recipes and Belinda Jeffery's Tried-and-True Recipes); Mix & Bake; The Country Cookbook
(all about living and cooking in the Byron area), and Desserts.
MATT’S KITCHEN GARDEN COOKBOOK hb by Matt Moran (224 pages) RRP $49.99
Matt Moran is the executive chef and co-owner of the award-winning ARIA restaurant, which enjoys one of the most enviable
reputations and locations in Sydney, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the harbour. In 2009 he opened a second ARIA
restaurant, in Brisbane. In 2012 Matt opened CHISWICK, in Woollahra. The heart of the restaurant is the kitchen garden, where much of
the restaurant's produce is grown. While Matt's main focus remains his restaurants, he displays his passion for cooking in TV shows
MasterChef, Junior MasterChef, The Chopping Block, My Restaurant Rules and Heat in the Kitchen. He is the author of four bestselling
cookbooks, Matt Moran, When I Get Home and Dinner At Matt's and the Lantern Classic Matt Moran.
NEW THAI FOOD hb by Martin Boetz (192 pages) $39.99
A modern twist on the flavours and techniques of Thai cooking from a recognized master of the cuisine. New Thai Food celebrates the
delicious and unique flavours of Thai food in inventive ways--and always with a keen eye on the balance of the essential taste senses of
sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. With 80 modern recipes based on the traditional fare, Boetz experiments with different ingredients to create
new adaptations--perfect for the adventurous cook keen to explore the vibrant tastes of Thailand.
THE NEW EASY hb by Donna Hay (240 pages) RRP $49.99
Quick and easy tricks, tips and recipes for super easy, super delicious meals. Donna Hay is all about making life easier. With her new
book, Donna is all about giving you simple, easy and no-fuss recipes, techniques, tips and tricks to make cooking meals super easy, super
delicious and super quick. The New Easy makes cooking fast, fun, easy and enjoyable, and is the perfect companion for every busy cook.
DELICIOUS LOVE TO EAT Around the World In 120 Simply Delicious Recipes pb by Valli Little (304 pages) RRP $39.99
In Love to Eat, you'll find a feast of 120 all new recipes with a global twist, all translated into simple, exceptionally delicious dishes to
take you from weeknight dinners to stress-free entertaining. From Margarita Chicken, Tuscan Pork, and Kashmiri Prawns to Coconut
Crepe Layer Cake and Turkish Delight Pavlova, if you Love to Eat, then you will absolutely love this book. Love to Eat is the ninth book
from bestselling author and food director Valli Little, with the team behind one of Australia's leading food magazines, ABC delicious.
In this fully revised edition of Stephanie Alexander's best-selling 'bible' for the Australian kitchen, she has added two new chapters,
BUSH FOODS and GRAINS AND SEEDS, and the chapter on MUSHROOMS has been expanded to include information about the
exciting new truffle industry. Similarly, the chapter on ROCK LOBSTERS now includes information on scampi, and the popular
BASICS and EQUIPMENT sections have been enlarged to include more explanations and preparations essential in every cook's
repertoire. Stephanie has also added 70 new recipes, so this classic cookbook now includes close to 1000 failsafe recipes. These new
entries and recipes reflect the steady but sure acceptance of ingredients that were once considered only of marginal interest. Stephanie
has invaluable information about ingredients, techniques and kitchen equipment, along with inspiration, advice and encouragement.
SWEET ENVY 100 Recipes From the Grandest Little Bakehouse In Town hb by Alistair Wise & Teena Kearney-Wise $45.00
Sweet Envy is an old-fashioned sweet parlour, cake shop and bakehouse rolled into one destination of deliciousness in Hobart, Tasmania,
and run by acclaimed pastry-chef Alistair Wise and his wife and business partner Teena.The recipes in this book are a snapshot -- a slice
in time -- of the expert artisan produce of Sweet Envy: from pork & harissa sausage rolls and sticky pecan buns, or a seriously hautecouture cake with lashings of buttery icing. With over 100 fabulous recipes for pastries, both savoury and sweet, desserts, tarts, oldfashioned sweets, biscuits, cupcakes, gorgeous celebration cakes and ice cream to drool over (you'll want to lick the page, seriously).The
authors have worked in some of the most prestigious pastry kitchens in the world, so these recipes are packed with the ancient wisdoms
of professional pastry-chef experience. Includes hilarious anecdotes and wry observations of community life among Hobart's farmers,
foodies and friends, provide a somewhat anarchic sense of humour not usually associated with the sweet art of baking.
FOOD FASHION LOVE hb by Fleur Wood (224 pages) RRP $59.99
Fleur Wood is one of Australia's leading fashion designers. She has stores around Australia, along with a loyal clientele in the United
States and Europe. Her brand has become synonymous with beauty and style. She has always had a passion for entertaining, which finds
expression in her first book: Food, Fashion, Friends. Fleur lives in Sydney with her husband, Nick, and their Labrador, Skip.
PRIMROSE BAKERY CHRISTMAS hb by Martha Swift (240 pages) RRP $49.99
The Primrose Bakery has been bringing an extra bit of twinkle to their Christmas baking for over a decade and in this book reveal their
unique twists and exciting reinventions of traditional Christmas treats, as well as all-new recipes to breathe fresh life into your festive
baking repertoire. The chapters feature over 100 delicious recipes for seasonal cupcakes, impressive wintry celebration cakes and
stunning dessert centrepieces and wonderfully personal edible gifts. Step-by-step sequences reveal the secrets behind assembling a
perfect layer cake, building a magnificent gingerbread house and rolling a perfect Yule log.
Also coming: AWW CHRISTMAS COOKING WITH THE WEEKLY pb by AWW (240 pages) RRP $29.99
For all Christmas titles please see our website – including MAGGIE’S CHRISTMAS hb by Maggie Beer RRP $49.99
GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF CHRISTMAS hb by Lizzie Kamenetzky (256 pages) RRP $59.99
For other Christmas titles including: MAGGIE’S CHRISTMAS hb by Maggie Beer RRP $49.99 – please also see our website
80 CAKES FROM AROUND THE WORLD hb by Claire Clark (192 pages) RRP $39.99
6 continents, 51 countries, 80 cakes. Cake, in all its multifarious incarnations, is adored the world over. Top pastry chef Claire Clark
explores six continents of cake culture in this treasury of adventurous baked delights. Discover the cakes most loved around the world
and make the best versions of them in your own home. These favourites are finessed to perfection and each given the inimitable Claire
Clark twist. An inspiring and diverse range of indulgent cakes for every home baker to enjoy!
MEALS IN A MUG 100 Delicious Recipes Ready to Eat In Minutes hb pb by Wendy Hobson (128 pages) RRP $16.99
You'll be astonished at the range and quality of individual meals that you can rustle up in a matter of minutes - in a mug, in a
microwave... With straightforward recipes that offer great little meals for one, you can't go wrong with this imaginative collection. From
Hot Cranberry and Almond Muesli to set you up for the day, to French Onion Soup for a stylish lunch, Pasta in a Creamy Herb Sauce for
supper followed by Chocolate and White Chocolate Chip Pudding for sheer indulgence, you'll be spoilt for choice.The book contains
well over 100 simple recipes for:Breakfasts, Soups, Pasta, noodles, rice and grains, Salads and vegetables, Meat and fish dishes, Egg and
cheese dishes, Desserts and cakes. There's no weighing, no complicated methods and no expensive or obscure ingredients, just easy,
tasty, everyday dishes.
THROUGH THE SEASONS Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook hb by Annabel Langbein (320 pages) RRP $49.99
Bestselling author Annabel Langbein is back with a brand new book featuring more than 200 fabulously simple recipes using fresh,
seasonal food. In a world that places so many demands on our lives, taking a few minutes to prepare a meal and enjoy the ritual of eating
together provides a rhythm to daily life and gives us a sense of belonging and connection to the cycles of nature. Home cooking isn't
about performance food and fancy tricks; it's about nourishment and care. And beginning with fresh, seasonal produce is one of the
simplest ways to make great food.. There are many gluten-free and vegetarian options, plus menu suggestions for every occasion, as well
as hundreds of Annabel's cooking and gardening tips and tricks. Annabel also brings her own twist to classics that will quickly become
delicious family favourites-including a guilt-free black velvet cake, the ultimate roast chicken, and the best sticky Asian pork belly you
will ever eat. Through the Seasons will inspire a fresh way of thinking and eating-more than just a cookbook, it's a toolkit for a good life.
Also coming: AWW IN SEASON hb by The Australian Women’s Weekly (240 pages) RRP $39.99
FOOD OF THE SOUTHERN FORESTS hb by Sophie Zalokar (400 pages) RRP $59.99
You may not have heard much about the Southern Forests, but you’ve probably been eating fresh food grown in this region your whole
life. Well-known Western Australian chef Sophie Zalokar (from the popular Foragers Field Kitchen & Cooking School in Pemberton)
brings together forty producers and gatherers from the land, freshwater and sea, and creates recipes that show her love of authentic and
exciting regional food, alongside the stories of the down-to-earth people who grow it. Zalokar sources seasonal produce from this diverse
and abundant region to offer surprising creations. Kale and ricotta wraps are served beside a wattleseed zaatar. Mulled blueberries join
elderflower fritters and sweet labna. Wild mushrooms are foraged. Fingerlimes garnish marron and avocado. Salted caramel butter is
spread on a macadamia and dried pear loaf. This book is a must for anyone interested in eating fresh, local and sustainable produce, as
well as an inspiration for the creative, forward-thinking cook.
1001 RESTAURANTS YOU MUST EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOU DIE hb by Jenny Linford (960 pages) RRP $49.99
What makes a restaurant truly great? Inside the pages of this delectable book you will discover the world's finest, oldest, most modern,
and most elegant places to eat. Some are so famous that their reputations are known worldwide, others are little-known establishments
you are unlikely ever to discover unless by pure chance. All are recommended by a global team of food critics and culinary writers, who
encourage you to visit them and experience the fabulous wealth of delicious delights they offer. Full-colour photographs and informative,
vibrant text help to bring the restaurants, their chefs, and their signature dishes to life. Also coming:
ADAM’S BIG POT Easy Meals for Your Family pb by Adam Liaw RRP $39.99
In his latest cookbook, Adam Liaw shows you how to prepare easy family meals and gives new answers for that age-old question:
'What's for dinner?' In this beautifully photographed cookbook, Adam takes a practical and creative approach to family cooking, creating
new flavours from ingredients you already know, all in just one big wok, pan, dish or pot. From fresh Vietnamese salads and simple
South African curries, to Korean grilled pork belly and one-pot Japanese classics, the dishes in ADAM'S BIG POT are basic enough for
the novice home cook, affordable enough to feed the whole family, and can all be made from basic supermarket ingredients. Whether
you're after easy classics like shaking beef, mee goreng and lamb vindaloo or looking to add new dishes to your repertoire like tiger-skin
chicken, snapper rice and Japanese souffle cheesecake, ADAM'S BIG POT is your guide to simple, creative family cooking.
MATT PRESTON COOKBOOK pb by Matt Preston RRP $39.99
[email protected] hb by Dan & Stephany Mulheron of My Kitchen Rules (402 pages) RRP $40.00
ESSENCE OF FRENCH COOKING hb by Michel Roux RRP $59.99
In this very personal book, Michel Roux distils a lifetime's knowledge into a definitive work on French food and cooking. Based around
100 classic recipes that have stood the test of time, this lavishly illustrated book explores the diversity of French cuisine, which for
centuries has influenced so many other styles of cooking around the world. Michel gives modern interpretations of classic dishes, with
his favourite variations and accompaniments. He provides expert guidance on classic techniques as well as fascinating stories about the
origins of recipes, ingredients and regional culinary traditions. In addition, there are features on French cheeses and wine.
FRENCH REGIONAL FOOD hb by Joel Robuchon & Loic Bienassis (312 pages) RRP $49.99
On a journey around the world's most exquisite and diverse range of dishes, from Brittany to Provence, celebrated chef Joel Robuchon
presents the very best in French traditional ingredients and recipes. Drawing on twenty years of research, this book explores the French
culinary landscape as never before - defining regions by their specific culinary identity and practice rather than sticking to today's formal
administrative divisions. In fifty beautifully illustrated and detailed recipes and featuring over 200 iconic locally produced ingredients,
French Regional Food offers you the authentic flavours of France.
Also coming: ALEXANDRE GAUTHIER – CHEF HB BY Alexandre Gauthier (336 pages) RRP $80.00
NEVER TRUST A SKINNY ITALIAN CHEF hb by Massimo Bottura (296 pages) RRP $79.99
This book is a tribute to three-michelin star restaurant, Osteria Francescana and the twenty-five year career of its chef, Massimo Bottura.
Osteria Francescana is Italy’s most celebrated restaurant and chef Massimo Bottura takes inspiration from contemporary art to create
highly innovative dishes that play with Italian culinary traditions. It’s an approach that has won him three Michelin stars and the number
three place on the World's 50 Best Restaurant list. This book is a tribute to Bottura’s twenty-five year career and the evolution of
Osteria Francescana. The book features 50 recipes and accompanying texts explaining Bottura’s inspiration, ingredients and techniques.
Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef is the first book from Bottura - the leading figure in modern Italian gastronomy.
SEMPLICE Authentic Food of Italy Ingredients and Recipes hb by Dino Joannides (512 pages) RRP $69.99
Dino Joannides is a consummate food fanatic and bon Viveur. Dino will let you in on the secrets that make Culatello di Zibello the best
possible cured meat, and will show you that it is worth seeking out pecorino Romano for your pasta carbonara. Taking different elements
of Italian cooking and exploring their origin and provenance, Dino will explode myths and expound facts surrounding some of the key
ingredients in Italian cooking. There are also 100 delicious recipes to show you how to put your well-sourced ingredients together to
make the most amazing, achievable and authentic Italian possible.
FLOUR + WATER – PASTA hb by Thomas McNaughton (272 pages) RRP $59.99
San Francisco's flour + water has a devoted local following, a strong national reputation, and is well known for its specialty regional
pasta varieties, all-Italian wine program, and star chef Thomas McNaughton. McNaughton is an artisan truly passionate about pasta
whose inventive recipes and fresh flavo ur combinations set Flour + Water apart. 75 recipes are organized seasonally, and appeal to all
pasta-lovers. Steeped in Italian tradition with a chef's flair, Flour + Water is a must-have for all home pasta-makers.
CHOP SIZZLE WOW – THE SILVER SPOON COMIC BOOK hb by Phaidon (104 pages) RRP $29.99
Chop Sizzle, Wow is a highly original graphic cookbook containing 50 quick, simple and classic Italian recipes from the Silver Spoon
kitchen. Every recipe is illustrated, step by step, in comic book style, taking cooks young and old, new and experienced, on a playful
culinary adventure. Featuring an irreverently written introduction to shopping, equipment, techniques, ingredients, and cooking the
Italian way, Chop, Sizzle, Wow is the perfect addition to the Silver Spoon series.
HOW TO EATALY A Guide to Buying Cooking and Eating Italian Food hb by EATALY et al (304 pages) RRP $49.99
The secrets to Italian cooking, straight from the source-the wildly popular food emporium that is founded in Italy. Here, Eataly's team of
experts, including Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich, covers everything you need to know about Italian food, starting from the ground
up. How to Eataly tells you what to look for in the market, then offers one hundred recipes for contemporary classics such as Acorn
Squash with Lentils, Vesuvio Pasta with Sausage, and Panna Cotta with Streusel. In addition, the book is packed with simple ideas for
what to do with staples, from olive oil to mozzarella. Whether you are cooking from scratch or using some store-bought components,
How to Eataly empowers you to create delicious meals by fostering a total understanding of Italian cooking.
DABBOUS THE COOKBOOK hb by Ollie Dabbous (416 pages) RRP $59.99
Occupying an edgy urban space in London's Fitzrovia, Dabbous is the restaurant that has stunned critics and diners since it opened in
2012 to rapturous reviews and it has already been awarded a Michelin star. Behind the sheet metal door, chef Ollie Dabbous creates light,
modern dishes that are both sophisticated and deceptively delicate; jewel-like creations that are in stark contrast with the restaurant's
industrial decor. The ethos of the restaurant: stripped-down and pure, with exquisite photographs of each dish. As the distillation of Ollie
Dabbous' creativity, it is without doubt the most desirable cookery book of the year. Ollie spent time with Rene Redzepi at Noma and
with Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck (to name a few) but it was his years spent working with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux
Quat' Saisons that most profoundly influenced his cooking.
DUCK & WAFFLE Recipes and Stories hb by Daniel Doherty (224 pages) RRP $35.00
Duck & Waffle has been one of the most talked-about restaurant. Located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower on Bishopsgate it's London's
only upscale 24-hour restaurant, serving an average of 4,000 customers a week. 29-year old Daniel Doherty, winner of Tatler's Rising
Star Chef award at the 2013 Restaurant Awards, is the executive chef and his cooking has turned the restaurant into an instant success.
Daniel's modern take on European cuisine showcases his culinary diversity, with an emphasis on local, rustic, seasonal and sustainable
British ingredients. The book has 100 recipes for breakfast/brunch dishes, small plates, main courses, desserts and cocktails and captures
the atmosphere as the sky, cityscape and clientele shift through a 24-hour period.
NEW NAPA CUISINE hb by Christopher Kostow (304 pages) RRP $89.99
The debut cookbook from the head of the three-Michelin starred Restaurant at Meadowood, featuring 100 recipes and spotlighting the
artisans, gardeners and growers and hidden landscapes of the Napa Valley, that influenced and inspired Kostow's unparalleled cuisine.
THE REAL FOOD OF CHINA hb by Leanne Kitchen (440 pages) RRP $69.99
This book is inspired by Leanne Kitchen and Antony Suvalko’s travels to China and the realisation that what is commonly perceived as
‘Chinese food’ in the Western world forms only part of the story. They capture the essence of simple home cooking and the wide variety
of food that changes from region to region. Chapters include cold dishes, soups and hotpots, dumplings, breads and noodles, pork,
chicken, fish, vegetables and desserts. With stunning location photography from each region as well as beautiful food photography
throughout, this book offers a delicious and accessible insight into the everyday side of Chinese cooking.
MADE IN INDIA Cooked In Britain Recipes from An Indian Family Kitchen hb by Meera Sodha (320 pages) RRP $45.00
Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour and in this book, Meera Sodha introduces Britain to the food she grew up
eating here every day. In this collection, Meera serves up a feast of over 130 delicious recipes collected from three generations of her
family: there's everything from hot chappatis to street food, fragrant curries, to colourful side dishes, and mouth-watering puddings. .
Also coming: MY PORTUGAL Recipes and Stories hb by Chef George Mendes & Genevieve Ko (256 pages) RRP $45.00
UNDER THE WALNUT TREE Great Recipes from Our Kitchen by Anna & Fanny Bergenstrom now in paperback $29.99
LAST SUPPERS A Collection of Final Meals Through the Years hb by Caroline West RRP $19.99
MEXICO The Cookbook hb by Phaidon (704 pages) RRP $59.99
Mexico: The Cookbook is the definitive bible of home-cooking from Mexico. The book features more than 700 delicious and authentic
recipes that can be easily recreated at home. From tamales, fajitas, and moles to cactus salad, blue crab soup, and melon seed juice, the
recipes are a celebration of the fresh flavours and ingredients from a country whose cuisine is revered around the world. Organized by
food type/style (Street Food, Starters, Drinks, Fish and Seafood, Meat and Poultry, Vegetables, Pulses and Rice, and Dessert) this book
also includes an extensive introduction to Mexican culinary history, ingredients, and techniques, while a Chef Menu section proffers
inspirational recipes and menus by some of the world's most prominent Mexican chefs.
Also coming: TAMALES hb by Alice G Tapp (160 pages) RRP $34.99
COMPTOIR LIBANAIS EXPRESS hb by Dan Lepard and Tony Kitous (288 pages) RRP $59.99
‘Inspired by the best dishes and ingredients eaten in the Lebanon and at Comptoir Libanais, it's about simple ingredients and preparing in
advance to take the hassle out of cooking delicious meals.' Tony Kitous is a rising star in the culinary world. Screen-tested for a series on
BBC and appearing in 'Food and Drink' he is tipped to be one of the new faces of 2014. Pages on everyday key ingredients, like
aubergines or yoghurt, with ideas that transform them from their shopping-bag state into easily prepared components of a fantastic meal.
Filled with simple ideas and dishes, you can combine as you like, making relaxed meals that are endlessly variable.
Also coming: LEBANESE COOKBOOK Revised and Updated Edition pb by Hussien Dekmak RRP $29.99
BANH MI HANDBOOK hb by Andrea Quynhgiao Nguyen (132 pages) RRP $59.99
Who can resist the addictive combination of crisp baguette, succulent fillings (such as grilled pork, roast chicken, or "the special," which
is loaded with garlicky pork liver pt and thin slices of Vietnamese cold-cuts) and toppings (like tangy daikon and carrot pickles, thin
chile slices, refreshing cucumber strips, and pungent cilantro sprigs)? Banh mi are the epitome of delicious street food, and their
popularity has skyrocketed. Respected food writer Andrea Nguyen's simple recipes for proteins, condiments, pickles, and more are a
great introduction for those looking to venture into Vietnamese cuisine but who are intimidated by complicated recipes.
Also coming: DUMPLINGS ALL DAY WONG pb by Lee Anne Wong RRP $24.99
BEAUTIFUL FOOD pb by Jody Vassallo (224 pages) RRP $39.99
Healthy recipes to nourish you, inside and out. 130 delicious recipes to make nutrition easy.In Beautiful Food health food guru Jody
Vassallo offers a quiet argument for the power of genuinely nutritious food to heal, nourish and restore, inside and out. If you are
struggling to find lovely recipes that are low GI, gluten-free and low allergen, or you would just like to focus more on eating well, here
are 130 easy but very evolved recipes that will fuel your body with optimum nutrition in dishes everyone will want to eat. Underpinned
by Ayurvedic principles of eating to support your body type, Beautiful Food gently encourages you to take your own path to health, and
reveals the power of the right ingredients to bring balance to the digestive system and joy to the taste buds. With recipes for every season,
body type and time of day. Beautiful Food will show you how food can be your medicine, bringing you an overall sense of wellbeing and
vitality with some truly delicious dishes.
OH SHE GLOWS COOKBOOK by Angela Liddon (336 pages) RRP $29.99
A self-trained chef and food photographer, Angela Liddon has spent years perfecting the art of plant-based cooking, creating inventive
and delicious recipes that have brought her devoted fans from all over the world. After struggling with an eating disorder for a decade,
Angela vowed to change her diet - and her life - once and for all. She traded the low-calorie, processed food she'd been living on for
whole, nutrient-packed vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and more. The result? Her energy soared, she healed her relationship with
food, and she got her glow back, both inside and out.
GREEN KITCHEN TRAVELS Healthy Vegetarian Food Inspired by our Adventures hb by
David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl (256 pages) RRP $45.00
David, Luise and their daughter Elsa are a family who love to travel. Hungry to see and taste more of the world, they had embarked on an
around-the-world trip by the time Elsa was just seven months old. Take your own inspiration from their travels: start the day with
indulgent almond pumpkin waffles from San Francisco, tuck into a raw beansprout pad thai from Thailand for lunch, and a Sri Lankan
vegetable curry for supper. With easy to find ingredients and simple instructions, these recipes are sure to be a success. With stunning
photography and food styling, as well as personal anecdotes and images from the authors travels, Green Kitchen Travels shares
modern and inspiring vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes.
GREENILICIOUS 101 Ways to Love Your Greens pb by Amanda Benham & Leigh Drew (208 pages) RRP $34.99
COASTAL CHEF Culinary Art of Seaweed & Algae in the 21st Century pb by Claudine Tinellis (258 pages) RRP $39.99
HAIRY DIETER’S GOOD EATING pb by Dave Myers & Si King (192 pages) RRP $35.00
VEGETARIAN CURRY EASY hb by Madhur Jaffrey (352 pages) RRP $55.00
Madhur Jaffrey is the queen of curries and the world authority on Indian Food, having published over 15 cookbooks on the subject over
the last 40 years. Following on from her bestselling cookbook, Curry Easy, Madhur is back with a beautiful new cookbook, Vegetarian
Curry Easy. Offering over 200 brand new and simply delicious recipes, Madhur cooks a tantalising, mouth-watering array of meat-free
dishes and proves, yet again, how easy it is to cook authentic Indian food at home.
GOING VEGAN pb by Joni Newman RRP $34.99
EVERYDAY ART OF GLUTEN-FREE 125 Savory&Sweet Recipes Using 6 Fail Proof Flour Blends hb by Karen Morgan $29.99
GLUTEN FREE TAPAS hb by Spencer Clements RRP $35.00
Tapas are tasty morsels of food traditionally served with drinks in cafes and bars of Spanish speaking nations. These small platefuls of
food are meant for sharing with family and friends in a convivial environment. This delicious cookbook presents plenty of traditional
recipes as well as contemporary ideas for creating platters of flavorful food using new and exciting ingredients. Here are recipes that can
be enjoyed by anyone at any time, but most importantly cater for the guest with a wheat or gluten allergy.
PALEO BREAD pb $16.99
POWER OF LIVING RAW hb by Nicky Arthur (176 pages) RRP $29.99
Raw food is the up-coming trend. It helps balance the body so that it works more efficiently. The book also helps you to understand your
digestive system and gives practical advice on how to achieve and maintain excellent health through over 100 interesting and tasty food
ideas and recipes. Also coming: EASY AFFORDABLE RAW pb by Lisa Viger (176 pages) RRP $34.99
ALKALINE CURE pb by Stephan Domenig (176 pages) RRP $24.99
The Alkaline Cure is the answer to weight loss, well-being and a longer life. From the world's most famous detox clinic comes a book
that will change the way you eat forever. Follow this simple 14-day diet and you will see dramatic physical changes. By creating a more
alkaline environment with the foods you eat, you can reduce inflammation and therefore the risk of disease. The digestive system is
central for this cure. The alkaline cure is a powerful anti-ageing program that will transform you from the inside out. By following the
clinically tested 14 day plan, you will cleanse your overworked digestive system, reverse years of damage and feel better than ever
before. Also coming: FODMAP SOLUTION pb by Shasta Press RRP $16.99
WOOD-FIRED PIZZA OVEN hb by John Pellicano (240 pages) RRP $29.99
The arrival of the outdoor pizza oven into suburban backyards has opened up a new world for pizza lovers and those who appreciate
well-cooked food. In Build Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven, author and chef John Pellicano takes the reader through the steps of building
and maintaining an outdoor pizza oven, and shares 40 of his best pizza recipes. The variety of toppings on offer, this book will make a
gourmet chef of even the most casual weekend warrior. This book also displays other foods that can be successfully cooked in an outdoor
oven such as; roast dinners, chicken wings and vegetable dishes that will maximize your outdoor pizza oven experience.
TOUT HACHE Meatballs Tartare Burgers hb by Moderne Cafe (144 pages) RRP $39.99
Tout Hache: meat chopped, minced or ground - but not only meat. Many countries have a fine tradition of mixing and binding an array of
ingredients to create simple but delicious dishes, whether chopped up finely as tartare, fashioned into burgers or rolled into meatballs,
boulettes or dumplings. Also coming: MEAT Everything You Need to Know hb by Pat LaFrieda (America’s Most Celebrated
Butcher) RRP $49.99 and SCHOOL OF FISH hb by Ben Pollinger (Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant Oceana) $45.00
From the acclaimed executive chef of a Michelin-starred Manhattan seafood restaurant comes a comprehensive, beautifully designed
guide to cooking fish, for home cooks of all skill levels. This book is an all-encompassing culinary education in one handy--not to
mention gorgeously photographed--cookbook. With more than 100 recipes organized by technique from the easiest to the most
advanced. Also includes a Fish-ionary, a Guide to Unusual Ingredients, and detailed step-by-step photos to complement the 100
photographed recipes.
PASTRY PERFECTION Foolproof Recipes for the Home Cook hb by Nick Malgieri (224 pages) RRP $45.00
Over the years master baker Nick Malgieri has shared many pastry dough recipes, from ridiculously easy (mix with a fork and press into
the pan) to quite elaborate (classic puff pastry, croissants, etc.). In this book, he gives you a range of all types of doughs, step-by-step
photos (and videos on his website) about how to prepare them and also how to roll them, shape them, and bake them. If you have a bad
case of fear of pastry or fear of rolling he can promise you that if you follow the simple instructions here you ll be able to tackle any
pastry project you like. Starting off as usual with a quick tutorial on ingredients and equipment, Nick then delves into sweet tarts and
tartlets; sweet pies, cobblers and crisps; savory pies and tarts; strudels, puff pastries, including those with cream, and brioche. With over
125 recipes, including a tutorial on Turkish pastries and Viennese strudels, and beautifully photographed by former Gourmet magazine
photographer Romulo Yanes with former Gourmet magazine food stylist Paul Grimes, Nick Malgieri s Pastry is the new definitive pastry
This edition has a decidedly feminine character. It includes the newest creations of a dozen female pastry chefs who have earned their
place among the elite of the sector thanks to their efforts and talents. In addition, it presents the works of a further 16 chefs who wanted
to share their most recent creations with all their friends at So Good.
Internationally renowned cake decorator Zoe Clark takes her first ever foray into kids cakes in her most accessible, beginner-friendly
book to date! This stunning collection of 12 easy-to-achieve cake designs shows you that beautiful novelty cakes for children is not only
possible but simple if you follow these clear step-by-step tutorials from one of the best sugar craft teachers in the world. These
sophisticated, contemporary and desirable cakes for girls and boys include cake a baby elephant design, a 3D toy box cake, an enchanted
garden design and a circus-inspired cake for younger children as well as a surfing cake, paintball cake and make-up cake for older
children. Zoe will also teach you how to make 'surprise inside' cakes, which reveal a pattern when you cut into the cake.
TOTALLY CHOCOLATE 60 Deliciously Seductive Recipes hb by Eric Lanlard RRP $14.99
COUTURE CUPCAKES hb by Eric Lanlard RRP $14.99
HOME BAKING hb by Jo Wheatley RRP $39.99
Jo Wheatley, winner of the Great British Bake Off 2011, shares a new collection of the hearty food. All of the 100 recipes featured have
been taste tested and enjoyed by generations of Jo's family. Easy recipes for little ones, tasty pies and tarts, delicious pastries and
sumptuous cakes all fill the pages of Home Baking. The recipes are refreshingly simple and honest, and all made regularly for her family.
AFTERNOON TEA Delicious Cakes For Every Occasion pb by Sue Simkins RRP $19.99
This book contains a fascinating collection of delicious recipes for every kind of tea you could imagine, whether it is simple tea and
biscuits, traditional afternoon tea, or a more substantial high tea for the children. You'll also find lots of ideas for special occasion teas
such as children's parties and christenings. It includes sandwiches and savouries cakes, buns and scones, pastries and biscuits There is
also an overview of all the different kinds of tea available to drink plus lemonade recipes for summer tea in the garden.
COOKIES hb by Peggy Porschen (64 pages) RRP $14.99
Cookies is a practical yet inspiring pocket-sized guide to baking and decorating cookies. Simple and easy to make, the basic cookie
recipes - which include vanilla, chocolate and gingerbread - can be used to make over 20 delightful designs. Ideas include cookies for
every occasion, and range from tuxedos, dresses and multiple tier cakes for wedding favours; balloons, presents and candles for parties;
snowflakes, Christmas jumpers and a gingerbread house for Christmas; and boats, ice cream cones and tea pots for themed events. With
clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs of every cookie, these designs are all so easy to achieve. Also:Cupcakes hb $14.99
PIE SCHOOL hb by Kate Lebo (240 pages) RRP $49.99
KITCHEN ECOSYSTEM pb by Eugenia Bone (400 pages) RRP $52.99
Gena Bone's "kitchen ecosystem" is a set of interconnected fresh and preserved foods that reflects her mostly Mediterranean palate,
simple locavorism, and easy strategies for creating a perpetual pantry that will save time and money while enhancing the flavour. 400
recipes in this comprehensive cookbook showcase how 40 common ingredients can be used in three ways: fresh, preserved, and by using
parts usually tossed to boost the flavor of a whole new dish. The yield? Food that is more delicious with less effort-and a pantry and
refrigerator that are always stocked with flavor-boosters.
BAY TREE BOOK OF PRESERVING Over 100 Recipes for Jams Chutneys and Relishes Pickles Sauces and Cordials
and Cured Meat and Fish hb by Emma MacDonald RRP $39.99
BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MAKING AND USING DRIED FOODS pb by Teresa Marrone (352 pages) RRP $24.99
Expert Teresa Marrone thoroughly covers the basic techniques, all the way through storing and rehydrating your dried foods. Marrone
also includes recipes for using your dried foods in a wide range of delicious dishes, from pies and cookies to stews and casseroles. There
are even instructions for drying fresh pasta and making vegetable snack chips and baby-food purees.
BLUE CHAIR COOKS WITH JAM & MARMALADE hb by Rachel Saunders (368 pages) RRP $50.00
Building on the success of her James Beard Award-nominated Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, Rachel Saunders' Blue Chair Cooks: Morning,
Noon & Night is both the definitive modern guide to using preserves in cooking and an exciting exploration of flavours and ingredients.
Organized by time of day, recipes are nuanced and unusual and cover the broadest possible array of techniques and ideas.
KITCHN COOKBOOK hb by Sara Kate Gillingham Ryan (304 pages) RRP $64.99
From Apartment Therapy's cooking site, The Kitchn, comes 150 recipes and a cooking school with 50 essential lessons, as well as a
guide to organizing your kitchen--plus storage tips, tool reviews, inspiration from real kitchens, maintenance suggestions, 200
photographs, and much more.
FARM FORK FOOD A Chef Celebrates Home-Grown Produce hb by Eric Stokan (402 pages) RRP $39.99
IN A NUTSHELL Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds hb by Andrea Tutunjian RRP $37.99
MIX IT UP With Cocktails and Light Bites hb by Grant Collins & Sue Stubbs
This beautiful book features 127 contemporary and on-trend cocktails that are easy to make at home. Includes the history of alcohol and
cocktail making and give some insightful information on the origins of some of the best-loved cocktails. Includes nibbles and canapés.
SHAKE hb by Eric Plum and Josh Williams RRP $49.99
JOY OF HOME DISTILLING The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own vodka Whiskey Rum Schnapps and Brandy $18.99
BAROLO AND BARBARESCO The King and Queen of Italian Wine hb by Kerin O’Keefe RRP $53.99
MODERN TEA A Fresh Look at an Ancient Beverage hb by Lisa Boalt Richardson RRP $39.99