reducing downtime and increasing sales OVERVIEW DETailS

Use Case | Canadian Automotive and Commercial Heavy Duty Aftermarket
Reducing Downtime and Increasing Sales
The Client
By using CRM, a large motor oil distributer reduced sales rep downtime and simplified
customer-centric procedures – increasing revenues and improving customer service.
An exclusive Canadian distributor
for a premium oil brand serving
the Canadian market for over five
decades with revenues of over $200
million a year across North America.
After visiting as many as 30 prospects and customers a day, sales reps returned to the office to
complete detailed handwritten reports. Often lost or incorrect, paperwork for processes such as
new customer on-boarding could take several weeks to complete requiring numerous steps. The
clumsy pen and paper system was time consuming and error prone. The process was sufficient, but
not reflective of the company’s commitment to innovation.
• Reduced processing time
• Increased sales
• Fewer data errors
• Reduced risk
• Faster new-hire training
• High user adoption
The client wanted a single electronic solution that would allow sales reps to submit reports on-thego while assisting with vital sales functions. The list of requirements included electronic signature
capture, offline capabilities and integration with existing systems.
Our team implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM with customizations including unique entities,
forms, signature capture and integration for ERP and BI systems.
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM
As a result, sales reps were able to complete reports and update account information while in the
field. With less desk time, the sales team was able to engage more clients and prospects leading to
increased sales revenues without increasing the team’s size. Processes were streamlined reducing
the risk of manual errors and improved processing times for vital functions such as new customer
on-boarding, which was reduced to only a couple of days.
The client was pleased with the results from their investment in CRM and continue to work with
CRM Dynamics for further enhancements to their solution for over three years.