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Y|Üáà V{Ü|áà|tÇ exyÉÜÅxw V{âÜv{
Marc Hoogstad (youth pastor)
1105 Exmouth Street
1934 – 2014
The purpose of First Church in Sarnia is:
The love of God is celebrated.
The love of God is shared.
The love of God mobilizes us to care.
“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the One
who remembered us in our low estate…and freed us from our enemies…and who gives food to
every creature. Give thanks to the God of heaven, His love endures forever.“ Ps.136: 1, 23-26
Sunday, October 12, 2014
elcome to all on this Thanksgiving weekend, as we gather again to
worship our Saviour and Lord.
We extend a warm welcome to all our guests this morning, and we
pray that you will be blessed by your time spent worshiping with us here.
This morning we welcome Pastor Hugh Appel to our church. We
pray that God will bless him as he brings the Word, and that we may be
blessed by hearing that Word.
There is no evening service today, so that you can spend time with your family on
this Thanksgiving weekend.
Pastor John Hellinga will lead us in tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day Service, at
10:00am. We will celebrate Holy Communion. As we prepare ourselves to come to the
Lord’s table, let us examine our hearts and minds, and so properly prepare ourselves,
that we may joyfully partake of this sacrament.
Following the Thanksgiving Day service, the GEMS will serve you coffee and a tart for a
Following this morning’s worship service, everyone is invited to join us
downstairs in the fellowship hall for a time of conversation and coffee, tea or
juice. The prayer room upstairs is also always open after the service, and
there will be people there to pray for you for whatever concern you may have.
Our Church Family: Will V remains in the hospital, after having a mild stroke last
week. He is doing therapy daily, and hopes to be home by the weekend.
~ MILESTONES: Happy birthday and God’s blessings ~
Oct 12 Cheryl D
Oct 18 Kayden M
Oct 13 Judy R
Melissa P
Oct 14 Lisann C
Oct 19 Benjamin H
Celia D
Jolene R
Oct 16 William S
Oct 24 Andrew P
Mikayla Vl
Cristian R
Oct 25 Bruce S
Redeemer~ John H’s surgery went well on Tuesday. He was up and about a bit on
Wednesday. He is estimated to have a five day stay in Bluewater Health. Please keep
him in your prayers during this time of healing.
Living Hope~ Olive S's new Alberta phone # is 1-780-418-5028.
Today we thank God for the opportunity to witness the profession of faith of Lynn E.
Lynn began attending our church as a friend of Jeff B more than a year ago, and today
we have the privilege of thanking God for how he's been at work in her heart and life.
We give thanks to God that Bob and Diane O are celebrating their 45th wedding
anniversary on Friday, October 10.
Ed D left yesterday on a DRS assignment in the East coast of New Jersey with World
Renew. The relief efforts are still in response to Hurricane Sandy which hit the Atlantic
coast in 2012. This is Ed's second assignment there and he'll be serving until November
1. Please remember Ed and his team in prayer over the coming weeks.
Jack K was officially diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent surgery last week on
London. Please pray for God's hand of strength to rest upon Jack & Ekkie in this time of
difficulty and uncertainty.
AM: 1. Ministry Shares
Thanksgiving Day: Church Ministries
2. Diaconate
Next Sunday: AM: 1. Ministry Shares
2. Disability Concerns
PM: Pathways Health Centre
~Deacon’s Corner~
Our second offering this morning is for the diaconate. The deacons use these funds to
provide local financial support to families both within and outside of our fellowship.
THANK YOU for your generous donations of canned goods for the Inn of the Good
Shepherd. If you forgot to bring your donation today, please bring it on Thanksgiving Day
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~Our thanks today to~
Serving Elders/Deacons: AM: Diane P, Harry V, Pete V, Brad R
Joel and Pauline P, Jim and Kelly V
Andy and Alice V
Ushers: Ken K, Nick V
Sound Tech:
Tom S
Projection Tech: John P
Sunday School for 3 and 4 year olds only today: Karen V, Jonah V
Prayer Room:
Pete and Linda W
Library Attendants: Alice V, Nina V, Christal K
Margriet S, Stacey H, Joanne V, Mikayla V
Coffee Servers:
~Scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, October 13, 2014~
Serving Elders/Deacons: AM: Alex K, Alice R, Diane P, Dianna B
Coffee Servers: GEMS
Jonathan and Kerry B
Ushers: Fred R, John P
Sound Tech:
Sandy S
Projection Tech: Rick K
Danielle V, Diane P, Katie G, Maddie S
Sunday School: There is NO Sunday School on Thanksgiving Day
~Scheduled for Next Sunday, October 19, 2014~
Serving Elders/Deacons:
AM: *Jake V, Pete V, JT S, Carol P
PM:*Pete V, Jack T, Alex K, MaryAnn D
Marv and Ingrid B, Dennis and Nancy D
Dave and Ena W
Ushers: Sue G, Justin R
Sound Tech:
Stephen N
Projection Tech: Sandy S
Sunday School:
Alice V, Tyler K, Karen V, Jonah V
Prayer Room:
Bert H, Marg R
Library Attendants: Liz L, Angela C, Sherry C
Patti K, Nina V, Stephen N, Aaron S
Coffee Servers:
EXECUTIVE COUNCIL meets on Tuesday, October 14, at 7:30 pm.
SHEPHERDING ELDERS will meet on Wednesday, Oct. 15, 7:30 pm.
FULL COUNCIL will meet on Tuesday October 21st at 7:30 pm.
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CONGREGATIONAL MEETING: Our annual fall meeting is scheduled for Thursday,
November 20, at 7:30pm. For this meeting, we’re asking those who are able to bring a
dessert to share. Coffee and tea will be provided. Please mark the date on your
calendar, and plan to attend. We will be voting on the budget for 2015. Usually for this
meeting a written report is provided by each committee. We request that these reports
be sent to Betty B (church secretary) or Lucille V (council secretary) no later than
November 1.
FALL FEAST – As the harvest season comes to an end and we enjoy the traditional
(and sometimes not so traditional) favourite foods of the season, the Fellowship
Committee would like to invite you to a Fall Feast Potluck Luncheon in the
Fellowship Hall on Sunday October 19 following the morning service. Each
family is asked to please bring a “fall favourite” hot dish as well as either a
salad or a dessert. Sign up sheets will be posted in the foyer two
weeks before the event. We look forward to seeing you at the Fall
Thanksgiving Day Bake Sale. We have been busy making yummy treats for you to buy
after Monday's Thanksgiving Day service. We will also have coffee/tea and treats
available for a loonie. Again this year we are excited because the proceeds from our
bake sale will go toward sponsoring a GEMS club in Zambia! As part of our Micah 6:8
mandate "to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God" we have committed to
becoming a sister club. A Sister Club is a partnership between a club in North America
and a club in Zambia. Clubs exchange letters and are provided with activities and
information to learn about life and faith on a different continent. Part of our three year
commitment includes providing financially for our sister club in Zambia. Thanks for
supporting us and our sister club at the bake sale!
GEMS SEAFARER PROJECT: It is that time of year again for
the Gems to participate in the "Ministry to Seafarers Christmas
Parcel Program", a program that distributes over 1,600 parcels
to seamen and women each year at Christmas time. During the
next couple of weeks you will see a red tote box, marked "Seafarers Donations", in the
entrance way of our church. Each mail slot at the church has received a pink sheet with
a list of donation suggestions. If you are able to help by donating any of these items to
the red tote box in the foyer it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us
share the love of Christ by touching a life and making a difference in the life of a
LADIES BIBLE FELLOWSHIP will start a new season on Wednesday, October 15, at
10:00 am. We will continue our study on Ephesians, Lesson 6: “Unity Toward Maturity”.
New members are very welcome.
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING: There is no Fusion meeting tonight. We will be getting
together next week. Enjoy your long weekend!
IGNITE: This Friday night at Sarnia Christian School. See you then!
ATTENTION BIBLE STUDY GROUPS: Are you looking for new study material? Check
out what our library has to offer. We have dvd study guides as well as book material,
ranging from books of the Bible, prayer, finances etc. The Bible study material is on the
shelf next to the children’s section. The best part - No ordering and waiting for it to
arrive. - No cost to you. -Just: Take it, Use it. Return it when you are finished.
From the Lambton County Chapter of
London District Christian Secondary School
Our finally tally is in from the 2014 gala dinner, “A Magical Evening.”
The total amount raised was around 35,000 dollars! Give thanks with
us to our ever faithful God, who once again has provided for another
year of transportation to LDCSS. Without Him, nothing is possible and with
Him, all things are possible. We wish to thank everyone who took part in this fundraiser,
from those who donated countless hours to those who came, enjoyed the evening, and
donated funds to help us achieve our goal. THANK-YOU!
“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through
all generations.”- Psalm 100:5
Join us for Senior Appreciation Day at London District Christian Secondary
School this Wednesday! All seniors (friends, supporters, and grandparents) are invited
to visit us this Wednesday, October 22 (9:30 a.m. – 1p.m.), to celebrate God’s
faithfulness in Christian Education. We look forward to showing you around, and
treating you to lunch and a special assembly just for you.
Grade 8 day at LDCSS- Current Grade 8 students are invited to be a student at LDCSS
for the day on Wednesday November 5th. For more information visit
RETIREMENT CELEBRATION: Ebenezer CRC in Trenton is pleased to announce the
retirement of Pastor Jake Kuipers, after 37 years of faithful service in the Christian
Reformed Church. Please join us in honouring Pastor Jake and Joyce at a Celebration
Service on Sunday, October 26 at 10:00am, at Ebenezer. Cards of congratulations are
welcome: Ebenezer CRC, 18 Fourth Ave, Trenton, ON, K8V 5N3. Messages can be
sent by email to: [email protected]
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SERVICELINK'S FALL SPOTLIGHT of volunteer opportunities with the CRC has
arrived and is posted on our bulletin board. Check out the variety of ways to serve
across the globe, including ministry tours to Kenya and Bangladesh, an English teacher
in Madagascar, a Service and Learning trip to Philadelphia, a Research Writer in
Cambodia, plus a number of other ways to get involved. Might one of these be for you?
Check the bulletin board for more opportunities and additional information.
NeighbourLink received a call this week from a lady who has been diagnosed with
progressive M.S. She must walk daily or her muscles will seize up. In the winter she
cannot walk outside. She is asking if anyone has a treadmill they would like to pass on
to her. Please contact the NeighbourLink office for more information at 519.336.5465.
Thank you!
NeighbourLink requested men’s and ladies bikes last month and we have been able to
connect a ladies bike to the client. If there is a men’s bike out there, they are still in need
of that. Thanks for ‘linking’ with your neighbours in need!
KEITH AND KRISTYN GETTY will be in Chatham at the St. Clair College Capitol
Theatre on Saturday, October 18. They will be accompanied by the Jubilee Chorus of
Chatham-Kent. The concert begins at 7pm. Tickets are $30 and are available at Gospel
Text Book Store at 56 Grand Ave. East, Refuge Pregnancy Centre at 39 Grand Ave.
West or on line at Proceeds from the concert will
go to Refuge Pregnancy Centre.
SARNIA JUSTICE FILM FESTIVAL will be screening Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
Saturday, October 25 at 7pm at the Sarnia Library Theatre. Filmmakers and food
lovers, Jen and Grant, dive into the issue of waste from farm, through retail all the way to
the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good
food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping
cold turkey and survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away.
PARTNERS WORLDWIDE CANADA invites you to join over 400 representatives from
25 countries for a Marketplace Revolution conference in Grand Rapids on Oct. 30-31.
Partners Worldwide forms a Christian network that uses business as the way to create
flourishing economic environments in all parts of the world. This will be an opportunity for
Christian entrepreneurs, business professionals and farmers to discover how small
business owners and farmers around the world are alleviating poverty and providing
dignity, and to discover how they can provide training, and mentoring, to learn about
opportunities to get involved, and be equipped to do so. Contact Derek 905-906-1864 or
[email protected] see the poster on the bulletin board for more details.
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THANK YOU FOR FREEING FAMILIES - Happy Thanksgiving! World Renew would like
to say “thank you” to you and your church for helping families around the world find new
strength and overcome poverty through the Free A Family® program. Together with you,
World Renew is equipping families with training in agriculture, health, literacy, and
income generation, so parents and children can break free from poverty for the longterm. Your support is a vital part of this God-honouring ministry. As you celebrate our
generous God, please prayerfully consider a gift to support World Renew’s Free A
Family® program. Find out more at
WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT EBOLA? - The world is experiencing the worst Ebola
epidemic in history. In the midst of this darkness, God’s light is shining. Please join
Christian Reformed World Missions and World Renew in praying for those infected and
those on the front lines of caring for them. Please also support CRWM and World
Renew’s Ebola response with your gifts. CRWM is working with the Timothy Leadership
Institute to train local pastors to face the Ebola epidemic with a Biblically-minded
approach. World Renew is working in Liberia to provide training and medical supplies to
18 health centers through the Christian Health Association of Liberia. They are also
working through partners in Sierra Leone in Ebola “hot spots” to train the community on
what Ebola is and how to respond to it. This includes the distribution of sanitizer, bleach,
and hand washing stations. To learn more or to donate, visit
FREE WEBINAR - Join us on October 15 when Graham Seel presents '"Every Square
Inch" in the Workplace'. This webinar will explore ways in which the church and its
leaders can equip and encourage members to see God in their workplace and to live out
their faith as Kingdom workers there. For more details and registration for this free, onehour event visit
KIDS CORNER - Epic Story (Part 4): The exciting series comes to an end. Loomis, the
Professor’s assistant, is not who everyone thought he was. In addition to saving Cole,
the KC crew unravels who this Loomis really is. In the end, we find out what the meaning
of this dome is all about. Check out the program at Contact Kids
Corner at P.O. Box 5070, Burlington ON L7R3Y8 or go to [email protected] for your
very own Bible study.
KIDS CORNER - At Kids Corner, we hope that you are enjoying our weekly episodes of
Bible lessons wrapped in fun adventures. A series of new episodes start Oct. 18. A
family discussion guide and a family devotional come with each week's episode. Oct.
18/25 In the Beginning and the science fair; Nov. 1 Servants, knights, lords and ladies;
Nov. 8 How are people blessed? Nov. 15 Old Time radio and super heroes; Nov. 22 A
wedding in Terrene? Nov. 29 Are you too young to receive God's call? Dec. 6 Liz faces
his greatest fear! Visit and hear what Liz and the gang are up to.
GROUNDWORK - Israel's Deliverance: The Groundwork discussion of Moses
continues. With the Almighty God of the universe as the wind beneath Moses’ sails,
you’d expect things would go smoothly once Moses asks Pharaoh to release God’s
people. But things got worse before they got better, and the final release did not happen
until God engaged Pharaoh in one of the most dramatic high-stakes showdowns in
history. Join the Groundwork conversation – Tune in to CHOK 1070 AM at 7:30 am
Sunday or listen online at
REFORMATION SUNDAY OCT. 26 - On October 26, Reformation Sunday, Christian
Reformed Churches across North America will pray and give in support of Home
Missions. Exciting things are happening in your area, and new challenges to ministry are
arising. Please join CRHM in praying for campus ministries, church plants, missional
communities, and leadership development networks through which the Gospel is shared
and spread. Learn more about ministries in your area at
CALVIN SYMPOSIUM ON WORSHIP - You are invited to attend the annual Calvin
Symposium on Worship, Jan. 29-31, 2015, at Calvin College and Calvin Theological
Seminary. This year's worship theme is based on 2 Corinthians. Preachers include M.
Craig Barnes, Tim Blackmon, Denise Kingdom Grier, Meg Jenista, and Pablo Jimenez.
Excellent rates for students and groups from churches. All worship services are free and
open to the public, including the Friday night service (7:00 p.m. in the Covenant Fine
Arts Center). See for complete information. If you
would be interested in volunteering, please email [email protected] or
phone 616-526-6088.
If we can be of assistance……
Youth Pastor Marc Hoogstad (O) 519-337-6485
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours (at Redeemer CRC) are Tue. and Thurs. from 2 to 5 p.m.
Office Administrator:
Betty Boot (O) 519-336-8808
E-mail [email protected]
Church Office hours are Tue. & Wed. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. & Thurs. 9 am. – 4 pm
Harry Verburg (519-331-8919)
E-mail: [email protected]
Chair of Council:
Recording Secretary: Lucille VanderVies (519)542-3080
E-mail: [email protected]
Clerk of Council:
Dianna Brown (519)330-0793
E-mail: [email protected]
Pastoral concerns: Contact either Harry Verburg (see his info above), or
Diane Plug (519)383-1096 E-mail: [email protected]
Prayer Coordinators
Ethel DePooter (519-336-3169) and Ann Veenkamp (519-383-0887)
Ray Kapteyn (519-332-0868)
E-mail: [email protected]
Custodians: Doris Calderon & Libardo Rubio (519-491-6609)
[email protected]
The Network:
Please have all bulletin announcements into the office by 4 p.m. Wednesday
~Liturgy page 2~
First Christian Reformed Church
Words of Assurance:
1105 Exmouth Street,
Sarnia, Ontario, N7S 1W5
(519) 336-8808
Leader: In Christ we have the forgiveness of sins and the riches of God’s grace.
This grace was given to us: to preach to the nations the unsearchable
riches of Christ, and to make plain to everyone the administration of this
mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, who created all
Guest Pastor Hugh Appel
Sunday, October 12, 2014
People: Thanks be to God.
Welcome and announcements
We Lift Up Our Praise to God
We Respond to God’s Grace with Thanksgiving
John Boot
Song of Assurance:
*Call to Worship:
Leader: The earth is the Lord’s, for he made it:
Morning Prayers
Leader: Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness:
People: Come, let us adore him.
1. Ministry Shares
Leader: The mercy of the Lord is everlasting:
*Hymn of Preparation: “Lord, Speak to Me That I May Speak”
Leader: Lord, open our lips.
# 5:1,2
Scripture Reading:
“With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring”
We Receive God’s Grace in Jesus Christ
2. Diaconate
We Hear God Speak to Us in His Word
People: Come, let us adore him.
*God’s Greeting
*Hymn of Praise:
# 897:1-3
Children ages 3 and 4 may leave for Sunday School
People: Come, let us adore him.
People: And our mouths shall proclaim your praise.
*Gathering Hymn of Praise: “Let All Things Now Living”
“What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
# 585:1-3
Call to Confession:
In spite of God’s love for us and gift of love to us, we often act in destructive and
hateful ways. We close our hearts to God and disobey God’s law. Together let
us confess our sin.
Prayer of Confession:
Awesome and compassionate God, you have loved us with unfailing, self-giving
mercy, but we have not loved you. You constantly call us, but we do not listen.
You ask us to love, but we walk away from neighbours in need, wrapped in our
own concerns. We condone evil, prejudice, warfare, and greed. God of grace,
as you come to us in mercy, we repent in spirit and in truth, admit our sin, and
gratefully receive your forgiveness through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. Amen
Song of Confession:
“Remember Not, O God”
# 632:1-3
2 Kings 4:1-7
# 754:1,3,5
page 358
“When God Enters the Kitchen”
We Leave to Serve
*Hymn of Response:
“We Praise You, O God”
# 560:1-3
*Closing Song of Praise: “Now Blessed Be the Lord Our God”
# 953:1,2
***Please allow a few minutes for persons with wheel chairs
and walkers to leave the sanctuary***