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Lesson 37 - Monogram Lettering
Select the
Monogram tool and then left mouse click on the design page. (The letters "ABC" will
appear on the screen)
2 In the Properties box, input your initials inside the text box.
3 Apply the settings shown in the image below:
The "Classic Monogram" font is a standard font
4 Press Apply to apply the settings.
Next, change the font style to Mono24 and then press Apply. This is a decorative font designed for
Next, change the font style to Victorian and then press Apply. The fonts at the bottom of the list that have
a green "M" icon next to them are specialty monogram fonts. These have additional, special decorative elements
that can border the monogram.
In the Properties box, select the drop down arrow for Décor and view the available décor items that
can be applied to the monogram font. Again, these are only available for the fonts that have a green "M"
icon next to them.
8 Select the 2nd décor item from the list and then press Apply. Notice how the décor object perfectly
goes around the Monogram.
9 Now, choose a different décor object and apply it to the monogram.
10 Next, select the font Scriptmt and view the décor objects that can be applied to this monogram font.
The available décor items change according to the font chosen.
11 Now, apply the font titled Typewriter.
12 Next, select the
Monogram Designs icon from the standard toolbar. This opens the available
Monogram Designs.
13 Select the 3rd monogram design. It will automatically load on the screen.
14 Next, select the monogram lettering and resize and move it so that the letters fit inside the wings. (To
resize the lettering, select the text with the selection tool and then click on the square located in the
upper left or right hand corner of the box surrounding the text and then drag it down and inward)
15 Finally, select File from the menu bar and then select Close. When asked if you want to save the file
select No.