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Workers' Compensation Emerging Issues Analysis,
2014 Edition
Thomas A. Robinson, Robin E. Kobayashi, Editors-in-Chief
An excellent reference guide—I like how it’s broken
down by State and subject respectively.
—Anthony Pisciotta, Area Vice President-Claims, Arthur J. Gallagher& Co.
• A Unique Compendium of Issues, Trends & Cases
• 50 State Survey of Workers’ Comp-Related Legislation
• Detailed, In-Depth Analysis and Insight
Keep track of how the workers’ compensation landscape is changing
Workers' Compensation Emerging Issues Analysis, part of the Larson Series, is an
essential tool for the insurance industry, corporate risk managers, policy makers,
and lawyers to understand what changes are being contemplated on the national
level as well as in every state. Everything you need to know about workers'
compensation in 2014 is contained in this compendium of legal issues and cases.
Who should use this resource
• Producers and Executives at brokers, TPAs or service providers preparing for
client stewardship meetings
• Claim Supervisors handling or overseeing multiple states
• Corporate Risk Managers needing critical information to help develop a
forward-looking risk management plan
• Lawyers advancing the rule of law in the workers’ compensation setting
• Legislatures and policymakers seeking to improve their state’s workers’
compensation system
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Legal analysis by Thomas A. Robinson, JD, staff writer for Larson’s Workers’
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Compensation eNewsletter. Mr. Robinson is also an award-winning blogger at
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Workers' Compensation Emerging Issues Analysis,
2014 Edition
Table of Contents
National Trends
Temporary Workers and Their Unique Risks:
Shining a Risk Manager’s Analytical Light on an
Evolving Shadow Industry, by Karen C. Yotis
Workers’ Comp Industry Insiders Review the Lay of
the Land for 2014, by Karen C. Yotis
Top 10 Bizarre Workers' Comp Cases JanuaryAugust 2014, by Thomas A. Robinson
The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Dilemma for
Workers’ Compensation Claims, by Thomas A.
Benign Neglect: Can Failure to Follow Doctor’s
Advice Be Fatal to an Injured Worker’s Claim? by
Thomas A. Robinson
Compromise and Settlement: May an Employer
Include a Penalty Clause to Ward Off Further
Vexatious Claims? by Thomas A. Robinson
Injured Workers
WCRI Identifies Trust in the Workplace as a Key
“Predictor” of Outcomes Important to Injured
Workers, by Thomas A. Robinson
Why Injured Workers Lawyer Up, by Karen C. Yotis
Workers Memorial Day: Honoring the Dead as We
Fight for the Living, by Karen C. Yotis
Third Party Administrators
Choosing an Effective Third Party Administrator—
Do Your Homework! by Teresa McLoughlin Rice
Prescription Drugs & Medical Marijuana
The One-Two Punch of Benzodiazepines and
Opioids on Workers’ Compensation Claim Costs, by
Thomas A. Robinson
ACOEM Updates Guideline Regarding the Use of
Opioids in Safety-Sensitive Jobs, by Teresa
McLoughlin Rice
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: An
Effective Front in the Prescription Drug Abuse War?
by Teresa McLoughlin Rice
Waiting to Exhale: Employee Firing for Off-Duty
Medical Marijuana Use, by Roger Rabb
The Drug Law Evolution and The Workplace, by
Roger Rabb
Occupational Medicine & Workplace Safety
The Tension Between Evidence-Based Medicine and
Clinical-Based Medicine, by Thomas A. Robinson
New Study Points to Significant Underreporting of
Injuries to Bureau of Labor Statistics, by Thomas A.
Flu Shots for Employees: Don’t Hurry Through the
Screening Process During Employer-Provided
Inoculations, by Thomas A. Robinson
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: New Study Claims No
Association Exists Between CTS and Occupational
Computer Use, by Teresa McLoughlin Rice
Can a Successful Workplace Wellness Program
Improve a Company’s Stock Market Performance?
by Teresa McLoughlin Rice
Post-Hire Fitness Evaluation May Reduce Workers’
The Aging Workforce: How to Manage Workers’
Comp Costs for the Silver Bunch, by Karen C. Yotis
Bariatric Surgery: Is it a Workers’ Compensation
Medical Benefit? By Thomas A. Robinson
Obesity in the Workforce—An Expanding Problem,
by LexisNexis Editorial Staff
Fighting Fire With Fire—The Impact of Obesity on
Firefighter Health, by LexisNexis Editorial Staff
Pain Disorders and the New DSM-5, by Robert G.
Federal Spotlight
Comp Costs for Lower Back Injuries in Commercial
Truck Drivers, by Teresa McLoughlin Rice
Compensation: Helping Employers to Keep a
Foothold on Snowy Roads and Black Ice, by Karen
C. Yotis
Affordable Care Act: A New Body of Law With Lots
of Moving Parts, by Teresa McLoughlin Rice
Medicare Secondary Payer Law: 2013 in Review, by
Jennifer C. Jordan
Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance February
2014 Update, by Jennifer C. Jordan
State Spotlight
WCRI Continues to Build Baseline to Monitor Impact
of California’s Workers’ Compensation Reforms, by
Thomas A. Robinson
California Workers’ Comp Centennial: Thought
Leaders Speak the Truth About the Social Bargain
and Constitutional Goals, by Karen C. Yotis
Patients, Pills and Profits: Physician Dispensing
Increases Costs in Illinois Workers’ Comp Claims,
by Karen C. Yotis
100th Anniversary of New York Workers’
Compensation Law, by Ronald E. Weiss and Ronald
The Texas Blueprint for How to Lower Workers’
Comp Costs, by Stuart D. Colburn and Albert Betts, Jr.
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