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Doretha W. Edgecomb
April Griffin
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Cindy Stuart
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Assistant Principal
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Assistant Principal
Rachael O’Dea
Parents, community members, business partners and friends of Roland Park School for International
Studies K-8 Magnet Program:
Make plans now to be a part of the annual Great American Teach-In, on Thursday, November 20, 2014!
We are looking for volunteers to speak to students in this community-wide effort. Come and share with
our future leaders something about your career, your experiences, your hobby, and yourself.
This event is perfect opportunity to let our students know we care about them. If you would like to
participate in this amazing event, please fill out the below portion and return it to your child’s teacher
as by October 31, 2014
You will receive a confirmation with class assignments and times as the event gets closer.
Thank you,
Tara Evans
Great American Teach-In Coordinator
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Presenter’s Name: _________________________________________
Child’s Name: _____________________________________
Child’s Grade and Homeroom Teacher’s Name: __________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________[text OK? Y N]
Email: _____________________________
Presentation Topic(s): _________________________________________________________________
Equipment (A/V) I will need: __________________________________________________________
Please select the times you are able to speak and whether you prefer to share with elementary student
(PYP), ___middle school students (MYP)___, or either___. (check one)
Time Available to Speak***:
(PYP) 8-10 a.m. _____ 10-12p.m. ______ 12-2p.m_______
Middle School/MYP: (period=P)
P1 (8:45-9:30) _____ P2 ( )_____ P3 () ____ P5 ()________ P6() _____ P7 () ______
Number of Presentations I am willing to do ______
***Please specify the number of presentations you are willing to do, so we can accurately maximize
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