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Sunday Service – October 12, 2014 11:00 AM
ABD Pledge Sunday
Worship Associate: Tamara Murray
Greeters: Judy R / Gail
Special Music: NSUU Choir
Sound Room Technicians: Jim Long, Guy Ross, Nina Helfert
Special Offering: UUA Association Sunday
Sunday Service – October 19, 2014 11:00 AM
Rev. Darcy Roake will be in the pulpit.
Worship Associate: Melissa Rousseaux
Greeters: Maggie / Fred
Sound Room Technicians: Jim Long, Guy Ross, Nina Helfert
Special Music: Tamara Murray
Hi Everyone,
The time is finally here—time to turn in your pledge cards! This Sunday, our hardworking
Annual Budget Drive (ABD) Team will be providing lunch and will be available to take your
pledge cards. I hope that you have given careful thought to the amount you can give to our
church community for 2015! Our budget will be developed from the pledges so please be
generous and realistic in your pledge.
Thanks so much to our hardworking ABD Team! Our ABD team is Julie Bosch, Gay
Digiovanni, Jim Long, and Maggie Sorrels. They have worked long hours to make this year’s
campaign a success!!
Our Nominations Committee of Barbara Shaw, Bert Green, and Terry Van Brunt are looking
for a few good people to serve on the Board of Trustees for 2015. If you haven’t served on
the Board yet and you are a member of NSUUS (meaning that you have signed the book
campaign a success!!
Our Nominations Committee of Barbara Shaw, Bert Green, and Terry Van Brunt are looking
for a few good people to serve on the Board of Trustees for 2015. If you haven’t served on
the Board yet and you are a member of NSUUS (meaning that you have signed the book
and made a pledge), this might be a good time for you to consider serving in a leadership
position! And if you have been a previous Board member, this might be the time for you to
step up again! Please let me or one of the committee members know if you are interested!
In love and community,
[email protected]
Pastoral Care
Quinetta Aguilar, a member of NSUUS, was recently involved in a car accident. She was hit
head on by someone texting on Hwy 190. As a result, she has severe ankle and leg injuries
and is not able to get around. She has an 11 year old son Justin and needs help with meals,
shopping, and getting to medical appointments. She and Justin can eat most anything,
although Quin is trying not to eat carbs. She lives in Lacombe. Please contact Gay
DiGiovanni 985-707-3980 [email protected] if you can help in any way at all.
Update on John Goodnow from Jimi: Just returned home from what should have been a
routine chemo and radiation day; however, as I had suspected as of last week as well as the
radiation doctors and techs, and tried our best to keep it from happening, John became
dehydrated! It has been a "battle" since last week to get him to eat and drink, and when he
does, it takes all day to get that accomplished! He did have his radiation treatment today,
and then because I requested hydration on his behalf, we met with the radiation doctor! He
suspended the radiation as of today through the remainder of the week, and no chemo was
given today! Hydration will be given through his port for three hours each day for the rest
of the week, and then on Monday, we will try again! Please continue to add us to your
daily prayer list - it is certainly not easy - I have learned a lot throughout this journey that
we are on! Thanks to all of you!
Calendar of Events
Sunday, 10/12/14
Sunday, 10/19/14
Saturday, 10/25/14
Saturday, 10/25/14
Sunday Service
ABD Pledge Sunday
Sunday Service
Rev. Darcy Roake
Board of Trustees Meeting
Community Center
Story of Your Life Workshop
with Rev. Melanie MorelEnsminger
Sunday, 10/26/14
Sunday Service
Rev. Melanie Morel-Ensminger
Sunday, 11/2/14
Sunday Service
Rev. Jane Mauldin
Sunday, 11/2/14
Welcoming Congregation Film
Series “Stonewall Uprising”
Sunday Service
GNOUU Music Service
Sunday, 11/9/14
Sunday, 11/16/14
Sunday, 11/23/14
Sunday, 11/30/14
Sunday, 12/7/14
Sunday Service
Rev. Deanna Vandiver
Sunday Service
Rev. Melanie Morel-Ensminger
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
RE Multigenerational Service
RE Multigenerational Service
Sunday, 12/7/14
Welcoming Congregation Film
Series “The OUT List”
Our Annual Budget Drive Celebration Luncheon is this Sunday, October 12.
The ABD team needs help setting up chairs and tables on Saturday October 11 at 9:00 am.
Many hands mean less work for each helper. This should take less than an hour. Please
contact Gay DiGiovanni- 985-707-3980 [email protected]
Book Club
The next Book Club is scheduled October 19th at 6:30 pm in the Community Center. The
next book is “Red Sorghum” by Mo Yan. Please call Kada Harris and let me know you are
interested at (985) 626-9800. Thanks!!!
Northshore Welcoming Congregation Committee
The North Shore Welcoming Congregation Committee held the kickoff of documentary films
as part of the process of earning A Welcoming Congregation from UUA. The very
interesting historical documentary resonated well with an audience of UUs and guests from
PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Randy Trahan, moderator of the
Covington branch, and Julie Thompson, co-President of New Orleans/North Shore PFLAG
joined us. The discussion that followed was lively and caused us to recall “the way it was”
from our growing years and beyond.
Randy invites members of North Shore and any GLBTQ friends or family to their next
meeting: Thursday, October 16th at 7:30pm at Grace Disciples of Christ Church, 975
Highway 190, Covington, on Lakeview Memorial Hospital frontage road to the north.
On November 2, “Stonewall Uprising”, an AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film, 62 minutes, will
revisit a time when homosexual acts were illegal throughout America. Because of bigotry in
their home towns, gays began fleeing to New York in search of sanctuary where they found
refuge in a Mafia-run gay bar in Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Inn. On June 28, 1969,
gay men and women did something they had never done before: they fought back! View
this historical event that is credited with the gay rights movement. 1:00 o'clock, light lunch
and viewing, suitable for adults and teenagers.
On December 7 we shall view “The OUT List”, 60 minutes, through the voices of Americans
from all walks of life. It explores the identities of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender
communities of America. With wit and wisdom, this group of trailblazing individuals weaves
the universal themes of love, loss, trial and triumphs into the determined struggle for full
equality. Suitable for adults and teenagers.
CELSJR Happy Hour Event
Have you ever been to the EIFFEL SOCIETY on St. Charles Ave.? Add some fun to your
evening and join us! The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal would like to
Invite you to the Eiffel Society 2040 St. Charles Ave. N.O. on October 22 at 5:30pm. On this
night the Eiffel Society pledges to give up 20% of the bar sales to CELSJR! There will also
be a silent auction benefiting the Center plus appetizers. RSVP online for your chance to
win our drawing: We will also be celebrating
Alyson Paris, the Center's wonderful Vista/AmeriCorps Volunteer who will be leaving us in
November. Hope to see you at this event!
News from Religious Exploration
“We are recognizing that if we don’t engage religious diversity, if we don’t bring people from
different faiths together, if we don’t acquire positive knowledge and appreciative knowledge
of other people’s traditions, then we forfeit the territory to people who are happy to build
barriers and spread lies”
- Eboo Patel
Founder & President of Interfaith Youth Core
Mystery Pals starts in 4 days! Sign up to be a mystery pal to one of our young people
and help build bridges between the adults and the children in our congregation. You will
send a note and a small token to your child once a week for three weeks, without the child
knowing who you are. The program begins October 12 and culminates in a special
breakfast on November 2, where the mystery will be revealed! The Religious Exploration
Department is available for support. Please consider this worthwhile, fun activity! Contact
Rita Storey, 985-845-9694, [email protected] or the DRE. Sign up forms are on the
table in the lobby or available via email. Participating children, youth and adults all need to
complete a form.
Job Opening – nursery caretaker for work in the nursery and as a class aide. Contact the
Registration for any and all R.E. activities: RE families – please register your children
and youth (in lobby or online)! Thank you!
RE classes, youth activities and community events, 10/12/14:
Two Classes
Middle Youth/Youth – Building Bridges -- World Religions study continues with Christianity
Primary Group – UU Super Heroes! J
Field trip to Faith Bible Church – for MY/Y and adults - rescheduled for Wed, Nov.
5th: plan to precede our visit for the multigenerational “Celebration Wednesday” service
with dinner at Subway at 5:45 p.m. Need a ride, please contact the DRE. All welcome.
Gulf Coast Youth Rally, January 16 – 18, 2015, Bay Area UU Church, Houston. Save the
NSUUS RE is on Facebook: Please “like” us here:
Director Religious Education
Lisa Rustemeyer
[email protected]
Emergency Church Phone: 985-882-0096
The Story of Your Life Workshop
Session 2, Oct. 25
Hosted at NSUU, 1-3 pm
Each of us has a story, the narrative of our lives as we see it. This workshop is a chance to
craft that story the way we want it told, in all its complexity, for ourselves, for our loved
ones, and for those who will eventually be planning our memorial services.
This three-session workshop will be held at the North Shore UU Community Center in
Lacombe, led by Consulting Minister Rev. Melanie Morel-Ensminger. Participants will reflect
on their lives and accomplishments what meaning(s) they give to them; think about what
poems, readings, and music are most inspirational and important to them, and will share
with each other what makes for a powerful, comforting, meaningful memorial service. Each
participant will complete a form that asks questions about their lives and about what they
want for their memorial service; these forms will be duplicated to be kept among each
person's important papers, with another copy kept by their minister, at their church office,
or with church files.
You do not have to attend all three sessions to participate, but that would be the optimal
experience. The workshop is primarily for members and friends of NSUU, but congregants
from other Greater New Orleans UU churches and from the Hammond church are cordially
The Women's Center for Healing & Transformation sponsors a Habitat Women Build Day
on Sat Oct 25! It's Fun! Volunteer or sponsor (no experience needed!) to help us build a
new house in Mandeville. We need to know ahead of time for planning, so Sign up or get
more info at or call Patricia (985) 264-8089. Help
us empower a new homeowner.
Patricia Stout
(985) 264-8089
Donations Needed Weekly for the Covington Food Bank
Please remember that the Covington Chalice Circle facilitated by Bill Allin, weekly collects
food for our area food bank. Your weekly food donations can be dropped off at the church
lobby, left side, inside the cabinet for that purpose. The following notice from the
Mandeville collection site reminds us of particular food and personal items currently needed.
Thanks for remembering those in need in our geographic area. Remember to shop for a
neighbor in need while you shop for your family!
Administrative Assistant Opening
North Shore is recruiting an Administrative Assistant. This position will provide administrative
support to NSUU on a part time basis throughout the year. The Administrative Assistant
would perform duties at the request of any Board member or committee chairperson and is
supervised by the Board President or his/her designee. The duties are primarily clerical
carried out using computerized software programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), at
the church office located in the Community Center. Because so many of the tasks are online
or use software programs, a background in computers is recommended to minimize training.
The hours of work are flexible and may be influenced by deadlines of tasks to be performed.
The Administrative Assistant rate of pay is $60.00/week for six (6) hours work.
This should be a very interesting position, interacting with caring people. Perhaps you know
someone who might be interested in getting out the house/apartment and earning a bit. For
more information, contact Bonnie Andrus,
809-0225, [email protected] A resume outlining past training and experience will be
indication of interest in the position.
North Shore Unitarian Universalist Society of Louisiana, Inc.
Located: 28662 Krentel Road, Lacombe, LA 70445
Mailing Address: PO Box 2006, Lacombe, LA 70445-2006
Telephone: NSUUS Office 985-882-0096;
2014 Board of Trustees:
Vice President:
Tamara Murray
Carolyn Pratt
Gay DiGiovanni
Maggie Sorrels
Fred Cureau
Gwen Dennis
Jim Long
Guy Ross
Minister: (The Rev.) Melanie Morel-Ensminger
Consulting Minister
North Shore Unitarian Universalists, Lacombe, LA
Hammond Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Hammond, LA
1465 Annunciation St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(609) 217-4410 cell phone
(504) 708-2312 cell phone
Twitter handle: @RevMelanieNOLA
Sexton: Fred Cureau
[email protected]
Director Religious Exploration: Lisa Rustemeyer
985-234-9970; [email protected]
Pastoral Care Associate: Gay DiGiovanni
[email protected]
Choir Director: Melissa Rousseaux
[email protected]
Worship Committee Chair: Terry Van Brunt
[email protected]
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