ECHOES... From the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association

Oklahoma=s Largest Homeowners Association
October 2014
From the Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association
We have not had too many pool players this
past year. We would like to remind all adults that
the pool table in the lounge is in
good condition and open to play
whenever the offices or Clubhouse
is open.
Adults are welcome to
come by from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00
p.m. We have coffee made nearly
every morning. You can bring
your own sticks or play with ours.
We encourage you to come by and check out the
pool table, it’ a nice one!
The big Mexican dinner we held Sept. 19th
was yet another success. Over 100 homeowners
enjoyed some great Mexican food prepared by our
own Maintenance Supervisor, Miguel Montelongo.
There were margarita’s for drinking and ice cream
for dessert. The kids (and everyone else) enjoyed
busting open two pinata’s.
We also had visits from three of our Osage
County elected officials; County Commissioner,
Scott Hilton; County Assessor, Gail Hedgcoth and
Osage County District Judge John Kane. All three
will face opponents in the November general
The October Yard Of The Month Award
goes to homeowner longtime
homeowners Adolph & Laura
Williams of 2354 W Tecumseh St
in Russell Village.
For their outstanding yard
maintenance efforts, the Williams’ were presented
with a certificate of appreciation, a $25 gift
certificate and a sign placed in the front yard
recognizing their efforts in maintaining a great
looking lawn and home. Congratulations Dr. &
Mrs. Williams.
This year’s Village Representatives Elections will
be on Tuesday, October 21. The office will be open
from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Slate of candidates:
Roundtree Village – Sherry Leslie & Bob Ladd
Russell Village – Ron Nick & CJ Hurlbut
South Saddleback Village
– Ronald Edd & Charles Harris
Summertree Village
– Wilmon Brown & Willie Saulters
East Oakwood Village
– Carolyn Gill & Elisabeth Bate
The Annual Meeting this year will be on
Saturday, October 25th at 10:00 a.m. We will have
annual reports from all committees. These reports
will be posted on the website following the meeting,
so if you don’t make the meeting you can still check
out the various reports.
It may seem like a small thing when we ask
you to remove your trash cans from
sight but little by little all the small
things begin to add up. A few
broken or missing fence pickets
might not seem like a lot either or
that car that’s been left on the
driveway for a month now.
When these little things are added to a
house needing paint or with overgrown shrubs, you
soon have a blighted area and the property values
are dropping all over the neighborhood.
We are pleased to report that we had a nice
turnout for our golf tournament, held Sat. Sept. 27
at the Sand Spring Canyon Golf Course. We had a
total of 20 golfers, about half from outside
Gilcrease Hills. For a change, this year we had
excellent weather which was appreciated by
There was a real battle for 1st place this year
too. Two teams turned in an -11 under par. The
contest was finally decided by the better score on
certain handicapped holes. Awarded with first
place was the team of Tim Ray, Leonard Lakey, J.
W. Watts and Jerry Strout. This team always turn
in an impressive score.
Coming in a very close second was the two
man team of Alan Lasiter and Nathan Wormington.
Lasiter claimed the longest drive trophy and his
partner, was the drive closest to the pin These guys
were playing a top game and we will hope to see
them return next year.
At third was the team of City Councilor,
Jack Henderson, with Henry Smith, Alan Jordan
and Elmer Palmer. This team was only a couple of
strokes behind the leaders.
C J Hurlbut fielded a team of his work
colleagues, Dr. John Sassion, Tony Harper and
Dayna Harper. The group seemed to enjoy
themselves and related that next year they would try
to help get us more players.
Homeowner, Carlye Jimerson put a team
together of last minute sign-ups, with Herman
President, Alan Milton and Phillip Johnson. Our
thanks to Carlye for wrangling this team.
Homeowners Nathaniel Goodman and
Roosevelt Johnson had to play handicapped with
just the two of them. They still managed to turn in
a very nice score.
To liven things up we had prizes for a
variety of reasons: senior golfer, youngest, 1st to tee
off, last to tee off, and some items just for the ladies
October 2014
who played. Our thanks also go out to the folks at
the Sand Spring Canyon Golf Course; they took
good care of us once again. We have some snapshots on page three. Please check them out!
Following is the section out of the village covenants
that address trash cans. Please do your best to get
your trash can(s) as out of sight as possible. We’re
not trying to be hard nosed about this, we’re just
after those cans that really stick out. Come on, it’s
on wheels - move it!
Restrictive Covenants of Gilcrease Hills
“Section 8. Care and Maintenance of Lot.
... All trash, garbage, or rubbish and litter shall be
kept in containers adequate for the purpose and
shall be stored on the lot in such a manner as to be
out of public view until such day as is designated
for collection of such material.”
On Nov 4th we go to the polls to decide on a new
Osage County Tax Assessor, or the same ole status
quoi. A record number of complaints ranging from
no services at the outer edges of the county to
inaccurate tax assessments to calling repairs
improvement are being voiced. Having been a
citizen for more than 25 years I am personally ready
for an improvement on customer service at the
Osage County Court House.
Raymond Leach I believe is that improvement. He
understands the necessity for Court House services
to be available to the populated communities. He
believes addressing the growing business and
personal tax burden will stimulate business growth,
economic development and jobs. Free and open
assessment information in an enhanced Assessor's
Website will finally bring clarity to the assessment
We need a change, that is why it is important to get
to the polls on Nov 4th and cast your vote. No vote
No Change.
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Some snap shots of the Gilcrese Hills Golf Tournament
(left) – Carlye Jimerson named her team “Winners”
The Roosevelt Johnson & Nathaniel Goodman team
Jack Henderson’ team members – Alan Jordan, Elmer
Palmer and Henry Smith took 3rd place.
October Echoes, pg. 3
(right) – Councilor, Jack Henderson putts out on 18.
In 2nd place, Alan Lasiter & Nathan Wormington
CJ Hurlbut team putts out on 18 – Dayna Harper,
Tony Harper, Dr. John Sassion & CJ Hurlbut
Gilcrease Hills Homeowners Association
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October Events
Board of Director’s meet 7:00 p.m.
GH Village Elections 7:30 a.m / 6:00 p.m.
GH Annual Meeting
10:00 a.m.
November Events
General Election Day - Get out and Vote!!
Board of Director’s meet 7:00 p.m.
27 & 28 Thanksgiving Holiday
- Offices and Clubhouse Closed.
Join the Gilcrease
Hills Stretch & Tone Group. They meet at
the Clubhouse on Tues., Wed. & Thurs.,
8:30 til 9:30 a.m.
We will shortly be returning the Great Pumpkin to
Gilcrease Hills. For the past couple of years he has been
just too expensive to bring to the Clubhouse. Fortunately,
big pumpkin prices have fallen some, so for the child who
gets closest to the correct weight of the Great Pumpkin,
they will win a prize of $20. As usual, we have the
clubhouse decorated in fall
colors and schemes. Come by
and check us out.