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Sunday, October 12, 2014
18th Sunday after Pentecost
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Saturday Book Group
Saturday, October 4th - 9:30
We are getting together
at FarView House &
discuss the book "The
Invention of Wings" by
Sue Monk-Kidd. call Jean
w/ questions at (860)
510-0191 or Sandi [email protected]
We don't invite strangers to our wedding banquets,
but God does. Come to worship with us this coming
Sunday. Join with millions of strangers, all around
the world, who come to be filled with God's mercy.
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Thank you!
Isaiah 25:1-9 Psalm 23
You prepare a table before me,
and my cup is running over. (Ps. 23:5)
Philippians 4:1-9 Matthew 22:1-14
to all who
participated the
Valley Shore
Interfaith Crop Walk,
especially coordinators George Bailey &
Pat Newborg, fantastic registrars, corn
poppers and everyone else who made
this such a great community event.
8:30 & 10:45
All are WELCOME!
saybrook soup kitchen
Please join us at Grace Church on Main
Street on Wednesday, October 15 at
10:00 to prepare and serve the noon meal
for the Shoreline Soup Kitchen. It's a
popular, delicious meal that we serve,
many helpers are needed, so invite a
friend! Questions? Give Bill Neuman a call -
Life on the Earth
Comments from the Brothers & Sisters
We now realize that the eloquent
injunction in Philippians‐"whatever is
true, whatever is honorable,
whatever is just . . ."‐applies also to
One early, cloudy morning when I was
forty-six, I walked into a church, ate a
piece of bread, took a sip of wine. This
was my first communion. It changed
everything. The mysterious sacrament
turned out to be not a symbolic wafer at
all but actual food-indeed, the bread of
life. I realized that what I'd been doing
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10/9/2014 7:44 PM
News from St. Paul Lutheran Church
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our care for the earth that God
creates and daily gives us. How can
we make our treatment of this earth
worthy of how pleasing is God's
-Sundays &Seasons 2014
with my life all along was what I was meant to do: feed people.
And so I did. I took communion, I passed the bread to others,
and then I kept going, compelled to find new ways to share
what I'd experienced. I started a food pantry and gave away
literally tons of fruit and vegetables and cereal around the same
altar where I'd first received the body of Christ. I organized new
pantries all over my city to provide hundreds and hundreds of
hungry families with free groceries each week. . . . Holy
communion knocked me upside down and forced me to deal
with the impossible reality of God.
-Sara Miles
[Sara Miles, Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion (NY: Ballantine Books, 2007), xiii-xiv.]
Wear your name tag to help
Pastor Geoff get to know us.
Jean Golicz at NE Synod School of Lay
Real Life Story
In Isaiah God is
described as a
refuge to the poor
and needy in their
distress. What a
glorious thing when
God's people aspire
to be such a refuge.
Westermann was
on sabbatical in
Germany looking
for signs of the Holy
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Spirit. He was ready
to head home, but someone convinced him
to make one more stop on his way home.
The stop was in Tanzania. Seeing the
powerful worship and the presence of the
Holy Spirit in the midst of crushing poverty,
Dwayne was moved. In retirement he runs
the nonprofit Godparents for Tanzania.
Through the organization hundreds of
children are getting an education and the
chance at something more than subsistence
farming‐and Tanzania has more doctors,
more clinical officers (similar to our
physicians assistants), more wildlife
managers, and the list goes on. What a
wonderful refuge.
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Jean's study group at Calumet: Susan Chin,
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Monroe CT &
Sue Piel from First Lutheran Church, Waterbury
CT Click to learn more.
Jean Golicz is currently enrolled in the NE Synod School of Lay
Ministry. For Jean, this is a continuation of her post graduate
6th year certificate in Pastoral Counseling from Saint Joseph's
College in West Hartford that she completed in 2001. This
program will expand Jean's understanding of the Lutheran
denomination. The two year program includes mandatory
retreats, one in the fall and one in the spring, featuring quality
classroom time with guest teachers, worship & wonderful times
for fellowship. Study groups are also established for the year
either with other school participants or with interested
members in the students' congregations. The photo was taken
in front of the conference center at Calumet during the recent
fall retreat.
"It is not your love that sustains the
marriage, but from now on, the marriage
that sustains your love,"
wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Letters and
Papers from Prison (Touchstone / Simon &
Shuster, 1953, 1997). Written to his fiancée
while he was in prison, these words
remind us that a marriage is about
commitment, not only romantic love. At
the same time, these words serve to
10/9/2014 7:44 PM
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Saturday Nov. 15th *10-3
deepen the metaphor of the wedding feast in which we
celebrate God's commitment to humanity.
OCT. 16 & 23 ‐ 6‐8
Pat Newborg, Marge
Pfeiffer, and Julie Koch
will lead some craft
projects or you can bring
your own!. All you need is
to be there and have fun.
Contact Ginny Lampo at
203‐641‐1318 or Ursula Rufleth at 860‐964‐0177
All proceeds to St Paul Children's ministries.
For anyone who works with
children and hasn't received
Safe Church Training yet, Zion
Lutheran in Portland, CT is
sponsoring a training session
with Rev. Dr. William Barter,
Oct. 18 ‐ 9:30‐12:30. St. Paul
Lutheran will pay the $5 cost of workshop. If
you would like to attend, let Kim in office know.
Carolyn Honer died October 3.
A celebration of her life will take place
October 18 at 11:00
Meet your Congregational Council
Darrell Pataska, Council President
Darrell and Ellen Pataska moved to
Old Saybrook (from Avon, CT) and
joined St. Paul in 2010. Darrell is a
Certified Public Accountant and a
partner with Blum Shapiro &
Company in West Hartford. He will be
retiring on January 1, 2015. Ellen
retired this year after having worked
for many years as an Academic Tutor
at Avon High School. Darrell currently serves as the
President of the Congregation, and also served as
the Chair of the Call Committee. Darrell and Ellen
have two married daughters, and two grandchildren,
Ryne Billings Cotter (15 months) lives with his
parents in Milford Connecticut; and Bridget Nora
Lind (30 months) lives with her parents in Barnstead
New Hampshire. Darrell's passions are spending time
with the grandchildren, gardening, boating, and
traveling. A little known fact is that Darrell and Ellen
are active farmers, raising beef cattle on a 425 acre
farm near Bellevue, Iowa (where Darrell grew up)
OCTOBER 28 4-6
Carolyn's obituary
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shawl ministry
SAT. OCTOBER 18 9:30
We gather the third Saturday of each month
at 9:30 to share the work, prayers, and
stories of the shawls we are creating. The
shawls are blessed before they are sent on
Pat, Ginny & Eleanor are happy to get driven to Calumet for
an October retreat. Be sure to ask them about their trip!
10/9/2014 7:44 PM
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their way to friends, families, and strangers
to bring the message of love and caring to
those who receive them. All are welcome to
participate in this vital ministry FarView
House. Contact: Sandi Linton
learn more
Worldwide Marriage Encounter
October 10‐12
Breakfast Club October 15
Wednesday morning at
7:00 to enjoy a meal
together and discuss
upcoming Scripture
readings for Sunday.
last Sunday's attendance was 144
You are invited to join us as we
study the whole message Is
aiah brings to us. All levels of
Bible knowledge are
represented in our group, no previous study is
required. We meet from 12:00 noon until
1:30 each Thursday in the Farview house.
Contact: Carol Voigt at 860-388-32 13
Dear Friends and Members of the Congregation,
It is wonderful to be starting another school year at
LEAP Into Learning! We are celebrating the third
successful year of our program. I wish to extend many
thanks to St. Paul's for continuing to support our
program. We are truly making a difference in the lives
of children by offering our program to families who
would not otherwise be able to provide an enriching
preschool experience for their children. Thank you
for your continued, generous support of our program.
Click here to read our newsletter. Wishing all a joyous
fall season!
Peggy Burdick
Director, LEAP into Learning
As part of the Christmas Fair on November 15, there will be a
white elephant sale.Think of it as an opportunity to go through
your home and find things that are used, but not much, and might
even be considered for "re‐gifting". This is NOT a tag sale.Do not
donate clothing, books, large appliances, furniture, or items not in
good shape.Some ideas of things that might sell well:
Costume Jewelry
Dinnerware, glasses
Holiday items
Small appliances
Other small items you find which are in
new/good condition
You may bring items until Friday, Nov 14 and put them on the
stage in the fellowship hall.Be sure they are bagged/boxed and
marked as White Elephant.If you have questions or you'd like to
help out with the White Elephant Sale (especially set up on Nov
14), please email or give me a call!Thanks.Nancy Bailey
860‐669‐[email protected]
Pastoral Care
If you would like a visit from Pastor Geoff or
to schedule an appointment with him in the
church office please contact Kim here or
860.388.2398, or contact Pastor Preuss
Pastor Geoff T. Sinibaldo
[email protected]
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10/9/2014 7:44 PM
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