Catholic Community of Toukley/Lake Munmorah Parish Information: Masses

Catholic Community of Toukley/Lake Munmorah
St Mary’s Church Main Rd,
Date: 12/10/2014
St Brendan’s Mass Centre
29 Carters Road,
Lake Munmorah
Parish Information:
Parish Priest: Fr. Peter D’Souza Msfs
Contact Number: (02) 43964455
Assoc. Priest: Fr Michael Divyantham HGN
Fax: (02) 43972853
Parish Secretary: Mrs Jan Lovett
Address: 458 Main Road, Noraville.
P.O. Box 1, Toukley. 2263
Parish Office: Baptisms & Marriages
Email: [email protected]
Intention for the month of October: Dedicated to The Holy Rosary/Missions
St Mary’s
St Brendan’s
Saturday Vigil
5pm (Children’s Mass)
9:00am (Children’s Mass)
(Excluding Christmas & Easter)
9:00am (Anointing of the Sick on the first day
of the month)
8:00am (Reconciliation before Mass)
9:15am (Except 1st Friday)
11:00am (1st Friday Anointing Mass except
8:15am – 9:00am (Reconciliation)
1st Saturday 5:15pm – 5:45pm
1st Saturday 8:15am – 12:00pm (Adoration)
Prayer of the Church each morning:
Monday - Wednesday & Saturday 7:25am
Friday – 8:45am
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ministry Contacts:
(Year A)
Contact No.
Home Communion
Sunday Bus Service
Dulcie Grady
After School Care
Tania Wilson SM
Ruth Sutherland SB
Next Sunday:
First Reading: Isaiah: 45: 1, 4-6
Second Reading: Paul: 1: 1-5
Gospel :
Matthew: 22: 15-21
Special Days of the Week:
Date: 14/10 St Callistus
Date: 15/10 St Teresa of Jesus
Date: 16/10 St Margaret Mary Alacoque &
St Hedwig.
Date: 17/10 St Ignatius of Antioch
Date: 18/10 St Luke
Responsorial Psalm:
I shall live in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life
Gospel Acclamation:
Alleluia, alleluia!
May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our heart, that we might see
how great is the hope in which we are called.
Contact No.
St Mary’s K-6
Mr Kevin Williams
St Brendan’s K-6
Mrs Luanna Fletcher
St Peter’s College
Mrs. Michelle Peters
MacKillop College
Mr Stephen Todd
St Brigid’s College
Mrs Julie Terry
My dear Community of Toukley and Lake Munmorah.
A reflection….
This is not a good Sunday for you if you are on a diet. The
first reading talks about the banquet of the Lord, where there
will be juicy, rich food. Heaven will be pastry without cholesterol Cannibals in New Guinea invited a priest to visit under a
truce. They had heard about Jesus. They wanted to see what
influence He had on his life. The priest was gloomy. He never
smiled. They decided to forget about Christ. They concluded
that once the truce was over, they would not eat the priest.
His tough hide would cause them heartburn.
Hilaire Belloc wrote: "Wherever the Catholic sun does shine,
there is always laughter and good red wine." Would Belloc
say that about us? We are told it takes seventeen face muscles
to smile but forty-three to frown. Laughter is the only tranquilizer yet developed that has no side effects. Our expression is the most important garment we wear. Yet, how many
of us know fellow-Christians who never smile?
Jesus reminds His Jewish audience that when the Messiah
comes, they will enjoy a first class sit down supper with Lenox China and Baccarat crystal. The menu is alluded to in
today's Isaiah 25: "juicy red food and pure choice wines."
Notice not wine but wines. White with the lobster and red
with the filet mignon. It will be the mother of all parties. This
is one six star banquet weight watchers should avoid. Jesus
compares living in His company to the equivalent of a party.
His Church should be a happy place. To sign on with Him
should be as great an occasion as going to a banquet filled
with warm laughter, prime ribs, aged wines, chocolate-dipped
strawberries, and brandy from Napoleon's cellar.
We should remind ourselves of this wedding parable.
With all good wishes.
Fr. Peter
For our Community Volunteers
at 10.30am on the 16th October, 2014
at St Brendan’s Catholic Church,
Lake Munmorah.
The Parish, together with our friends from other faiths,
would like to say thank you for the caring concerned
personnel that protect, help and stand by us during times
of emergency and need.
You are all Welcome for the same...
Congratulations & God’s blessings to our …...
dedicated Catechists
Dorothy Daniels
15 Year Award
Marjorie Garvey
15 Year Award
Amanda Carrigan
Levels 1 & 2
These Ladies are from our Parish of Toukley/ Lake Munmorah, who will be receiving Service Awards and / or Accreditation Awards at the
Annual Central Coast CCD Regional Catechist Mass
to be held at St Mary of the Cross MacKillop,
Warnervale at 7.00pm on Tuesday 14th October;
followed by supper.
We continue to remember the Synod of Bishops in our Prayers: for the :
Pastoral challenges of Family in the context of Evangelization.
Prayers for the Sick: Melba Voigt, Thomas Nash, Rebecca
Brown, Nancy Purdue, Marie Kennedy, Yvonne Thomas,
Seth Moir, Craig Middleton, Fahey family, Warren & Jason
Formosa, Alex McKinnon, Rhonda & John Deveraux, Patricia McCormack, Kate Rogan, Bonnie Cole, Gwen Demarka,
Veronica Ryan, Gary Heath, Lucinda, Roma Miller, Patricia
McInerney, Jean Degabriel, Paul O’Neile, Evan Shepherd,
Patricia Brown, Kathleen Strong, Stella Merriman, Thomas
Nash, Felicity Pyke, Kenrick Rooney, Jan Eden, Tom Williams, Michael Meehan, Shari Brewster, Gregory Horton,
Guiseppe Baraldi, Sarah Fenwick-Mulcahy, Eva .
Recently Deceased: Ann Stephens, Kerrie Rostron, Alexander Matwijow, Jack Mason, Mrs Barbara Wyper, Maurie
Cohen, Mrs Wynne Walters.
Anniversary: Don Metcalfe, Audrey Howett, Fred Stephens, John Glennen, Thyra King, Thomas Hemera, Joseph
Vella, Shaun Danaher, John McCann, Khoo Swee Gim, Saviour Debono, Nazzarene Debono, Lisa Marie Grenot, Raymond Creighton, Thomas & Ellen Sheerin.
Remembrances: Joseph & Stark Families, Wheeler, Higgins, Unicomb & Tierney Families, Mulcahy & Holken
Families, Les, Nora & Kevin Chappell, Margaret Craft, Patricia Crosdale, Henshaw, Farrell, Chappell & Tierney Families, Piotr & Antonina Kopytko, John Wegrzyn, Wladyslaw
& Felicja, Francis Mani, Joyce Brown, Ivy Heatherbell Wilson, Vincenza Debono, Johanna Jackson, Valerie McKi2014..Mass for People with special needs and
their Families..
Sunday the 30th.November 2014 @ 10.30am
Hosted by St. Agatha’s Parish
20 Boundary Road, Pennant Hills.
RSVP: 23/11/2014.
Gospel Of Mark…………….
Presented By Rtd. Bishop David Walker.
Tuesday Nights: 28th.Oct./4,18,25 November 2014.
From 7.00pm to 8.30pm @ Parish Centre OLR The Entrance. Please contact Colleen/Leanne on 43329825
Congratulations to…..
LAP – Congratulations to Arthur McQuillan on winning the
Interstate LAP Person of the Year. Arthur is attending the
LAP awards in Adelaide next week to receive his
award. Arthur’s years of service and dedication to LAP at
St. Brendan’s has been rewarded and we wish him well. He
has made St. Brendan’s School proud.
All Are Welcome to Our 2014 Picnic
Sunday 12th October at Bargoed House, Swansea on the
shores of Lake Macquarie, There are numerous recreational
facilities. Bring a plate to share and your own games.
BYOG. Entrance fee $2 per head, Children under 6 free.
NO PETS. Contact Barbara 49725272
GATES OPEN:10.30-11.15AM
STAMPS The Lay Carmelites wish to thank all
those who are forwarding
used stamps to us for the
missions. This helps the people in Timor and also students who are training for
the Priesthood. Many thanks
Eleanor Matthews