Design wonderful wine glass charms for your guests! creative 4D

Design wonderful
wine glass charms
for your guests!
Discover the complete
PFAFF® creative 4D
software family
There have never been so many creative
possibilities and embroidery software has
never been so easy and convenient to use.
Make every one at the party
feel specially welcome by
creating personally designed
wine glass charms with their
With the creative 4D™ software it‘s all
about you! Your ideas, your creativity. The
creative 4D™ software can be personalized by you.
Customize it for your machine, hoops, threads and more!
Learn more and discover which software is best for you at
System Requirements
Embellish your special monogram or
name with frames and flourishes.
Ask for
a personal
at your
Use one of 630 Corners, Frames,
Flourishes and Side embroideries
to craft a unique monogram that
shows your style and personality.
PC with Intel® processor or equivalent (I GHz or higher)
Windows® XP or Windows® Vista
512 MB RAM
100 MB hard disk space for program installation,
250MB for complete install.
Screen resolution 1024 x 768, 16 million colors
DVD-Rom drive
USB port
creative 4D™ Suite, creative 4D™ Embroidery Extra or
creative 4D™ Embroidery (with red or blue 4D™ dongle)
Your authorized PFAFF® dealer:
Choose a classic laurel wreath,
contemporary, candlewick or
appliqué frame – just a few of the
included styles.
Create a Border around your
monogram with embroidery
machine motifs.
Create a Border around your
monogram with embroidery
machine motifs.
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4D™ ExpressMonogram Wizard
creative 4D™ Suite,
creative 4D™
Embroidery Extra and
creative 4D™
Easy to use, countless possibilities!
4D ExpressMonogram Wizard
Create unique monograms that show your style
and personality. For that extra touch, embellish
them with decorative frames and flourishes.
frames and
created Classic
View designs in 3-dimensional on
your choice of 7 textured fabric
Designs are shown in
your preferred hoop.
Zoom function.
Print a real size worksheet that includes design
size information in metric or English units.
Create one, two or three
letter monograms simply.
Use one of 500 Envelope shapes
as a template to generate your
monogram. Each monogram style
has its own grouping of envelope
shapes that are made especially for
the number of letters you choose.
Plus choose if you want Full or Small
size letters for each of the letters in
the monogram.
Enjoy 10 new specially created
Classic Monogram fonts and the
new Three-Color Trellis font. Plus
use over 100 embroidery fonts
that are available in your creative
4D™ Embroidery or creative 4D™
Embroidery Extra software.
The ExpressMonogram Wizard
guides you step by step through
all the settings to create your
own beautiful monograms.
Beautiful Trellis font is used in
this simple two-letter monogram
with an oval appliqué frame
surrounding it.
Make a monogram appliqué patch
with the appliqué and laurel shields.
Perfect for jackets and golf shirts.
Complement your monograms with Names fashioned in the 4D ExpressMonogram Wizard.
Vary the orientation of the first letter
to the name letters. Adjust the name
letters up or down compared to the
first letter. Step the letters so they are
stitched diagonally or vertically as
well as horizontally to the first letter.
Informational notes will assist
you if you wish to recreate
your monogram later or you
can save the monogram file
and reload it.
creative 4D™ Embroidery
Extra and creative 4D™
Suite owners! View your
monograms in creative 4D™
Vision (Included with
creative 4D™ Embroidery
Extra. Not available for
creative 4D™ Embroidery.)
Place your monograms or
words on a template to help
with placement or use one
of the other backgrounds
already available.
120 new backgrounds are
provided! Alternatively, take
a picture on your digital
camera or cell phone so
you can preview your
embroidery on your own
real-size background.
Print designs in 3-dimensional.
Over 14,750 threads; 30 manufacturers.
View specialty threads (including metallic, multi-color
and varying thicknesses).
Change colors with the scrolling realistic color palette
with numbered editable color blocks.
Choose thread-color palettes/themes.
Reduce the number of thread changes when you stitch
using ColorSort.
Select from your own thread stash using MyThreads.
Set your connection options using MyMachines.
Choose from your own hoops with MyHoops,
(including most popular brands of machines).
QuickLink toolbar and visible clipboard for
easy Copy and Paste.
Two Send options included: the quick and easy
way to send one embroidery to your machine.
Choose a distinctive first letter
that enhances your name lettering
style options.
Thread color information for
your chosen threads and the
stitch count for each thread
color are also printed on the
worksheet. The creative 4D™
Embroidery System allows
you to see specialty threads
(metallic, variegated and
multicolor, different thread
weights) all in 3-dimensional
reality on screen and as
you print.
Use spacing options to move
characters and produce intricate interlocking monograms.
Embellish your monogram
with frames and flourishes
Help is always at hand! Printed User‘s Guide,
Quick Reference Card, Internet FAQs, Learning
Center with interactive tutorials and more.
Multi-format; load and save most popular embroidery formats.
File types saved:
Brother/Babylock/Bernina PEC (.pec), Brother/Babylock/Bernina PES
(.pes version 2 - 6), Compucon/Singer PSW (.xxx),
Husqvarna Viking/PFAFF® (.vp3, .vip), Husqvarna
(.hus), Janome (.jef, .sew), Melco (.exp),PFAFF®
Smart Update
(.pcs), Tajima (.dst) and Toyota (.10*).
always gives
you the latest