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As we celebrate SPORTELMonaco’s
twenty-fifth birthday, I am delighted
to see how it has become the
worldwide leading event for the key
players involved in the world of sport,
television and new media rights.
In 1990, when the late Georges
Bertellotti created SPORTEL as a
forum for business and discussion,
setting out to strengthen what was
then a promising union between the
hugely popular medium of television
and sports disciplines seeking ever
larger audiences, it was virtually impossible to foresee the
vast economic, technological and cultural changes that have
since revolutionised the ways in which we watch increasingly
spectacular sports coverage.
SPORTEL has always strived to anticipate these changes. Its
unique approach having brought an increasing numbers of
industry professionals as well as attracting numerous sports
champions and personalities — a further endorsement of
SPORTEL as a business market.
The event’s format has been successfully exported, since 1997
in cities such as Miami Beach, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore,
Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai.
I would like to congratulate the organizers and the various
committees for their remarkable work over the years.
Let me also express my thanks to all the participants for
their presence in Monaco and wish them another successful
Demos at SPORTEL
SPORTEL Startup Competition
Golden Podium Jury Members
The Sportel Illustrated
Sport Book Awards
Renaud de Laborderie
From the Market
This year, SPORTEL brings with it some very special features as part of a
very special birthday edition… Over the last twenty-five years, the world
of television and new media has visited SPORTEL to further develop the
quality of its sports programmes while enjoying the loyal support that the
event receives from the Principality of Monaco.
Of course, there will be plenty of references to SPORTEL’s quarter-of-a-century
innings as a leading industry showcase during its four-day run. A photo
album of SPORTEL’s greatest moments has been published. The images are
a testament to how many record holders and champions from all events and
disciplines, figures from the biggest international sports organisations and top
TV professionals have in some way played a part in SPORTEL’s rich history.
Our awards ceremony, the Golden Podium Awards, will take place as usual,
albeit with added twenty-fifth-birthday flair and an after-party at Jimmy’z, while
the acclaimed director Stephen Frears heads this year’s jury.
Amparo di Fede
General Manager SPORTEL
Commemorative Stamp
created and launched for
SPORTEL 25th anniversary
Lastly, our International Symposium will provide an in-depth exploration of
the journey made by televised sport over the last twenty-five years, focusing
on technological changes and the ways in which sports content, is nowdays
viewed – ways that are varied enough to pose questions about how sport will
be broadcast in the future. In the light of audiences’ current expectations and
the emergence of new mobile screens, how can sport and television meet these
challenges… and continue do so over the next twenty-five years?
In keeping with this approach of anticipating the developments that will affect a
sector that is continually evolving, this year sees SPORTEL launch in partnership
with Deltatre its ‘Start Up Competition’. Young entrepreneurs with a passion for
innovation and the drive to play a part in the future of broadcasted sport are
invited to present their projects to the buyers and decision makers joining us
in Monaco.
Over twenty-five years, SPORTEL has triumphed in a highly competitive sector,
making a name for itself as the place to be… That is what we are so proud of,
and what constantly pushes us to do more for our exhibitors, buyers and visitors.
I thank you all for coming to celebrate this very special birthday with us!
Every Day
9:00 - 19:00
Tuesday to Thursday
9:00 & 14:00
on Friday 9:00
Sponsored by
Level +1
Offered by
Internet Café, Level -1
Sponsored by
Tuesday to Thursday
Ravel Exhibition Hall
Meeting Rooms
Presented by
Automobile Club
de Monaco (ACM)
Diaghilev Exhibition
Hall, level -1
Offered by
Internet Café, Level -1
9:00 - 19:00
Ravel & Diaghilev Exhibition Halls
In partnership with
10:00 - 10:45
FIFA Press Event
FIFA TV media rights and
production – from Brazil to the future
Conference Room (level -1)
DEMO: Int’l Judo Federation
Lobby (level 0)
In partnership with
11:15 - 12:00
How much TV does the brand need?
How much brand does TV need?
Conference Room (level -1)
DEMO: Int’l Judo Federation
Lobby (level 0)
From 13:00
DEMO: The Ball Up Takeover
Outside Esplanade
In association with
14:00 - 14:45
Markets Expert Panel I
Sport Online: What works, what doesn’t
Conference Room (level -1)
DEMO: Int’l Judo Federation
Lobby (level 0)
In partnership with
15:15 - 16:45
Feel the beauty of 4K Sports
Content Creation
Conference Room (level -1)
In association with
17:15 - 18:00
with JB Perrette, President of
Discovery Networks International
Conference Room (level -1)
WedneSDAY 8 OctobER
9:00 - 19:00
Ravel & Diaghilev Exhibition Halls
9:00 - 19:00
Ravel & Diaghilev Exhibition Halls
10:30 - 12:00
Sports Media - Meeting the Challenge
of a Changing World
Conference Room (level -1)
11:00 - 11:45
Startup Competition
Conference Room
(level -1)
In partnership with
DEMO: Fighting Spirit
Lobby (level 0)
From 13:00
DEMO: The Ball Up Takeover
Outside Esplanade
In partnership with
14:00 - 15:00
SPORTEL & SVG Business
& Technology Panel
Making the Most of Rights (Part 1)
Agency & Federation Perspectives on
Next-Generation Technology
Conference Room (level -1)
DEMO: Fighting Spirit
Lobby (level 0)
In association with
15:30 - 16:15
Markets Expert Panel II
European Football: Winning Media
Strategies. The media rights strategies
of Europe’s top leagues
Conference Room (level -1)
DEMO: Fighting Spirit
Lobby (level 0)
friDAY 10 OctobER
9:00 - 14:00
Ravel & Diaghilev Exhibition Halls
10:00 - 10:30
Golden Foot
Press Conference
in presence of
Football Stars
Lobby (level 0)
In partnership with
10:30 - 11:00
Football Legends
Photo Signature
Diaghilev Exhibition Hall (level -1)
Walk on the
«Champions Promenade»
with Football Stars
Grimaldi Forum (sea front)
In partnership with
16:45 - 17:45
SPORTEL & SVG Business
& Technology Panel
Making the Most of Rights (Part 2)
Monetizing the Second Screen Experience
Conference Room (level -1)
Golden Podium Awards Ceremony
Salle Prince Pierre (level -2)
25th Anniversary Party
Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo
Tuesday 7 October • 10:00-10:45 •
In partnership with
Conference room (level -1)
“FIFA TV media rights and production – from Brazil to the future”
Niclas Ericson
Director TV Division, FIFA
Paul Redman
Head of FIFA Films, FIFA TV Division
Stefan Wildemann
Manager, Sales & Distribution, FIFA TV Division
In partnership with
Tuesday 7 October • 11:15 - 12:00 • Conference room (level -1)
“How much TV does the brand need?
How much brand does TV need?”
In the quest for direct contact with the viewer and consumer, media and
brands use digital innovations. Joachim Wildt, Chairman of PLAZAMEDIA
GmbH, will outline and discuss the future ideas of a technical requirements
profile for content creation and production with guests of classic sportsmedia and brand manufacturers.
The goal of the panel is to answer the question: What effects do technical
innovations have on classic TV sport production and on the production of
corporate media content?
To reach this goal, we will first outline the area of conflict between classic
and corporate media in relation to the technical possibilities.
The trend of cloud-based TV production will significantly changes and
influences live productions. What are we going to expect in the near
future? The participants will talk about possibilities of revolutionizing live
sport productions. Both, TV and brands can benefit from this technology.
But how are they going to work together in a team to get closer to the
Also playing a role here are new kinds of production methods, such as the
integration of social media applications. In this context we will debate the
modern involvement of a sports-fan. The challenge for the producers is to
offer a new way of watching and feeling sport events. Today’s consumers
wants to be more than viewers, they claim to be part of the game.
• Michael Keusgen
Business Consultant,
• Bernhard Albrecht, COO,
ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4
• David Bush, Marketing Director,
Sony Professional Solutions Europe
• Joachim Wildt, Chairman,
In partnership with
Tuesday 7 October • 15:15 - 16:45 • Conference room (level -1)
“Feel the beauty of 4K
Sports Content Creation”
What was the reaction to the three World Cup matches
broadcast in 4K? (I expect that viewers were amazed at the
depth and detail)
In summer 2014, Sony partnered with FIFA TV to produce
three matches at the FIFA World Cup in 4K. In a live sports
entertainment first, Sony also teamed up with Vue Entertainment
to screen two matches live in Sony Digital Cinema 4K at Vue
Entertainment’s prestigious Westfield multiplex in London.
The screenings were attended by professionals from the media
and entertainment industry along with members of the public.
The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Viewers commented
on the immersive nature of the 4K images, which gave the
impression of actually being in the stadium. The amazing detail
and rich colours were also mentioned by many. In Japan, the
NexTV-Forum which is a consortium of public and commercial
broadcasters, started a trial 4K channel via satellite in June.
4K matches from the FIFA World Cup were broadcast via this
NexTV-Forum platform and in Brazil, broadcaster TV Globo
also transmitted three live matches from the tournament in 4K.
What are your plans for further coverage of sporting events in
4K over the next 12-18 months?
We have developed a full end to end 4K production system
for live events and sports. Over the past 18 months we have
provided 4K equipment and expertise at high profile soccer,
tennis, rugby, music and theatrical events around the world
and we will continue to do this in future. We invite you to “watch
this space” for further announcements.
Sony is sponsoring the Delegates Lounge, what else are
you planning for Sportel and what will you be showing in the
4K is all about great images and sound and we want as many
people at Sportel to experience 4K for themselves. In the
Delegates Lounge, we will have a number of Sony 4K Bravia
TV screens all showing incredible 4K content. This will be an
area where visitors to Sportel can experience 4K and talk to
the Sony team about all aspects of its production. Sony will
also be hosting a ninety minute 4K conference on Tuesday 7th
Producers from around the world will share their experiences
and will screen examples of their work on a 4K projector. It’s
a “must see” event for anyone who wants to check out 4K
for themselves, get up to date with all the latest news and
get ahead of the game with 4K. In addition to this 4K focus,
members from Sony’s Hawk-Eye and Pulselive team will also
be at Sportel to discuss their award winning systems for ball
and player tracking, along with interactive digital, social and
content solutions that help drive fan engagement.
How many different models of 4K TV are available, and when
can we expect to see regular coverage of sporting events in 4K?
When do you expect the first 4K channels to start operating?
The choice of 4K TVs has increased substantially over the past
couple of years. From the early days of a single 84-inch 4K
Sony Bravia model, there are now 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch,
70-inch, 79-inch and 85-inch models in the Sony line-up.
There’s also a family of Sony 4K projectors for home use and
numerous 4K TVs from other suppliers. The first 4K services
have also started to appear.
Examples include the service from Japan’s NexTV-Forum, the
4K service from Netflix and Sony’s Video
Unlimited 4K service in the USA. A
growing number of broadcasters
around the world are also testing
4K with a view to introducing
on air services in the near
future. And forward thinking
organisations are also
capturing more and more
in 4K today to have content
ready for these anticipated
new services.
Peter Sykes
Strategic Technology Development Manager,
Sony Professional Solutions Europe
In association with
Tuesday 7 October • 14:00-14:45 •
Conference room (level -1)
SPORTEL & TV Sports Markets Expert Panel I
“Sport Online: what works, what doesn’t”
The evolution of business models for digital sports content
Tuesday 7 October • 17:15-18:00
Conference room (level -1)
with JB Perrette,
President of Discovery
Networks International
Wednesday 8 October • 15:30 -16:15
Conference room (level -1)
Markets Expert Panel II
“European Football: Winning Media
Strategies. The media rights strategies
of Europe’s top leagues”
TVSM Arrives at its 400th Edition
The digital panellists bring a real range of
perspectives. We have a major rights-holder
in Fiba, fresh from a highly successful World
Cup in Spain. Perform, who have built a
business by understanding the opportunities
in digital before anyone else. YouTube, which
has re-written the rule book for sports media.
And News Corp, which is pioneering a whole
new way of combining short-form video and
sports journalism.
I am also really excited about our football
panel. We have representatives of four of
the biggest football leagues in the world
– from Germany, Spain, France, and the
Netherlands – encompassing a range of
business models for exploiting media rights.
All four are experiencing growth but choosing
different ways to get there, and digging down
into the detail of those strategies should be
Finally, we have the opportunity in a longform, one-to-one interview to get an insight
into one of the really big new players in
the world of sports rights. Everybody in the
industry wants to know where Discovery is
heading next, both with Eurosport and with
its other operations. We will have the time to
really explore that in depth.
As Sportel celebrates its 25th year, sports
rights specialist TV Sports Markets (TVSM)
will be marking the lead-up to its 400th
newsletter with a special edition of the
Sportel Briefing featuring a review of all the
major sports rights developments since the
publication started in 1997. TVSM Editor
Frank Dunne talks to the Sportel News.
How else are you celebrating your 400th
edition at Sportel?
Alongside the extra analysis and content
in the Briefing, we’ve made an agreement
with Sportel to provide events as part of
the Sportel programme. The first time we
did this was at Sportel Shanghai earlier this
year, and during Sportel Monaco we’ll be
holding two panels and a special one-to-one
interview. The TVSM panel programme starts
on Tuesday with “Sport Online: What Works,
What Doesn’t”, followed by an interview
with Jean-Briac (JB) Perrette, President of
Discovery Networks International. Then on
Wednesday, we are presenting “European
Football: Winning Media Strategies”. We see
these events as a way of bringing to life what
we do at TVSM, which is all about leveraging
our privileged access to major decisionmakers.
What will TVSM be focusing on during
We have taken a stand for the first time and
for a very good reason as we are launching a
new product called Rights Tracker, which is
a digital adjunct to a service that we already
offer. Basically we are able to track deals as
they are being made and the Rights Tracker
will report on who is signing with who, which
broadcaster and agencies are involved
and how much money changed hands very
quickly, more or less as the deals are being
finalised and initially reported. And our USP
here is that we have a very accurate global
database that goes back to 1997 when we
started doing this, and what we are offering
is granular information with deep insight that
it covers the global market.
We will also be holding a boutique, invitationonly event called TVSM Live in Monaco on
the Monday before Sportel, featuring GuyLaurent Epstein of UEFA, Garry Cook of
UFC, and Richard Verow from BSkyB, all of
whom will be giving presentations to a select
audience of sports specialists.
DEMO: The Ball Up Takeover
Tuesday 7 October • Wednesday 8 october • From 13:00 •
The Ball Up Takeover - Ball Up
presents a live outdoor streetball
exhibition complete with electrifying
slam dunks, dribbling demonstrations
and the best ball handling the world
of basketball has ever seen, coupled
with the world’s first live basketball
virtual reality experience.
Tuesday 7 October • 10:00-11:00 • 12:00-13:00 • 15:00-16:00 •
En prise avec le judo…
Outside Esplanade
In presence of:
Grayson Boucher
Taurian Fontenette
Anthony Pimble
Patrick Robinson
Gary Smith
Christian Staples
Lobby (level 0)
DEMO: Fédération Int’le de Judo
C’est une tradition bien établie sous la verrière du Grimaldi Forum…
SPORTEL offre désormais au judo une vitrine populaire et médiatique
sous la forme de démonstrations live. « Pour notre discipline, ce n’est que
du bonus qui vient en appui de l’aura de nos résultats dans les grandes
compétitions, indique Nicolas Messner, Directeur de la Communication de
la Fédération Internationale de Judo. Ces démonstrations impliquent avant
tout de jeunes judokas et ont surtout des vertus éducatives en participant
à la transmission des valeurs de notre sport : amitié, courage, sincérité,
honneur, modestie, respect, contrôle de soi et politesse ».
Comme les années précédentes, seront sur le tatami de SPORTEL des
judokas du club de la Principauté et des jeunes qui se préparent déjà
au haut niveau dans le cadre du Pôle Espoirs de Nice.
L’an dernier, ces jeunes avait vécu un grand moment d’émotion en prise
directe avec Teddy Riner, champion olympique et désormais septuple
champion du monde et celle de Loïc Pietri, le jeune Niçois, médaillé d’or
au précédent Mondial du Brésil.
Les jeunes du Judo Club de Monaco, entraînés par Marcel Pietri (le papa
du champion), n’en avaient pas cru leurs yeux et les portables avaient été
de sortie pour immortaliser cet instant en compagnie de leurs héros, loin
d’être avares en conseils et anecdotes.
Wednesday 8 October • 10:45-11:45 • 14:45-15:45 • 16:45-17:45 •
Lobby (level 0)
DEMO: Fighting Spirit
Wednesday 8 October • 10:30-12:00 •
Conference room (level -1)
“Sports Media - Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World”
To celebrate SPORTEL’s 25th anniversary, this year’s International Symposium looks back at two and a half decades of rapid
development and asks what the sports media landscape will look like in the years ahead.
Influential and authoritative speakers from rights owners and broadcast organisations will draw on their experience to share
their insights into the way sports media is rising to the challenges of changing audience expectations and rapidly-changing
The Symposium will feature must-see interviews with industry leaders ahead of a two panel sessions in which experts will discuss
key issues.
Timo Lumme
Managing Director,
Television & Marketing Services
International Olympic
Committee (IOC)
Kevin Roberts
Editorial Director
SportBusiness Group
Meeting the challenge of the changing consumption patterns
• How do changing consumption habits impact on the future of sports media?
• How does the trend impact the established broadcasters and the way sports rights are traded?
• Do changing consumption patterns open the door to new sports and the creation of new superstars?
Cyril Linette
Sports Director
from the Group
Canal +
David Neal
Fox Sports
Carsten Schmidt
Advertising Sales
& Internet
Sky Deutschland
Enhancing the value of sports media rights
This session examines the symbiotic relationship between rights holders and their media partners and examines the ways in which
the value of media rights can be grown for both parties through innovation and collaboration. So be sure to join the people shaping
sports media and join the big debate.
Vincent Chupin
Vice President Television
& Marketing Services
International Olympic
Committee (IOC)
Riccardo Silva
Co-founder and President
MP & Silva
SPORTEL & SVG Business & Technology Panel
Wednesday 8 October •
Conference room (level -1)
In partnership with
14:00-15:00 Making the Most of Rights (Part 1)
“Agency & Federation Perspectives on Next-Generation Technology”
16:45-17:45 Making the Most of Rights (Part 2)
“Monetizing the 2nd Screen Experience”
Ken Kerschbaumer, editorial director at trade
association Sports Video Group (SVG), explains
why the organisation was keen to be involved
with Sportel for the Symposium sessions, and
what he hopes the partnership achieves.
We enjoy our partnership with Sportel because it gives
us a chance to meet agency and federation technology
decision makers. More importantly, having the opportunity
to moderate great panel discussions on everything from 4K to
second screen - and everything in between - helps us and our members
keep on top of the latest trends in the sports production marketplace.
The industry is in a state of constant change with respect to new ways to
deliver sports content. And that obviously has a ripple effect on how rights
are managed and how sports rights holders, agencies, and federations
need to deploy new services. There are no easy answers, so having chance
to moderate three sessions at Sportel, one on second screen, one on 4K,
and one featuring agency and federation executives, really helps attendees
get a better sense of the future.
What news do you have about new products/services from
We continue to expand our European presence and hold more and more
educational events for Sportel attendees and other industry professionals.
For example, on October 10th we are holding a tour of IMG Studios near
London and on December 2nd we are holding FutureSport at Lords Cricket
ground. That event will take a look at new and developing technologies
that can transform the way sports content is created and distributed. And
we have plenty of plans for 2015, including our Football Production Summit
in Paris, the SportTech Summit to be held in Manchester, and educational
activities at NAB, IBC, and Sportel in 2014.
What are Sportsvideo’s main objectives at the 25th Sportel?
As Europe’s leading trade association for sports production professionals
our main objectives are to produce some informative sessions for the
Sportel attendees that will help them better understand market trends and
new business opportunities. Anyone interested in becoming a member of
SVG can join for free at
On the 8th of October we will have a session in the conference room on level
-1 that takes a look at the content creation and distribution technologies that
offer new ways to not only more cost-effectively produce content, but also
deliver it around the globe. Industry experts will help attendees understand
how next-generation production workflows that make use of cloud-based
and IP-based services will transform the way content is created, distributed,
and monetized.
And then later in the same room, we will discuss monetising the second
screen. More than ever sports fans are consuming content related to
their favourite sports, teams, and athletes via smartphones, tablets, and
computers. But despite all the interest and usage, it is very hard for
rights holders, federations, and agencies to turn meaningful usage into
meaningful revenues. So we’ll be examining what steps rights holders are
taking to drive revenues, what business models make the most sense, and
what future technology and business developments will make it easier to
minimize costs while maximizing revenues.
And don’t forget the 7 October session on 4K, produced in association
with Sony!
SPORTEL StartUP Competition
Deltatre shares learnings from year
of ‘digital record-breaking success’
Thursday 9 October • 11:00-11:45 •
In partnership with
Conference room (level -1)
SPORTS media and technology company Deltatre comes to Sportel
fresh from the podium at Amsterdam’s IBC Awards, where it was part
of the FIFA TV delegation honoured for its game-changing coverage of
the Brazil World Cup. Deltatre, which provided the tournament with a
suite of digital, media and broadcast services, was among the football
governing body’s 14 partner organisations invited on stage to celebrate
its two-award haul for delivering, in the words of IBC’s Peter Owen,
“unmatched content to unrivalled audiences”.
“Our brand identity is centred on innovation, so being recognised for
our work on the most innovative World Cup cosverage yet was very
gratifying,” said Carlo De Marchis, Deltatre’s chief product officer. “It was
also a confirmation of what’s been my obsession for the past five years
— that broadcasters can no longer afford to ignore the online, social
and mobile platforms in their coverage of sports. Not only are the digital
platforms a fantastic complement to linear TV but, more importantly,
audiences now expect it. It’s how today’s fans engage with sports and
broadcasters must respond to that. And we can help them to do it.”
In addition to its contribution to the World Cup — which consisted of a
redesign of FIFA’s primary tournament website, a results systems, a TV
graphics service, a bespoke version of the Diva digital video player and
close to 100 sports specialists and technicians on the ground in Brazil
— Deltatre was also closely involved with the Sochi Winter Olympics.
This was another “digital record-breaking success”, De Marchis said,
both for sports and for Deltatre, whose technology helped its rightsholder clients to deliver rich, real-time Olympic content across all digital
platforms in more than 10 countries.
“Sochi represented a further step forward in the digitalisation of major
sporting events,” de Marchis added. “The London Olympics, Sochi and
the World Cup were real turning points in the way audiences consume
sport and the way broadcasters share it.”
At Sportel, Deltatre aims to build on its successes of the past year,
which extend well beyond the football fields of Brazil and the ski slopes
of Sochi. “Sportel is our flagship event of the year,” de Marchis said.
“It’s where we meet our core clients — the big sports federations,
broadcasters, event organisers and media-rights agencies — to create
awareness of what we have been doing in the past year, and to explain
where we are heading in the next.”
The last 12 months have certainly been busy for the Turin-based
company. In February, it announced its acquisition of German sportsdata firm IMPIRE in a move that, according to Deltatre CEO and cofounder Giampiero Rinaudo, puts the company in “a prime position to
offer a full spectrum of services, not only in Germany but in new markets
in Central and Eastern Europe”. Other 2014 highlights include the
opening of a new office in Geneva in September; expansion into Asia
via a deal to provide graphic services to Fox International Channels; a
pact with the Premier League to supply a graphic and data package
for the production and distribution of the English football body’s
international programming; and a contract with Univision Deportes to
provide augmented reality graphics for the latter’s sports coverage
across Hispanic America.
Deltatre will also be raising its profile at Sportel by hosting the firstever sports-specific start-up competition, designed to give fledging
companies a chance to pitch their products and services to the
international sports community.
“We hope this initiative will bring new inspiration to the sports
establishment by exposing it to young entrepreneurs who are disrupting
the way people watch, operate, engage and play sport,” De Marchis
said. “This business tends to be quite conservative and we think — in
line with our mission to foster innovation — this is a good way to shake
it up a little.”
Deltatre is proud to present the four startups
that have been selected to participate in the contest:
• Cleeng (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
with an idea on sport enhancement
• GoalShouter Ltd. (Milan, Italy) for fan engagement
• Grabyo (London, UK) specialising in real-time video
• Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) in the sector of fan engagement
Stephen FREARS
President of the Golden Podium Awards Jury
Why have you accepted to take part of the Golden Podium Awards Jury?
I like sports! I follow soccer and cricket and for me is the opportunity to watch beautiful
sports images.
Which criteria do you think you will use to select the images?
I imagine that it will mostly be what touches me.
We all have in mind your documentary on Muhammad Ali. Can you tell us your
memories of the shooting?
He was such a great and extraordinary man. His talent was prodigious! He had a sense
of principles and politics! It was such an interesting film to make, telling a story that
nobody knew how it was going to end. The American government took away his title, his
licence to fight and Muhammad Ali was so angry about all of this. It was extraodinary to
film in the Supreme Court of Washington, very intense.
Is there a film about sports that you would like to share with us?
I remember an English movie « The Sporting Life » by Lindsay Anderson. It recounts the
story of a rugby league footballer, Frank Machin.
What are you working on at the moment?
I have nearly finished a film on Lance Amstrong.
Members of the 2014 Georges Bertellotti
Golden Podium Awards Jury
President of the Jury: Stephen FREARS, Film Director, Producer
François MORINIERE, Chief Executive, L’Equipe Group
Emanuele PIRRO, F1 Driver, 5-times Le Mans winner
Juan Antonio SAMARANCH, IOC Executive Board Member
Wanderlei SILVA, MMA Fighter
Competition Advisor: Adolphe DRHEY, SPORTEL Founding Member
President of the Jury: Alain CAYZAC, Senior Advisor,
Goetzpartners Corporate Finance
Charlotte BRICARD, Journalist and TV Host
Axel CARREE, Brand Events Director, Lacoste
Denis CHARVET, Media Consultant
Fabien GILOT, Olympic Swimming Champion
Gérard HOULLIER, Global Football Director, RedBull
Muriel HURTIS, World Champion in Athletics
Isabelle ITHURBURU, Sports Journalist, Canal+
Mary PATRUX, Sports Journalist, BeIN Sports
Sandrine SCHUMACHER-DRHEY, Executive Producer and Founder, Hellostranger/Doppelgänger
President of the Jury: Gérard VANDYSTADT
Sports Photographer, Press Agencies Director, Publisher
Publisher, Writer
Ex-model, TV Host
General Secretary of the Monaco Olympic Committee
Writer and Journalist
«The Flying French Man»
Communication Manager, French National Olympic
and Sports Committee
Secretary of the Sportel Book Awards
Patrick MAHÉ
Journalist, Writer and Publisher
SPORTEL wishes to thank you for all your support
and is honored to invite you to its
Wednesday 8 Oct 10.00 pm
Help us blow out the candles to celebrate our anniversary at
Special Guests
(DJ set)
• Dress code: smart formal
• Information: Fabienne, +377 93 30 41 33, [email protected]
Renaud de Laborderie
Mercredi 8 Octobre • 19h30 • Salle Prince Pierre (niveau -2)
Patrick Mahé
« Cette année, les mots aussi seront mis à l’honneur »
Journaliste, écrivain, éditeur, Patrick Mahé est le secrétaire du Prix du
Livre Sportel qui a rassemblé cette année 42 ouvrages en compétition,
6 pays engagés et 17 sports représentés. Avec une nouveauté cette
année, un prix consacré à un ouvrage autobiographique, qui sera remis
au cours de la soirée des Podiums d’Or.
Qu’attendez-vous de ce nouveau prix mettant à l’honneur le livre
autobiographique ?
Je crois qu’il faut garder une place
pour ce que j’appelle des livres
de textes, des biographies de
Ils doivent figurer dans la
compétition du Sportel aux côtés
des ouvrages renfermant de
magnifiques photos. L’idée m’est
venue en revenant du Salon du
Livre de Londres où j’ai vu des tas
d’ouvrages autobiographiques,
allant de celui de Zlatan
Ibrahimovic, qui a été sélectionné
au «Goncourt» suédois en passant
par celui de Christopher Froome,
John McEnroe, Brian O’Driscoll,
Myke Tyson..., des livres
remarquablement bien écrits qui
mêlent avec élégance vie privée et vie sportive. Nous célébrons cette
année un beau mariage entre le livre de photos et celui des mots.
Vous réunissez encore cette année un jury composé de belles
personnalités ?
Nous avons, en qualité de président du jury, le cinéaste et producteur
britannique Stephen Frears qui, outre ses grands films connus comme
«The Van» ou «Les liaisons dangereuses», a réalisé en 2013 un film
sur le boxeur Cassius Clay, alias Mohammed Ali. Le film se déroule en
1967, année où le plus grand sportif américain de l’époque, refuse de
partir se battre au Vietnam, alors que la guerre fait rage. Ce combat
durera 4 années, au cours desquelles il perdra son titre de champion
et le droit de boxer. L’affaire ira finalement à la Cour suprême. Par
ailleurs, nous avons aussi Adriana Karembeu, qui vient de sortir soin
autobiographie aux éditions du Seuil « Je viens d’un pays qui n’existe
plus», tirée à 50 000 exemplaires.
Et votre actualité en dehors de Sportel ?
Début octobre sortira un livre que j’ai coécrit avec Didier Rapaud,
paru aux éditions du Chêne et consacré aux photographes de guerre,
sous le titre «Les héros du photojournalisme». Avec, en sous-titre «Les
destins extraordinaires des plus grands photoreporters».
De Robert Capa, pionnier du photojournalisme tombé en
Indochine, à Rémi Ochlik, jeune Français mort en Syrie,
ce sont des centaines de reporters qui ont couvert, et
couvrent encore tous les grands événements mondiaux.
L’histoire de ces héros est bien souvent tragique ou
mystérieuse. Mais leurs photos extraordinaires ont laissé
un témoignage qui parle encore pour eux. C’est un livrerequiem à tous ceux qui informent au péril de leur vie.
Présentation en avant-première - Lobby (niveau 0)
Limited Art Book Collection
50 livres d’art photos numérotés
Ayrton Senna
by Bernard Bakalian
Livre d’art d’un format de 40 x 30 cm (horizontal) pour un poids de plus de
7 kg. Fabrication artisanale à la main, avec une couverture en cuir jaune de
qualité italienne, livré dans une mallette noire. C’est un ouvrage avec peu
de rédactionnel, dont la priorité est donnée aux photos, en parties inédites,
dans un ordre semi-chronologiques sur le Champion brésilien, Ayrton Senna,
pendant les séances d’essais privés et les courses.
Une préface exclusive du quadruple Champion du Monde de Formule un,
Alain Prost, ouvre ce magnifique livre album de
collection, avec les photos de Bernard Bakalian,
depuis le Grand Prix F3 de Macao en 1983,
jusqu’aux années McLaren et Williams-Renault,
sans oublier la première victoire d’Ayrton Senna
à Estoril, le 21 avril 1985. Les pages en PVC de
2 mm d’épaisseur sont recouvertes d’un papier
photographique professionnel de qualité.
50 livres d’art photos numéroté, de 1/50 à 50/50,
accompagné d’un certificat d’authenticité,
avec la dédicace manuscrite du photographe.
Système de reliure inédit breveté, pour une
ouverture complètement à plat des pages,
offrant une vision « panoramique » et détaillée
de chaque cliché.
PAB Editions : [email protected]
www.pabfrance .com - +33145577466
from the market
It’s been an exciting year for our industry and for SPORTEL so
far. With the successful completion of SPORTELAsia, we are
currently directing our main concentration to SPORTELMonaco’s
25th Anniversary.
No need to mention how important this event is for all the
community. Also, honorable president HSH Prince Albert has
recently stated, in an interview with me, how proud he is to see
what SPORTEL has come and how important this event is to
Monaco. This is a great honor for us as well. Throughout the
past months, registrations were up, compared to last year and
once again the new venue Diaghilev sold out and has become
the place for new business opportunities and cannot be ignored
The growth of SPORTEL clearly shows that the industry is
doing well and SPORTELs efforts are welcomed by YOU,
the community. Now that SPORTELMonaco is finally here
and running we can continue to direct out attention to
SPORTELAmerica 2015!
Preparations have been ongoing
for months now and we are
looking at an extremely promising
spring convention. We know,
the community anticipates this
event and I can tell you today, it
will not disappoint you! We have a
wonderful setting in the «JW Marriott
Marquis Miami» and are also happy about
the partnership with MP & Silva to help the
«Foundation Play For Change» that helps children in need, with
access to education through sport. By the interest so far, we
expect it to be another record breaking show.
We encourage everybody in the industry to participate, as
we believe it will be an historic and important event for the
Americas with the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
“You don’t want to miss this one!”
Find out more at
David Jones
SPORTEL Sales & Marketing
Aldea Solutions
Aldea Solutions Inc., a dedicated multi-service Video/Data Network
Service Provider focuses on the transport and management of high
quality video solutions for our clients’ media exchange requirements
such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and Pan-American games. We
also provide international low-latency 3D, HD and SD transmissions of
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Aldea operates the first pan-American fully automated fiber-based
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Our extensive connectivity in the Latin American, US and European
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including full time and occasional use services, video as file, HD
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may require.
At Sportel 2014 Cambridge Imaging will be showcasing Imagen a media management solution that enables fans and customers to
connect with your valuable sports media through a fully branded and
secure website. Imagen provides online access to a rich, searchable
archive containing full games, clips, interviews, press conferences
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Representing worldwide broadcast rights for six professional golf
tours - The PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, Tour, PGA TOUR
Latinoamérica, PGA TOUR Canada and PGA TOUR China - is the
responsibility of the PGA TOUR’s International Television Department.
In 2014, PGA TOUR membership includes 83 international players
from 22 countries. Tournament telecasts reach nearly 900 million
households in 224 territories and countries and are translated in
32 languages. The PGA TOUR delivers over 1100 hours of content
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Enhanced International Feed for all PGA TOUR events.
With an extensive portfolio and highest standards of delivery, Infront
Sports & Media is one of the most respected sports marketing
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Infront – Our experience. Shared passion. Your success.
Quattro media is a global action sports producer and a premium
supplier of magazine and event programming. The company offers
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Explore a world where finely-tuned power is the native language of a
racing nation. Where an aggressive driving style isn’t only expected,
it is a requirement. NASCAR is home to three national series: the
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and the NASCAR Nationwide
Series - where the next superstars are born; and the premier NASCAR
Sprint Cup Series - where the best drivers in the world compete
across the country, battling for the title of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
champion. With a season that extends from February to November,
come see why NASCAR is the world’s most exhilarating motorsport.
GEORACING is a Live Coverage System for Outdoor Sport Events to
manage GPS data and produce Virtual Timing, Ranking, Virtual and
Ghost Visualization, and several more information necessary for a
better understanding of the competition. Available for Rally, Sailing,
Gliding, Rowing, Jetski... With apps for Broadcast and Digital markets
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Mediapro, a leading European audiovisual corporation launches
three new products:
• Automatic TV, the Automatic Sports Production System, is a
technological revolution that will have a large impact on the capture
and production of sporting events by significantly reducing costs and
enabling new business opportunities.
• Virtual Arena, the second screen App. A unique experience to
engage football fans, through a real-time virtual arena with complete
real time statistics. Available for any device: smart phone, tablet, web.
• Mediacoach, the latest generation of video analysis tool integrating
physical and tactical data. The system generates post-produced
videos, reports and statistics.
SNTV is the world’s leading sports news video agency, providing
a unique and unrivalled blend of international sports highlights
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Golden Boy Promotions delivers world-class live boxing events from
venues around North America. With many of the best fighters in
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EUROVISION is the world’s leading distributor of live sports, bringing
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other media. The EUROVISION network is the largest in the world
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© Stefano Santucci
The world’s leading 2nd screen solution for sports:
Engage and monetize viewers on PC, tablets, smartphones with
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Our Sync2TV solution and its unique Sync-Advertising have been
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We are a leading communications infrastructure and media services
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125,000 hours of sports content alone. We also provide much of
the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless
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connection people make, every day. Always.
World Sport Group are Asia’s leading sports television and marketing
company, based in Singapore. WSG represent the broadcast rights to
the Asian Football Confederation’s events, including the AFC’s oldest,
largest and most important event, the AFC Asian Cup, which will be
held in Australia in January 2015.
The DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga officially represents all 36 football
clubs of the German League Association and is the pivotal element
in German professional football. The DFL is responsible for match
operations as well as for the organization and marketing of both
Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2.
DFL Sports Enterprises plays a pivotal role in growing the Bundesliga
brand and the passion it embodies. Formed as a 100% subsidiary
of DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga with the goal of increasing the
Bundesliga’s global footprint and revenues, DFL Sports Enterprises
has signed broadcast deals covering all 209 countries affiliated to
FIFA on all five continents, with over 450,000 broadcast hours per
year worldwide. In order to offer an improved service to the existing
and future Bundesliga partners in the Asia Pacific Region, DFL Sport
Enterprises maintains a branch in Singapore.
Since its creation (1951), the IJF has constantly evolved. In charge
with the development of Judo as a sport and educational tool, the IJF
has 200 National Federations and 5 Continental Unions, with more
than 20 million judoka. Founded in Japan (1882), Judo has become a
universal Olympic sport.
Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics and award-winning products
for the broadcast industry. At Sportel Monaco Vizrt presents several
sports production tools to enhance how content owners analyze and
display sports coverage. Analysis is key to any sports broadcast, and
Vizrt´s tools answers the need to clearly show what is happening on
the field. Vizrt´s products are used by the world´s leading broadcasters, and played a vital part in the coverage of the 2014 World Cup.
Visit us at booth H09 and see the tools used by CNN, CBS Sports, Fox
Sports, BBC, BSkyB, beIN Sports, ZDF, and many more.
DELTACAST is the industry leader in virtual graphics for sporting
events. Major products are DELTA-live (live virtual graphics), DELTAhighlight (analysis tools), DELTA-touch (interactive presentation
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TV broadcast market (TV game software, Virtual Director, TV show
The immersive experience of Sports in 4K!
Watching sport in 4K is the closest thing to being there with other
fans. From explosive on-pitch action to the elation lighting up a tennis
player’s face, 4K draws viewers into the experience of live sports with
unforgettable depth, colour, contrast and detail. The 2014 FIFA World
CupTM marks the first time a sporting event has been covered in 4K to
this extent for worldwide distribution. Together with technical partners
Eutelsat, DSAT and IDC, Sony and Vue presented the FIFA World
Cup™ quarter final and the final in Ultra High Definition at Vue’s stateof-the-art multiplex at Westfield, London. “These live 4K screenings
have meant we’re able to bring an entirely new viewing experience
to the world of football,” says David Bush, Head of Marketing and
Business Development, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.
For more details, view it for yourself on Sony 4K BRAVIA at the Sony
Lounge in the Ravel Exhibition Hall.
L’Équipe 21, a part of L’Équipe group, is the only channel 100% sport,
100% free to air. its programming is based on information, live sports
events and offer a wide range of programs dedicated to sport. The
channel brings up to 21 million viewers a month (June 2014 – Médiamat) and holds the all-time record of six new HD TNT channels with
the live broadcast of the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony. L’Équipe
21 is available on DTV, cable, broadband networks and as well on
FOX Sports is the world’s leading sports television brand for
distribution and programming. Known around the world as an
innovator in the areas of live sports broadcasting, news and
presentation and has quickly set a new standard of excellence
through its bold production values, engaging commentary and
presenters. Its sports portfolio includes many of the worlds most
watched properties including Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga,
Eredivisie, the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa
League, NFL and MLB. Under FIC’s leadership, Fox Sports reaches
73 million homes in 88 countries with operations in Latin America,
Asia, Africa and Europe.
MEdia PARTners
Tel. : +377 99 99 26 11
[email protected]
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