Home Show Reminders....

Premier Designs Independent Distributor
September, 2011
Home Show Reminders....
Dear Rebbecca,
I am really looking forward to having a great jewelry show with you on Thursday,
September 29 @ 6:30 pm!
I’ll be at your home about 30 minutes before our show to set up.
I’ll do my best to help you get as much FREE jewelry as possible.
Remember, jewelry is the best gift for:
Birthdays, anniversaries, office gifts, bridal accessories, etc.
Don’t forget to show the catalogues to men who need to purchase special gifts
for their special someone. Take your catalogue with you when you’re out and
about...look through it to see what you’d like to receive...you’ll be surprised how
many people will ask you what you’re doing! Ask them if they’d like to look!
As a Hostess, you are responsible to pay $4.00 for shipping and handling and also for
sales tax on your half-price and FREE jewelry.
Here are a few proven steps to help you have a successful Home Show:
Serve simple refreshments. Something your guests can handle easily.
I ask that alcohol not be served due to liability reasons.
Be sure to show and take your catalogue everywhere!
$100 in advanced orders = $25 Bonus!
Make your reminder calls!!
24 to 48 hours before our Home Show, call the “Yeses” and those you haven’t
heard from. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for our show’s success!
Encourage those who are coming to bring a guest. 10+ guests who are 18 yrs
older = $25 Bonus!
Your guests will need to pay for their jewelry when they place their order. I
accept cash, checks made out to: “Joni Brummel”; MasterCard & Visa
Credit Cards only.
Please have other activities for children. This is a “girl’s night out!!”
Stay near the jewelry display table during shopping time. Help your friends
try on new jewelry!
Again, THANK YOU for everything. I know we are going to have so much fun at our
jewelry show!!!
Serving with care,
Joni Brummel
[email protected]
Your show falls into Premier’s
Double Hostess
Bonuses Promotion
*See flyer