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Multifunctional Training with beFunc
beFunc offers a full body training on 1 sqm!
Your benefits:
as Circuit-, and Group-Training
beFunc is ideal for use in small-groups and
Whether it is a strength training for the entire body,
• Countless exercises in various levels of difficulty
functional strength-, agility and coordination exer-
highly challenging proprioceptive training – with
make strength-, coordination-, agility- and sling
cises in different difficulty levels. The possible
beFunc it‘s possible. Every exercise can be perfor-
training fun and easy to do
combinations of all exercises create an infinite
• beFunc is perfect as an addition for the
number of training circuits, bringing new motivati-
“space” in studios, personal training, training
on to the training every time, making it beneficial
The size of beFunc as well as its innovative
in small groups, circuit training, elderly trai-
for beginners as well as professionals.
“Three-Side-Usability” ensure ideal space utiliza-
ning, home training, rehabilitation and outdoor
tion. Due to its light weight beFunc can be used
suitable for beginners as well as professionals.
everywhere, even outdoors with the optional
Your benefits:
circuit training due to the immense variety of
full body stretching, a “Short Sling Training” or a
med in different levels of difficulty making beFunc
Agility Circuit
• Extremely space saving through “Three-SideUsability”
(strength, agility, coordination)
• Specific
(beginners up to professionals)
• Premade workout cards, card stands and the
professional adaptability of stationary or mobile
training solutions
• Usability in classes, free space in the gym and
training ciruits to fit customer needs. The circuits
• Extremely mobile due to its 14kg in weight and
a basis of < 1 sqm
LED-workout light provide professional circuit
Over 60 workout cards, their stands and the
• Infinite training circuits with eligible focuses
example circuit
Coordination Circuit
areas of application may be in the machine area or
as a mobile solution in gyms and outdoor training.
A particular advantage is the space saving storage
of beFunc.
beFunc Details
3,5 m
88 cm
Strength Circuit
~12 m²
3,5 m
72 cm
example circuit
44 cm
Space saving Design
18 cm
76 cm
89 cm
36 cm
10 cm
86 cm
example circuit
3,10 m