w a l l c a b i... t a l l c a b i... SR_18 SRW_18

w a l l
c a b i n e t s
SR_18 Wood Spice Rack
SRW_18 Frosted Nickel Spice Rack
WCA_ Corner Angle w/Lazy Susans
Adjustable wood spice shelves include
chrome rails.
Door-mount frosted nickel wire spice rack with
extra-deep bottom shelf.
Angled wall corner cabinet makes use of space
with white polymer lazy susan trays.
Accessories Add a Higher Level
of Functionality to Your Home.
Once you settle on the overall design, it’s time to
add the exact accessories that will increase the
efficiency of your new kitchen.
• Optimize wasted spaces, like corners with lazy
susans or corner drawers.
• No more getting down on hands and knees when
you add roll-out shelves to your base cabinets.
• Place often-used utensils and small appliances
within arms’ reach.
• Organize food supplies so they are easy
to inventory.
• Separate waste for efficient recycling.
WPOL930 Pull-Out Spice Rack
BSSF03 Pull-Out Peg Board
3” to 6” pull-out for spice storage.
Wood shelves with chrome rails.
Stainless steel panel with holes,
non-slip black hooks and pegs.
Huntwood Accessories & Convenience Cabinets
help you create a kitchen that will serve you
well for years to come!
TDS_ Wood Tray Dividers
TDS_W Frosted Nickel Tray Dividers
Full-height dividers allow you to store cookie sheets,
grills, pizza pans and serving platters vertically.
Frosted nickel dividers allow you to store cookie sheets,
grills, pizza pans and serving platters vertically.
w a l l
c a b i n e t s
WADU_ Apothecary Drawers
PRU_ Plate Rack Cabinets
A set of small drawers with character... perfect for storing spices, sewing notions
and other small items.
Decorative plate storage adds a country touch to any kitchen.
Finished interior.
WOF_ Open Finished Cabinets
WRK_ Scalloped Wine Rack Kit
Display your knick knacks with open shelves. Finished interior.
These rack sets let you store bottles horizontally.
(Also shown: SWH Wood Stemware Holder).
Wall Quarter
Wine Cabinet
Frameless cabinet
with “X” dividers leaves
room for ample wine
storage. Finished
interior. Great for contemporary kitchens.
WLWRF_ Wall Lattice Wine Rack
Traditional hardwood latticework holds bottles in a
diamond pattern. Finished interior.
(Also shown: SWCH12 Chrome Stemware Holder)
WWCF_ Wine Cubby
WLOF_ Wall Letter Organizer Cabinet
Cube wine storage.
Finished interior.
This handy cabinet helps you organize mail and
miscellaneous office items.
b a s e
c a b i n e t s
BROS_ Standard Roll-Out Shelves
BHROSD_ Deep Roll-Out Shelves
BPOCR Pull-Out Can Rack
3 3/4” deep roll-out shelves provide full access.
No more getting down on knees to find items.
6” deep roll-out shelves provide full access
and prevent taller products from falling out.
9” to 18” wide pull-out holds canned goods
and often-used food products.
TDW_ Wire Tray Divider BT_ Wood Tray Divider
ROTD_ Roll-Out Tray Divider
BHTR09 Towel Rack
Cookie trays and pizza
platters store upright
between fixed dividers.
Cookie trays and pizza platters
roll-out for easy access.
Dish towels are easily accessible
with this simple accessory.
Cookie trays and pizza
platters store between fixed,
full-height wood dividers.
VSCLD_ Lower Drawer Sink Cabinet
BDPO_ Base Dinnerware Organizer
BHM_ Base High Mixing Cabinet
Items under the sink can be stored neatly.
Full-extension pull-out for dishes.
Mixer stores below and swings up for use.
b a s e
d r a w e r s
BBCDI Breadboard/Cutlery Drawer
WCT_ Wood Cutlery Tray Insert
KBW18 Wood Knife Block Insert
This combonation breadboard/cutlery drawer
can replace a normal top drawer.
Natural finish maple hardwood cutlery insert
hold silverware in an organized fashion.
Natural finish maple hardwood insert holds a
large assortment of carving and steak knives.
DLUL Utensil Drawer Liner
RCT Rolling Cutlery Tray
BBC Bread Box Drawer Cover
Styrene insert hold silverware in organized
compartments. Removable and easily cleaned.
Styrene insert holds silverware. Shallow half-top
rolling tray holds even more storage.
White polymer cover slides shut to keep bread
and rolls fresher longer.
KOPL Kitchenware Organizer
SDW_ Wood Spice Insert
FFK_ False Front Tray
Four vertical posts hold a stack of plates or
other items in place.
Maple hardwood insert features a tiered
configuration that holds small spice bottles .
Stainless steel tray holds cleaning supplies in a
sink cabinet’s false drawer front.
BBK_ Base Breadboard & Drawers
MCWD_ Base Warming Drawer
BMW_ Base Microwave Cabinet
Solid hardwood breadboard pulls out for use.
Custom cut-out to fit most warming drawers .
Custom cut-out accommodates most microwaves.
b a s e
c o r n e r s
BHEC_SS Corner w/Wood Lazy Susans
BHFC_SSD Corner w/Deep Wood Susans
BSC4_WSO Square Corner w/Lazy Susans
Hinged door reveals two shelf-mounted 3/4-circle
wood super susans.
Hinged door reveals two shelf-mounted
3/4-circle 6” deep wood super susans.
Square corner cabinet has two swing-out polemounted susans: polymer or wood (shown).
BHFC_LS Corner w/Polymer Lazy Susans
BHFA_LS Angled Corner w/Poly Susans
B3DFC_ Three-Drawer Corner Cabinet
Two pole-mounted 3/4-round polymer susans.
45º angled door and two full-round susans .
Organizes a tough-to-use space.
b a s e
d e c o r
BDD_ Base Display Bin Drawers
BNAF_ Knick Knack Angle Cabinets
BWB_ Base Wicker Basket Cabinet
Decorative front bins with storage behind.
Open display shelves for base or wall cabinets.
Two natural rattan slide-out wicker baskets.
b a s e
b i n s
BWPC_ Roll-Out Waste Container
BRC_ Two-Bin Recycling Center
BRC27 Four-Bin Recycling Center
White polymer waste bin rolls out on
full-extension guides.
Two polymer bins roll out on full-extension
guides, allowing for separation of waste.
Separate aluminum, plastic, glass and paper
in this great 4-way recycling center.
BRCT_ Three-Bin Recycling Center
BWPO_ Door Mount Two-Bin Center
BHPO_ Door-Mount 1-Plus Bin Center
Colored bins (plus one canvas bag) help you
organize your recycling in a visual way.
Two polymer bins roll out on top-mounted
full-extension guides.
Large bin and small bin roll out on top-mounted
full-extension guides.
PWC Pivot-Out Waste Container
POHS_ Roll-Out Vanity Hamper
POHL_ Roll-Out High Vanity Hamper
Chrome finish round waste basket.
Door-mounted polymer clothes hamper.
Taller door-mounted polymer clothes hamper.
t a l l
c a b i n e t s
CCP_ Custom Chef’s Pantry
TROS_ Tall Pantry Roll-Out
TPPO_ Tall Pantry Pull-Out
Split doors. Swing-out shelves open to reveal shelving behind.
Roll-out shelves for instant access.
Door-mount, adjustable shelves.
g l a s s
20 Glass Selections
p r o g r a m
Customize your kitchen with Clear, Rainwater, Krinkle and other specialty glass.
NCG 10K 2/14
wood in its finest form
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