Assignment #2 Business Letter Types For each exercise below:

Assignment #2
Business Letter Types
For each exercise below:
a. Create a letter to the specified format. It must be prepared using a word
processor. The letters must be clear and concise and
devoid of spelling mistakes. They must be correctly
1. Create an Indented Block Letter using the following data:
You are in charge of starting a neighborhood-recycling
program. You wish to draft a letter informing your neighbors
of your intentions as well as inviting them to the first meeting.
In your letter, you inform of the meeting date, time and
location. You make sure that you tell them that their input is
needed and stress the importance of the program for the
community. Make up the all of the personal information for
the headings.
2. Created a Modified Block Letter using the following data:
You are the owner/operator of a catering company called,
“Cinderella Banquet Services”. A client of yours, hired your
company for a banquet 3 months ago on June 9, 2003. The
banquet was a success as far as you where aware. The
client received a bill for your services in July but have not
contacted you or sent payment of $1200. The bill is now
outstanding and you would like to send a reminder that the
bill must be paid as soon as possible. You may make up
the header information.
3. Create a Block Format Letter using the following information:
You have received a job offer from a Bakery in a town which
is 300 km away. You are interested in taking the job. You
must write a letter informing them that you will be taking the
job that they have offered you. Include you contact
information (phone number), the date that you are available
to commence employment, the job title (assistant baker) and
the employment type (full time). You may make up the
Header information.