2015 Frontier Fiesta General Registration Form University of Houston Frontier Fiesta Association

University of Houston
Frontier Fiesta Association
2015 Frontier Fiesta General Registration Form
This registration form is used to declare the intent of the individual’s or group’s participation at Frontier Fiesta on March
26-28, 2015. This form is not binding until all contracts, deposits, monies, and required forms pertaining to the intended
events and/or activities are completed. Cook-off registration can only be done by alumni of your organizations. Refer to the
Director of Cook-Off for details [email protected]
Primary Organization Name (if applicable)
Secondary Organization Name (if applicable)
Primary Contact & Position
Secondary Contact & Position
Primary Contact E-mail
Secondary Contact E-mail
Primary Contact Cell Phone
Secondary Contact Cell Phone
Affiliation:(Check all that apply)
UH Student
UH Faculty
UH Staff
UH Alumnus
Non-UH Affiliated Student
Houston Area Community Representative
Booking Agent
UH Registered Student Organization
UH Non-Registered Group
UH Fee-Funded Organization
UH College
UH Department
UH-Affiliated Business
Non-UH Affiliated Business
Participation at Event: (Check all that apply)
Frontier Fiesta Scholarship
Volunteer at the Event
Mr. & Miss Fiesta
University Tent
College Site
Department Site
Donate Items to Silent Auction
Concert Performance
Beard Growing Contest
Joe Koppel MilitaryAppreciation
Provide Frontier Fiesta Sponsorship
Talent Show/Showcase
Variety Show
Carnival Booth
5k Fiesta Run
Brief description of how you or your organization intends to participate at Frontier Fiesta:
Fiesta Dates: (Check all that apply)
Thursday March 26, 2015
Friday March 27, 2015
Saturday March 28, 2015
Primary Contact Signature
Date Received & Signature of Frontier Fiesta Association Director
Please return this form to the Frontier Fiesta Assocation Office:
Center for Student Involvement, 4100 University Center, University of Houston, Houston Texas, 77204 or e-mail at
[email protected]
www.uh.edu/fiesta | March 26-28, 2015 |
Frontier Fiesta 2015