Chinese Visa Application Check List

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Chinese Visa Application Check List
(Please include this sheet with your application)
Chinese Consulates have tightened the visa policy in recent several months,
new requirements are now enforced. Application not complying with these
new requirements will be rejected. Please note all items listed are required.
Tourist Visa
Original Passport, 1 Passport Photo, 1 Q-2007 Form
Passport must have enough validity left and have at least one blank visa page.
Submit Online Service Request Form at
Please submit your return address and contact information online so that confirmation and status update can be
sent to you via email. Application received without this service request form may be delayed.
Visa Fees and Return Shipping Fee
Please refer to the website at for detail fee schedule.
Payment needs to be by money order, cashiers check or credit card. Check or money order needs to be made
payable to VisaRite Services, Inc. Personal Check is not acceptable.
If you select to pay by credit card, please download the credit card payment authorization form at the link:
Business Visa
All items listed above under Tourist Visa, plus:
An Invitation Letter from Chinese Counterpart
Please note the invitation must be printed on Chinese company letterhead, showing address in China.
Fax letter is acceptable in most cases.
A business letter of introduction from the U.S. Company
A business supporting letter from the U.S. company on the U.S. company letterhead. See sample letter on FAQ
Student Visa
Please check details online at:
Work Visa
Please check details online at:
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Questions When Filling Out The Q-2007 Form
If you have questions on how to fill out the application form, please refer
It should answer most of your questions.
Fee Schedule and Payment Method
Frequent Asked Questions
Please refer to FAQ’s and hints on how to prepare application
paperwork on website at:
Our Mailing Address
Send your passport and all requirements detailed above by FedEx, UPS, DHL, Express Mail
or other traceable courier service to:
VisaRite Services, Inc.
460 Van Emburgh Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Tel: (201) 445-7088
(201) 445-7088 Visa
Application Form of the People's Republic of China
Please type your answer in capital English letters in the spaces provided or
check the appropriate box to select.
Section 1. Information About Yourself
Full Name
Middle Name:
Given Name:
Chinese Name if Applicable
Current Nationality:
Other or Former Name:
Former Nationality:
Date of Birth (YY-MM-DD):
2"X2" color photo, with
full face, front view, no hat,
and against a plain light
Place (Province/State, Country) of Birth:
Passport Type
Service or Official
Other (Please specify):
Date of Issue (YY-MM-DD):
Passport Number:
Expiration Date (YY-MM-DD):
Place (Province/State, Country) of Issue:
Your Current Occupation(s):
Crew Member of Airlines, Trains or Ships
Member of Parliament, Congressman or Senator
Other (Please specify):
Teacher or Student
Government Official
Staff of Media
Section 2. Your Visit to China
Major Purpose(s) of Your Visit(s) to China:
As Crew Member of Airlines, Trains or Ships
Visiting Relatives
As Resident Journalist
Business Trip
As Journalist for Temporary News Coverage
As Resident Diplomat or Consul in China
Official Visit
Commercial Performance
Other (Please specify):
Single entry valid for 6 months;
Double entry valid for 6 months;
Multi-entry valid for 6 months;
Intended Number of Entries
Multi-entry valid for 12 months
Multi-entry valid for 24 months (Only for qualified applicants)
Date of Your First Possible Entry into China (YY-MM-DD)
Your Longest Intended Stay in China
Please list Counties/Cities and Provinces to visit
in China in a time sequence:
Normally, visa processing takes 4-5 working days.
Do you request express or rush service
by paying extra fee
Express for 2-3 Business Days;
Rush for 1 Working Day
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Section 3. Your Health Condition and Previous Overseas Tour
Have you ever been refused a visa for China?
Have you ever been refused entry into or deported from China?
Do you have any criminal record in China or any other country?
Do you suffer from any of the following disease?
Open Tuberculosis
HIV Positive or AIDS
Other infectious diseases
If you select Yes to any question from 3.1 to 3.4, you do
not lose eligibility for visa application. Please give detailed reasons for your answer.
Section 4. Your Contact Information
Name of Your Employer or School:
Office Phone Number:
Address of Your Employer or School:
Cell Phone Number:
Your Home Address:
Home Phone Number:
Phone Number of Your Contact in China:
Name of Inviter, Contact or Your Relative in China:
At What Address will You Stay in China
Address of Inviter, Contact or Your Relative in China:
Section 5. Other Declaration
If there is more information to declare, please give the information below.
Section 6. Application Form Completed by Another Person
If this application was completed by another person on behalf of you,
please have that person complete this section
Name of Person Completing the Form:
Relationship to the Applicant:
Address and Phone Number of that Person:
Signature of that Person:
Section 7. Important
I have read and understood all the questions in this application. I shall be fully responsible for the answers and the photo,
which are true and correct. I understand that type of visa, number of entries and duration of each stay will be decided by
consuls, and any false, misleading or incomplete statement may result in the refusal of a visa for or denial of entry into China.
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