October 8th at 8:30 am
Calvin Thompson-Chairman, Duane Schneider, Leon Palmer-Vice Chairman, and Robert Osborne.
Kent Duerre – District Conservationist, Lorne Aadland, NRCS-Tribal Liaison, Jodi Hook, District Manager
and Justin Pederson – District Resource Manager.
ABSENT: Cody Hanson-Treasurer, Tim Gleason
The Roberts Conservation District: Board of Supervisors met Wednesday October 8th, 2014
at the USDA Service Center, Sisseton SD. Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order at 8:40
Minutes of the September 2014 meeting were reviewed. Osborne motioned to approve the
minutes. Seconded by Schneider. All voting aye. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s report was given by Hook. Motioned by Schneider to accept the treasurer’s report as
presented and to authorize District Manager to pay outstanding bills as finances permit. Seconded by
Osborne. All voting aye. Motion carried.
NRCS Reports by Kent Duerre:
In FY 2014 a total of 100 new CRP contracts were developed in Roberts County.
Work on continuous CCRP and did receive acres to fund an additional 8 Pheasant (SAFE) contracts.
We seem to have plenty of acres for all other practices at this time and have over 30 offers for new
CRP contracts.
CSP 2010 expiring contract total 24, it appear that 22 of those have requested to renew their contacts.
We will be working on those as soon as we get the CMT tool and must be completed by 12/31/14.
The Red River Basin has been submitted for a RCPP as well. Justin is representing SD on the Red
River planning committee and deals with water retention as a primary concern.
Cody Warner accepted a new position as a Wetland Reserve Easement Program specialist based in
Webster with Roberts County part of his work area.
No word on when or who will be the next wetland specialist as well the agency reviewer positon now
open in Watertown.
Tribal Liaison Report by Lorne Aadland:
Curt and I participated in a Strike Force round table discussion at the college with Sonny Ramaswamy,
Director of NIFA (National Institute of Foods and Agriculture) from Washington. After meetings at
the college and tour of facilities we toured the orchard and the buffalo farm with Sonny.
Worked with Jeff Zimprich to get a Cooperative Agreement for establishment of community garden
which will be placed behind the Assembly of God Church .
Tom Jones, DC from Forman came over to help start getting Vern’s high tunnel erected.
Attended Alan Savory workshop in Hayti and took Cody and Bruce the compliance officers for SWO
along for the meeting.
Assisted at the Land and Range Judging contest in Webster.
Need to do a Resource Concerns for American Indian funding this fall.
Have been in contact with Heidi Carroll and Pete Bauman about doing some planning for facility
updating at the buffalo farm. Hasn’t been much updating on the working facilities in recent years.
Going to work with Rick Smith from Hayti on grazing plan for buffalo herd.
Will try to get the CRP seeding up to date this fall with several dormant seedings.
Worked with BIA in Aberdeen and now have section maps with allotment numbers on designated by
SWO and BIA lands plus fee land.
District Report by Justin Pederson:
I have started putting together all items together for fall dormant seedings.
o -quotes, maps, agreements, ect.
We have been out in the field to check various 2014 seeding sites to see how far along the
beans are or if the seedbed is adequate for planting.
We have worked to prioritize seedings in order to complete the most important ones first in
case the weather doesn’t allow for a long planting season. Quotes have been made in these top
priorities and I will get seed ordered hopefully yet this week.
Jason from Millborn Seeds has agreed to travel up here for a day and help me calibrate the
drills for the mixes we will have. This should make us more efficient and save valuable time
in the field.
I have assisted the NRCS with doing field checks on CRPs to monitor the grass stands and
report back to the office. I have also assisted with using the GPS unit to map out future CRP
Traveled to Oacoma for the SDACD employees meeting.
 -Pastor Tom Johnson’s message on stewardship of the land
 -Bioreactor drainage water management
 -Pheasant Habitat Summit
 -SDACDE benefits option
Traveled to Hillsboro, ND for the first subcommittee meeting for the Red River Retention
Authority (RRRA). Next meeting is set for October 28 in Hillsboro.
Started on 2015 tree plans and Jodi and I have visited a few sites to meet with landowners so
we can begin constructing the plantings.
Unfinished Business:
Motioned by Osborne to approve 2014-2015 pricing as written. Seconded by Schneider. All
voting aye. Motion carried.
Motioned by Schneider to lease two tractors from Larson’s. Seconded by Osborne. All voting
aye. Motion carried.
Wages for tree crew tabled until November meeting.
Discussed who plans to attend the Legislative Banquet in Webster on October 20, 2014.
New Business:
Motioned by Schneider to approve cover crop grant. Seconded Osborne. All voting aye.
Motion carried.
Credit application for Bailey Nursery was signed.
Upcoming Events:
Legislative Meeting/Banquet in Webster will be October 20th.
State Conservation Commission Grant Meeting in Pierre-November.
Tentative Next Meeting Date and Time: Wednesday November 12, 2014 at 1:30 PM
Adjournment 10:30 am. With no further business to address before the board, Osborne moved
to adjourn. Seconded by Schneider. All voting aye. Motion carried.
Respectfully Submitted by
Approved by
Justin Pederson
District Resource Manager