Your journey with the Visan’s Gabi, Mihaela, Dena, Tori, Marc

Your journey with the Visan’s
Gabi, Mihaela, Dena, Tori, Marc
Serving as directors of My Brother’s Keeper in Romania
A NEW FAMILY MEMBER “Where has the summer gone?” This is a question we’ve heard over and over again in the last month both from people in Romania and from our friends in the States. It seemed like summer disappeared without even starting, but since we began school it seems that the days go even faster. ALEX (and most of you know his story) moved in with us when school started and that added a new dynamic to our family. He is 13 and a half and in eighth grade. It’s a challenge to fit 6 people in 2 bedrooms and it’s even a greater challenge to find a quiet corner where one could hide. We’ve been searching for a three bedroom apartment in the last month, but so far we haven’t found anything that would meet our needs. The lesson we’re learning every day is that when our attitude is Christ‐centered and our hearts in the right place, the outside circumstances don’t matter that much anymore. HOMESCHOOLING WE WENT...FISHING:) After the Lord placed on our hearts the convic‐
tion that He wanted us to homeschool our children, one of our prayers was that He would bring people on our path in Roma‐
nia who would have the same desire so we could en‐
courage each other. The answer came from the most unexpected place: our home church in Suceava. Simona and Sandu have 4 children, are about our age and had been considered traditionalists by many. Thus it was a shock when they announced in the church that they pulled their children out of school in order to homeschool and solicited the church’s support in prayer. Their journey in reaching this decision both encouraged and inspired us and the joy they approach this endeavor with is downright contagious. When it comes to fishing, Romanians have a saying: “You caught the virus”. Well, it didn’t take long for Alex to get ...“infected”:). Last Friday we bought a jar of worms thinking that we will go fishing on Saturday. Sat‐
urday rained all day and the worms...died in the refrig‐
erator. We will not give up…:). However, his first fishing experience was very productive and we had fish&chips for supper. A LOSS FOR PULSE Towards the end of September, Claudia, our social worker at PULSE announced that she wanted to resign to be a stay‐at‐home mom for her 5 yr old and 3 yr old. Her youngest child, Salomeea, has been sick for a long time and the doctors don’t seem to be able to put a diagnose to her sickness. We are in the process of hiring a new social worker. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY We were asked by the Romanian Ministry of Education to work along side Emanuel Baptist University in Oradea in developing a curriculum that would teach moral standards and purity to highshool students all over the country. We would be required to train teachers in presenting the sub‐
ject. The project is in its infancy and we don’t know how it will develop or if will pass the Parliament vote. Nonetheless the fact that the minister of Education made the connec‐
tion between the high level of academic and the moral standards among the students in a Christian school, such as Emanuel, is a sign that God is at work in changing people’s hearts. We are honored to be used by God in such a way. Mailing Address: Ialomitei 5, PB 16, Ap.2, Oradea, BH, Romania, [email protected],