18th Sunday HOLY HAPPENINGS This Week at Holy Spirit

This Week at Holy Spirit
SUNDAY, 10/12/2014
MONDAY, 10/13/2014
TUESDAY, 10/14/2014
WEDNESDAY, 10/15/2014
THURSDAY, 10/16/2014
FRIDAY, 10/17/2014
SATURDAY, 10/18/2014
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30, 8:45, 10:45 AM
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Children & Youth
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Adults: CFL (WC)
9:45 AM Fellowship & Hospitality (117/119)
12:30 PM Healing Service (ASR)
2:30 PM Rejoicing Spirits (WC)
9:30 AM Stitch ‘n Chat (Choir Room)
10:00 AM Youth doing construction cleanup
7:00 PM IT Mission Team Meeting (117/119)
9:00 AM Sr. Group Intellectual Stimulation (117/119)
11:00 AM Staff Meeting (117/119)
4:15 PM Rejoicing Ringers (WC)
5:30 PM Worship Enrichment (117/119)
6:15 PM Children’s Chime Choir (WC)
6:45 PM God’s Voices (WC)
7:15 PM Spirit Ringers (WC)
7:15 PM Adult Choir Rehearsal (WC)
8:00 PM Festival Choir Rehearsal (WC)
PM EHS Football Parking
9:00 AM Praise Band (WC)
10:00 AM Youth Music Team Rehearsal (WC)
10:00 AM 9th Grade Faith Journey (Room 10/11)
SUNDAY, 10/19/2014
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30, 8:45, 10:45 AM
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Children & Youth
9:45 AM Faith Formation for Adults: CFL (WC)
9:45 AM Fellowship & Hospitality (117/119)
9:45 AM High School SCS Leader’s Meeting (1/2)
12:00 PM National Youth Gathering Mtg (ASR)
4:00 PM THE STORY Bible Study (ASR)
5:30 PM New Member Pizza Party (MPR)
ASR=All Saints Room
PM 9th Grade Faith Journey (10/11)
MR=Music Room
WC=Worship Center
18th Sunday
after Pentecost
October 12, 2014
We welcome all who worship with us today. Visitors are invited to sign
the guest register in the Lobby. People at the Information Desk would like a
chance to welcome guests. If you are interested in membership, please talk
with one of our Pastors or Jane Elliott, AIM.
Todays flowers are given to the Glory of God by Yvonne and Larry Gilbert
in honor of their granddaughter, Sydney Faustner’s, 16th birthday.
Children aren't just welcome, they are embraced. We know kids are
in worship and make noise. The psalmist David said, “make a joyful noise to
the Lord!” It’s great to hear all people respond during worship. If your child
should need a break, there is child care available in room 110. Parents are
always welcome to stay with their children there. Parents must sign children
in and out of nursery care.
Clipboards and Bible bags are available for children’s use during worship
and can be found at the main entrance to the worship area.
Members and guests are invited to sign the Friendship Register, pass it down
the row for other worshippers to sign, and introduce yourself to those
worshipping around you.
Let your friends know about Holy Spirit by tweeting, checking in, Instagraming, etc. that you are here. Our congregation's hashtag is #LCHolySpirit.
While you are on your phone or tablet, please make sure it is on silent so
you do not disrupt our worship time together.
Prayer cards are available at the Information Desk should you need to
request special prayer. Completed prayer cards may be given to a pastor for
inclusion in the morning prayers. During the week, please notify the church
office if you or a member of your family is hospitalized.
This Week: Dr. Audrey West presents: Listen, then listen again! If
we wonder about the meaning of Jesus’ parables, we are in good company —
the disciples wondered as well. We’ll “dig in” to one of Jesus’ parables and
consider what it might teach the disciples, then and now.
Next Week: Oct. 19th - Context matters: Who heard the parable? What
else is happening at the time the parable is told? In which Gospel is it found?
What difference does it make? These are some of the questions we’ll consider
as we tackle another of the parables of Jesus.
Faith Formation for Children and Youth
Three Year Olds:
Noah and the Ark
Four Year Olds:
Tower of Babel
Baby Moses
First Grade:
Birth of Moses
Second Grade:
The Wedding Banquet
Third & Fourth Grade: Rejoice in the Lord Always
Fifth Grade:
Religions of the World
SIMPLICITY IN GOD’S PRESENCE: An informal monthly worship service
of healing, wholeness and hope will be held this afternoon at 12:30 pm in the
All Saint’s Room. We will pray together, hear God’s Word, lay on hands, bless
with oil, commune and listen for God’s healing. Large print worship bulletins
will be available.
REJOICING SPIRITS, special needs worship, will be held this afternoon at
2:30 p.m. Please join us for an “Autumn Celebration” followed by fellowship
and refreshments.
PREPAREDNESS WORKSHOP—Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 9am, Gail Toscano from
the American Red Cross will make a presentation to the Senior Group on
emergency preparedness. This workshop is designed to equip individuals with
the basic information and resources needed to effectively handle emergency
situations. Worksheets will be supplied. Everyone welcome! (Room 117/119)
PUMPKIN PAINTING & CARVING: Families are invited to join us for an
evening of pumpkin decorating on Friday, October 24 at 6:30 pm in
the MPR. This event is BYOP (bring your own pumpkin.) If you have
carving tools at home, please bring them along. A box for “pumpkin”
transportation is helpful. Refreshments will be provided. A sign up
sheet is posted at the Event Sign-Up Center. Questions, see Karin Kahler.
Remember these members and friends of Holy Spirit in your prayers.
Shut In/Homebound—prayers for God’s presence...
Andy Beible, Dottie Blomster, Doris Boehmer, Betty Buehrle, Irene Davies, Phyllis Fenstermacher, David Gearhart, Dolly Gyory, Lorraine Haas, Ray Karoly,
Margaret Legenhausen, Christopher Limpar, Betty Meckley, Mae Rhode, Clo
Minner, Joy Robinson, Geno Ruggiero, Rose Salter, Glenn and Norine Shafer,
Betty & Russ Sterner.
In Times of Illness for God’s healing…Joan Beiler, Rodger Black, John
Brndjar, Sr., Jonathan Burmeister, Jan Emling, Carol Eroh, Glenn Fretz,
Larry Gilbert, Doris Giles, Alaina Grazio, Warren Gross, Lorraine Haas,
Vicki Hines, Heather James, Cindy Lepley, Carolyn Long, Brad MacCabe,
Jerry Masteller, Joe McGara, Chris McGrath, Kathy Miller, Elizabeth
Moessner, Mary Ellen Oberdorf, Austin Portz, Courtney Quinn, Kate
Reynolds, Jane Richmond-Lauffer, Jennifer Day Roth, Aggie Sandum, Jean
Schoemaker, Heidi Slansky, Andrew Smith, Bill and Lucille Snyder, Wayne
Steltz, Wilma Stewart, Charlene Vavrina, Teresa Venter & Family, Mark
and June VerSluis, Karen Wilhelm, Pat Ziegler, David Zink.
For support of our Lehigh Mission partners—Zion Lehigh Lutheran
Church, Alburtis, Interim pending.
The Prayer Chain is for the use and support of ALL people at Holy Spirit. If
you have a prayer concern or you would like others to join you in prayer, please
email the church office at [email protected] and your concern
will be shared with members of the prayer chain. If you would like to join the
prayer chain to pray for others, please contact the church office.
In the Event of a Pastoral Emergency
If, at any time, you find you are in emergency need of having a pastor contact
you, please follow these steps: Call the office at 610-967-2220 and press #3
after the general announcement.
If you, or a member of your family, are ever hospitalized, please let the
pastors know by contacting the church office at 610-967-2220. The hospitals no
longer notify the church due to HIPAA laws.
Weekend On-Call Schedule:
October 11/12—Pastor Ric Elliott-610-304-7924
October 18/19—Pastor Elliott-610-304-7924
October 25/26—Pastor Becca Middeke-Conlin-203-915-7303
Worship Coordinator
Doreen Micheletti
Bob Mueller
Emily Lamana, Kerry Seiler
Assisting Minister
Craig Scott
Vi Ballard
Alia Grois
Bob Stevens
Marian and Pete Schneck
Nancy Anderson, John Mosovsky
Jim Madara, Richard Micheletti
Jerry Masteller, Brenda Truhe,
Amy Scott
Bob Neitz, Brandie Barndt,
John and Linda Letts
Ava and Larry Killingsworth
Ann and Bob Neitz
Paige Mathieu
Lisa Transue
Information Desk
Marian Schneck
Nancy Anderson
Flower Delivery
Barbara Kendall
Praise Band: Bob Schuchart, Joe Tobey, Frank Mattes, Chris Kline, Justin Schaffer, Larry
Altar Guild: Suzanne Wendt, Cindy Hastings, Marian Harrison, Louise Metka, Lynda Swartz,
Yvonne Gilbert
George Kirchner, Worship Assistant, 1st Sunday, 7:30 a.m.
Judith Brndjar, Worship Assistant, 3rd Sunday, 7:30 a.m.
Pastor Ric Elliott
[email protected] (ext. 111)
Pastor Becca Middeke-Conlin [email protected] (ext. 109)
Pastor Jim Bowers
[email protected] (ext. 112)
Jane Elliott, AIM
[email protected] (ext. 108)
Dick Giles
[email protected] (ext. 105)
Edie Gliem
[email protected] (ext. 102)
Karin Kahler
[email protected] (ext. 107)
Diane Keister
[email protected] (ext. 120)
Sharon MacCabe
[email protected] (ext. 110)
Alice Mudge
[email protected] (ext. 101)
Michael Roeder
[email protected]
Bob Schuchart
[email protected] (ext. 104)
Financial Secretary
[email protected]
CONSTRUCTION to paint, organize the kitchen, clean
appliances, move stored furniture, chair racks, table racks,
etc. to the new storage areas from the MPR. Also, help is
needed to reinstall bulletin boards, tack strips and pictures
in Room 117/119 and hallway. If you can help, please see the sign-up poster
in the lobby (Event Sign-up Center). Dates and times are available to fit
your schedule. Questions? See Mike Epperly.
AS THE CONSTRUCTION AT HOLY SPIRIT is starting to come to a
close and as we prepare to move into our new space, we need help getting the
finishing touches done. We are looking for YOUTH of any age to help on
Monday, October 13 from 10am-2pm to help get the kitchen ready, clean up the
MPR and do some outdoor yard work. Please let Lisa Walton know if you can
help ([email protected]) or 484-431-7298.
THE FESTIVAL OF ALL SAINTS will be celebrated on
Sunday, November 2nd. We will remember those who have
died during the last year. You may also remember family
members, friends, and loved ones who have died by placing
their name in the designated basket in the narthex where forms
are provided. Names will be included in the prayers, bulletin and the All Saints
PowerPoint. Please submit remembrances by October 26th.
ALL SAINTS CONCERT—Sunday, November 2nd, 4 p.m. The Festival
Choir and orchestra will perform Dr. Dan Forrest’s Requiem for the Living.
Opportunities are available to support the concert series and honor a loved one in
a concert PowerPoint. Please see the pink insert for details.
AGAPE* IN CONCERT! On Sunday November 9, David Scherer, better
known as AGAPE* will be helping lead worship during the 8:45 service. That
afternoon at 2pm there will be a FREE concert as a Shared Youth Ministry event at
St. John's Emmaus. Please bring a non-perishable food item for the Allentown Food
AFFIRMING FAITH - Confirmation Sunday October 26. 9 youth from
Holy Spirit will be affirming their baptismal faith on Reformation Day at the 10:45
service. Please keep Kara Fagerstrom, Sara Flanders, Faith Hammerbeck, Brandon
Krasley, Maddie McGrath, Liz Rongione, Vince Rongione, Sarah Schuster, and Nate
Zimmerman in your prayers as they prepare to affirm their baptisms. We are
reminded by their affirmation that the church is constantly reforming.
FLY to ABE will be meeting on Monday, October 27 at 7 pm to discuss Orphan
Train by Christina Baker Kline and on Monday, November 24 at 7 pm to discuss
Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu. Please sign up at the Event Sign-up Center in
the Lobby. We will meet in room 117/119.
ADVENT INSPIRATION: The Faith Formation Mission
Team for Adults will be compiling an inspirational resource
for Advent which will be shared with the congregation daily
by email and/or as a printed booklet. Please sign up for one or
more days on the blue Advent Inspiration Signup sheet in the
lobby. You may write an inspiration and prayer about something which inspires or
strengthens your faith. For those who would prefer, the daily Bible readings are
listed as another option for something to write about. Please submit your
inspiration and prayer by email to Jane Elliott, AIM at [email protected] or Lisa Transue at [email protected] by November 12, 2014.
Let’s inspire and build up one another as we wait for the birth of the Christ child.
September 2014 Financial Results and Discussion: Operating
Performance: September was a strong month for us – our best since April.
Revenues and expenses were both better than expected. Revenues were
$71,535 and expenses were $61,858, giving us a surplus of $9,677, a great result
because we expected to run over a $4,000 deficit in September. Offering
revenue was strong, beating budget by over $7,400. Most of that can be
attributed to pledge catchup, as we were $3,400 behind year to date at the end
of August, and we ended September $3,700 ahead. Thanks to everyone for
staying current!
SUNDAY MORNING CAREGIVER Needed: This is a paid position; every
other Sunday morning from 8:30 – 12:00 pm. We are seeking an individual who
enjoys interacting with children; previous work/volunteer experience with
children would be beneficial. Interested applicants should contact Karin
Kahler. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
Expenses were down almost $6,600 to budget. Building maintenance expense
was $1,400 under budget, getting us back on budget year to date. Service
agreements and service contracts were $900 under budget but we are still
$7,000 over budget year to date. Other mission team savings saved over
$2,200 to budget in September, but it is not yet clear how much of that will
carry through to year end.
THE STORY: Bible study continues Sunday, 10/19 at 4pm and 10/20 at 7pm, led
by Dr. Frank Sherman. Additional sessions this fall on Oct. 26/27, Nov. 2/3, 9/10,
16/17, with four more in the winter and then four in the spring. Books ($5).
Questions, please contact Jane Elliott, AIM.
Year to date: Revenues are $636,109 and expenses are $616,273, giving us a
surplus of $19,836 through September, $17,387 better than our plan to this
point. Available Operating Cash: Operating cash increased to $76,540.
THE HEALTH MINISTRY TEAM would like to thank all who supported our
first event, blood pressure screenings on October 5. We are planning other
events and ask that you keep a sharp lookout for more information about these
plans in the future.
EHS FOOTBALL PARKING: During Emmaus High School
Football home games, LCHS will be asking people for a
donation to park in our parking lot. The donations will go
towards sending a group of high school students to the
National Youth Gathering in Detroit this coming July. Sign-up at
https://www.signupgenius.com/register to volunteer. Parking begins at 6 pm on
October 17 & 31.
ALL YOUTH who are currently in 8-12th grade are invited to spend a week in
Detroit July 15-19 for the National Youth Gathering. Registration forms and a
$150 deposit are due to Pastor Becca by October 20th. Registrations forms are
available on the bulletin board across from the All Saints Room. Adults who are
interested in going - please talk to Pastor Becca before October 20.
COLLEGE & CARE PACKAGES are being compiled to give our young adults
a boost of cheer in their mailboxes. Please see the board in the lobby to bring
microwave popcorn, chapstick, gum, granola bars, hot chocolate or wrapped hard
candy in by October 26. All young adults (ages 18-25) and/or their parents, please
give the church the young adult's contact info so we may send a care package. The
young adult need not be in college, living away from home or officially a member
of the congregation to receive a care package. Questions, please contact Pastor
Becca or Diane McMenamin.
Capital Campaign Line of Credit: We expect to have to make the first
draw on the line early in October. As of this writing, we have not yet received
the September construction invoice. Future Holy Happenings will be updated
as soon as the amount is known. Available Capital Campaign Cash: The
third progress payment of $120,182 was made in early September. We closed
the month with available cash balance in the capital campaign fund at $130,211.
Building Fund: The building fund balance is now $44,545. We began the year
with a balance of $23,354. $17,000 of the increase is due to the recent receipt
of very generous contributions from members to install HVAC in the remaining
classrooms upstairs.
Holy Spirit’s giving kiosk is here in the Lobby. If you would
like to do your giving or make a donation via a credit/debit
card please feel free to use the kiosk in the Lobby. The kiosk
is now also set up to receive credit/debit card payments e.g.
Project Help, Nursery School. If you register thereafter you
will be able to log in using your phone number. Your giving
will be recorded and a receipt sent to your e-mail address. You may also make
an anonymous donation. Instructions for using the kiosk may be found at the
kiosk. For additional information contact Bob Schuchart, Lorie Stout Sherman,
or Pam Harshey. Thank you for giving!
Are you interested in becoming part of our Holy Spirit family? TODAY is the
last day to register for our upcoming NEW MEMBER JOURNEY OF
CONNECTIONS: Sunday, October 19, 26, November 9, 16, 23. For more
info, contact Jane Elliott, AIM.